Pelosi Honors Fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick | MSNBC


    1. Democrats worked with antifa to set it up. Antifa hates Trump, democrats have been bailing out antifa for months, then they infiltrate the rally, pretend to be pro-Trump, get someone killed, then try to frame Trump. High treason, nothing less. And many fall for it. Videos surfacing exposing their treason, exposing antifa being the ones instigating, while big tech censors what they can.

  1. This whole thing could have been prevented. The FBI had information weeks in advance that something was going to happen at the Capitol and they did absolutely nothing. Capitol Police asked for reinforcements and were refused.

    1. @Osvaldo Rubalcava You are sick. Pelosi didn’t commit treason and storm the Capital to overthrow the government. Stop spreading lies and disinformation.

    2. @Isaias Alamo You are truly sick for saying this and spreading lies. You have no decency or morals. The traitors that stormed the Capital committed a treasonous act spurred on by Trump. That is a fact. Deal with reality but you can’t handle that truth that Trump and the Republicans are anti-democracy and white supremacist fascists. That is what the party has become. SICK and Pathetic Losers that can’t deal with the fact that the majority of Americans voted this sick man out of office and are rejecting the fascist Trumpublican party. SORE LOSERS. PATHETIC.

    3. @Blue Crow Traitor Trump and his treasonous followers are responsible for this attack on our democracy. Those are the facts. Deal with it. The majority of Americans don’t want the Trumpublican party. FACT.

    4. @Kathy Miller Wrong this was planned by trump and all he’s enablers. Trump knew and that’s exactly what happened a resurrection. Watch trump’s video where he’s watching it in live TV. Trump and he’s family dancing enjoying how they murdered the officer. Don’t look the other way. What’s worst you sound like the Republicans following a dictator who has brain washed you and millions. How pathetic. So don’t come with your stupid excuses and try to blame the Democrats. And it was Trump who hold the help to the capital. All the evidence will come out. The Republicans are a disgrace just like trump.

  2. That our dear officer, Brian Sicknick, defending the Capitol had die is a shame to America, but mostly to our government. Hereby crying with deep sorrow, I declare that our government is responsible for the death of Brian. This officer gave his life even though our government was a traitor because it did not support him. He was a hero, someone I will always remember because he gave his life knowing that he was not supported. The Pentagon did not secure the Capitol even though it was requested several times to the secure the Capitol. I just don’t understand what is going on in our country. Is our country under threat from within?

  3. That was nice that the memorial service for the deceased officer was held at the capital building and everyone was there to remember him and his service.

  4. I hope you have an amazing 2021,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon,

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  5. Everyone- “Prayers to him”
    The video-557 dislikes to 746 likes.
    Not sure who is disliking a video with someone honoring a fallen police officer. Guess everything is political.

  6. 😭😡 It makes me SO angry that this man’s life was so needlessly snuffed out.

    He will NEVER know love again. He will never see his family again, or dream of what his family could’ve been. His family will never again know his love, or dream happily of what he could’ve been. And for what?! Some lies, greed and selfishness! I just have no words for how much it actually disgusts me.

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