Pelosi: Invoke The 25th Amendment Or Begin Impeachment Proceedings | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Pelosi: Invoke The 25th Amendment Or Begin Impeachment Proceedings | MTP Daily | MSNBC


A day after the Capitol riots, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on VP Pence and the cabinet to immediately invoke the 25th Amendment or she would like to see impeachment proceedings begin in the House. Aired on 01/07/2021.
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Pelosi: Invoke The 25th Amendment Or Begin Impeachment Proceedings | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. If you haven’t figured out by now, that Trump has lied about everything, the entire time, then you need to go back to grade school.

    1. It’s a lot worse than lack of education. It’s a generational issue. These people are from an upbringing that irreparably skewed the way they perceive morality, justice, facts, etc.

      You can not unf*ck this deep-seated ignorance displayed by tromp loyalists. To think that these “Christians” see tromp as a God-send is enough to show you the state of their cognitive issues

    2. I think these people are simply intellectually and psychologically deficient and even a grade school level understanding of the world wouldn’t help.

      I was a child in the 80s, I saw 45* barking nonsense on some interview when I was about 8, and I knew then and there that he was a full of it con-man lying moron. So would any average child.

    3. This woman who was shot believed all the lies. She was among the rioting supporters of Trump. I have just watched her twitter. she was living in that alternative reality. Corona is a hoax, Trump is the hero of the world. I am sorry, she believed this. It are beautiful made videos, you take part in a great event to save the world, to fight for Trump. The band whose music was used, like all those musicians have forbidden Trump to use their music for his propaganda lies. like Phil Collins. I am thinking about regularly buying a real newspaper again, a Test like for cars should be to tell,about the reliability of the stories in each newspaper.

    1. @Amend the Constitution to Remove Pathological Liars I don’t think Trump and Pence are on speaking terms, so I doubt Pence would do it after yesterday. Break-ups are hard lol

    2. trump this is what you dems have sid for more than 4 years look how much tax dollars you people have wasted Maybe the people need to through yoiu out you have not done antthing in 4 years but hate trump and spend millions tax payers money for nothing

  2. Why wasn’t he arrested for inciting violence and violating the Constitution – while being the president?

    1. @T D Jesus called certain people dogs and snakes…was He lying or using literary devices? Remember, I’m fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom, and I am a pretty nice guy, so I don’t like “hitting you in the face with a wet mackerel” and calling you what you are — if it can be helped.

    2. @S D so now we’ve gone from me replying to you with facts into you pretending to be Jesus and a “nice guy”? Ya, now I see why you lie so much as the real you is pretty pathetic. What else do you have, because currently you’re sporting the split tongue…

    3. @T D See, I know you were totally into fantasy. Can’t make your points with the truth I suppose. Oh well, that’s just the way the Left goes to heck in a hand basket.

    4. @S D see again you lie. It’s ok it’s not my place to judge you for faking religion to troll, but it says more about you than me that now you copy my words because you got mad at your own words…

    5. @T D Just for curiosity’s sake, why do you want to be Winston Smith so badly? (Edit: Yeah, I know. In your case, you want to be THX1138/LUH 3417)

  3. I’m a Republican conservative, and in full support of this. If Mike Pence doesn’t invoke 25th Amendment, we need to initiate impeachment proceeding asap. We need to set the precedence loud and clear that if and when a president acts like Trump, it won’t be tolerated. Otherwise, we are going to see Trump2, Trump3 whether left or right.

    1. @Joris Suffuhrt My understanding is that he can be impeached even once he’s out of office. Fingers crossed.

    2. @Joris Suffuhrt Actually, the impeachment can continue even if Trump is out of office. If convicted, he would never be able to hold public office again.

    3. And make it so it does take so long to make them see the need and not wait til this sort of thing happens again….

    1. have you looked at the pictures itifa was the first to break windows and go in the man with the horns on his head look at bottom of his black shirt it says itifa the guy standing by him is a black life matters I think this was all planned

  4. Arrest Donald Trump TODAY.
    He’s still got the nuclear codes, and he is the greatest national security threat/risk in our country right now.

    1. @michael maluchnik Enough with your specious arguments. “There is none so blind as he who will not see.” Go back to school and learn to think for yourself. Right now you are not a worthy opponent.

    2. @Roman Ward The media shined a light on Trump’s lies and criminal behavior! TRUMP FAILED YOU!! HE LIED TO YOU! HE BETRAYED YOU AND USED YOU! Stop being a pawn for Trump! Wake up, man! It’s over. Trump is evil.

    1. make sure hes done somthing before putting all the blame on him I say this because i see it on the piuctures that was taken on ntd

    1. @dearl mcpeak
      So true.
      Unfortunately, Republican politicians flip everything; as they have no real set standards but rather flap with the wind.

      What the Constitution calls “enemies, foreign and domestic” the GOP and Co purposely and wrongly call “Patriots”.

      …this is why they really don’t care for the Constitution…they only care for their own branding of said Constitution. It’s repugnant.

      However and ultimately, they will be held accountable.

    2. FREEZE trumps bank accounts until they can finish an audit on ALL new money he received and where it came from…

    3. Pffft so much over reaction. Extreme right wing and extreme left wings are all nut cases. Chill out man

    1. Hey Republican who doesn’t want to remove trump is not following their oath they took to the US government “… that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;… ”
      . They should all be removed from government!

    2. @dearl mcpeak How about the Republicans poll watchers who were not allowed to do their volunteer duty? Do you think that is constitutional or unconstitutional? Why do you point fingers to one side party? A true leader would point fingers to both sides.

    1. @ra5928 – that’s funny. What I think is even funnier is civilians of the US actually think A PRESIDENT will go to jail. Bush jr didn’t and he did a lot worse things than Trump.

    2. you are to bitter look at your own party first Trump not not tell atifa tom do this they was the first in the capital

    3. @ra5928 actually I’m not sure it would work. It’s not settled whether a pardon on himself would be binding. The original plan would have been for Pence to pardon him but that just went out the window.
      Last- also doesn’t count if he is impeached and removed Coz then he’s not president

  5. Now please arrest Congressman Derrick Evan’s as he was one of the rioters. There are videos showing it.

    1. @Tycoon Estate It is just a memo from the DoJ, not a law, if they want to charge him , they can. GoP are his enablers.

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