Pelosi On Capitol Riot: I Will Never Forgive Those People, President Who Instigated The Insurrection 1

Pelosi On Capitol Riot: I Will Never Forgive Those People, President Who Instigated The Insurrection


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley was incorrect when he said that there was no attempt to delay the National Guard during the Capitol riot. Pelosi also spoke about the need for a commission to investigate what happened on Jan. 6.

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    1. Pelosi is one of those people I believe people just won’t to hate. Conservatives and Trump Party have demonize her well. The Progressive need her out of the way for their revolution. I am independent Conservative leaning and always felt she served her party well. Since I am a constitutionalist, I get more upset with Conservative who would defend any of these insurrectionist.

    2. @Len ThomasNancy is among the most corrupt politicians we have ever had, remember when she held out providing covid relief so she could hurt Trump politically. Yep, I remember. I remember her encouraging the BLM insurrectionists who destroyed thousands of homes/small businesses and led to dozens of deaths. I remember her making a fool of herself tearing up the President’s State of the Union speech. The sooner she is gone, the better off our country will be

    3. @Don Draper we get it we get it, Nancy scares you. BLM scares you. You’re resentful because your orange Idol is a gigantic loser. We get it. Fortunately for you there are anonymous comment sections like this where you can rant and rave and deal with your mommy issues.

    1. @Move on Over you can’t just accept the fact that your useless Trump lost the election, can you even give a single thing he did for this country or for you aside from creating division, increase racism and promote white supremacy?

    2. ​ @Santiago Pina You value your dear leader ConDon, and hoped his insurrection would succeed at installing him as dictator. Be honest!

    3. I think the guards that open the gates and waved people in. Certainly gave mix signals and should be held the vary least in dereliction of duty.

    1. Um… that’s very lenient. Bare minimum, death penalty for every single terroristic traitor that was there that day.

    1. @Angela Barnes The first arrest at the Capitol was a BLM activist. CNN paid him $70,000 for his footage and his brother turned him in. He was interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Did you know?

    2. ​@bryanatwku, The point of BLM isn’t to say that only black lives matter, like the narrative going around. It sounds better to twist the words and intentions of the movement and what it represents, doesn’t it? Get all of the naysayers all riled up about their hatred and disdain towards minorities and immigrants, making assumptions and throwing accusations towards these communities and work ethic. No one has EVER said that non-blacks have not mattered. We are saying Black Lives Matter, TOO. The outrage from BLM and other racial injustice movements was for the people who never got justice. It doesn’t at all minimize or take away from non-whites and what happened to them. You know that not everyone gets the same amount of air time and publicity, no matter their genetic makeup, but I’m sure it feels better to defecate on the black community whenever a white person’s story doesn’t get national attention.

    3. @Taylor, I’m not sure what that has anything to do with them storming the Capitol. But I agree with your assessment. Actually BLM had a huge amount of support early on. That went away when they started burning down mostly black communities and when all the violence started. Then they went on a law enforcement war which led to defunding and a mass exodus of officers from black communities which then led to skyrocketing crime rates like we haven’t seen in decades which is destroying black communities. That’s why so many people have turned on BLM, not because of we think they don’t think non-black people matter. It’s because we think all black lives matter including the ones suffering from this movement and not just the black lives lost at the hands of white officers.

  1. Abraham Lincoln-“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    1. Imagine that, Honest Abe was a Republican and John W. Booth was a Democrat…hmmmm, guess which party is treacherous and shady…..more cover ups to come under the Dems.

  2. If the mayor’s request for national guard to be present that day to start with, this wouldn’t have happened? But 45 made sure the gaurd wasn’t there!

    1. How about the Capitol police? That doesn’t come under Trump’s jurisdiction but under Congress

    2. @axxman68 ps4 NOT TRUE, There was National Guard there…They were assigned, traffic duty…The NON-ARMED ORDER CAME FROM DUMP….

    3. @Big pine 45 said he was going to march with the protesters, where was he? His secret service detail was in direct communication with Pence’s detail, why didn’t he call off the insurrectionists sooner but instead tweeted out disparaging remarks about his VP while he knew the building was under assault?

  3. Yes! I want to know what really happened. I want to know the facts not the “alternative facts”.

  4. That was the first mention of what my thoughts were. The attempt to steal the actual ballot boxes. To stop the electoral college vote counting. By 45. That was his attempt by his minions.

    1. So 100 idiots out of a crowd of 200,000 are enough to condemn all conservatives? That was some “insurrection”! No guns, and they were dispersed in a couple hours. Meanwhile this past year and continuing into 2021 our country witnessed dozens of innocent people killed at the hands of violent BLM and Antifa members along with criminal opportunists. There have been thousands of police casualties — brave men and women who risk their lives daily to serve and protect the public. Billions of dollars in property damage has been wrought in hundreds of cities by looters and arsonists, often in neighborhoods and business districts already struggling due to the shutdowns. Thousands of small businesses will remain permanently closed. Government buildings have been stormed, taken over and burned to the ground and entire city blocks have been occupied by anarchists for months on end. All of this violence and destruction is glossed over, excused and even incited by many highly visible Leftists in the media and Democrat Party. They scream and complain at the idea of calling in the National Guard while the local politicians tell police to stand down, while they barricade themselves in their luxury homes surrounded by armed guards or hide out hundreds of miles away. We’ve seen these same failed lawmakers along with the media and celebrities raise bail and legal funds to put many of these criminals back on the street to create more havoc. It’s absolutely disgusting.

    2. @Flying Squirrel FPV There was no where near 200,000 people in that crowd. How indoctrinated are you to think you could pass off such an inflated number and be taken seriously lmao

    3. They would not have stopped at those boxes. If they could have, they would have captured and killed any politician that did not try to overturn the results.

  5. I will never forgive them either and I just watched it on TV. I can’t even imagine how horrified the people there had to be. Every one of them needs to get together and file a lawsuit against Trump, Giuliani and all the other instigators who called those terrorists to do their dirty work for them

    1. They allowed them to go home, they didn’t get murdered by police or even harmed much, and racist judges across the country have been allowing all kinds of perks to these terrorists. One terrorist was allowed to still go on vacation to Mexico before serving her sentence. From where I stand – along with millions of my Black brothers and sisters – the price for sedition and violent insurrection is less than a tap on the wrist.

  6. If they care about what these people are going to do in future they better have a commission. And prosecute them

  7. They are the same people that have put AZ through another recount of the votes and they’ll put other states through more recounts as well.

  8. Truth is like a Surgery.
    It’s hurts but cures.
    Lie is like a pain killer.
    It’s gives instant relief but
    has side effect forever.

  9. If that guy Milley thinks that they did a good job he must be in it, and I would advise people to check his electronic devices and his whereabouts.

  10. Let’s get the commission started! It is taking WAY TOO LONG to get it initiated!
    AMERICA NEEDS to get this resolved ASAP. Accountability is a MUST!
    Please do not let it slide

  11. I will never forget…that was a very jarring day in history. It os forever ingrained in my hippocampus. Those faces those people…

  12. That day was so scary so much craziness. There should definitely be an investigation. So many lives were put in danger.

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