Pelosi on Trump tax returns: ‘Public has a right to know’ | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. Agreed and how about those insider trading moves nancy made too? Our whole system is corrupt but only get sold 1 half at a time.

    1. @Dimitri James nope you’re wrong. Doubt you know Pelosi is in her last month before retirement. To be expected after a maga nut job attacked her husband

  2. Says the woman who made $100 million dollars from insider trading and giving her husband no bid government contracts

  3. I want to know how these politicians become very wealthy in a short time while in office
    What’s their price tag

  4. All elected persons have 26 ethic’s they Must abide by every day….. Nancy forgot insider trading rules. Call Martha, maybe sh can give you some pointer.

    Gov/Ca/Executive Ethics

  5. Understanding how a government employee making $174,000 a year becomes a multimillionaire while in office I’d say is more important.

  6. Hung on, she said all candidates should then says EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE HAS. Well Pelosi that’s not everyone has, is it.

  7. It’s awful. Funny you want to do that now when you’re going to step down and retire, let’s see your taxes, not just the president’s. Let’s see yours

  8. Nancy and her husband’s tax returns should be public everyone agrees on that so when is she releasing me and why didn’t she get asked this

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