Pelosi Praises SCOTUS Upholding Obamacare As 'A Landmark Victory' 1

Pelosi Praises SCOTUS Upholding Obamacare As ‘A Landmark Victory’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the Supreme Court for their decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act after several states argued it was unconstitutional.

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Pelosi Praises SCOTUS Upholding Obamacare As 'A Landmark Victory'


    1. @Ramon Gonzalez she is still getting sued no matter who reports on it. I don’t really see your point saying that on this specific topic. Are you saying it’s untrue? You can look it up it’s just facts, not a partisan thing.

    1. @N 827 History already has Obama the 44th as one of the BEST presidents in modern day history and most popular domestic and international, but nice try though

    2. @N 827 We will sure see just like the 2020 elections, the January 6th insurrection and let’s see in August if the NY Con Man is back in office my God you people have no credibility nothing you people say comes to fruition just a bunch of BIG LIARS.

    3. @N 827 You’re the only sane one here friend. Democrats are a cancer spreading fast through America!

  1. Sounds more like lawyers that have badd arguments to me they just need O j’s lawyers and they will probably win

    1. @E B You’re as authentic as Trump’s great wall and as real the Mexican money that paid for it.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas In case you haven’t heard I’m allowed to be whatever I choose. I am an overweight black female and proud to be.

  2. The issue they have with ACA is Obama’s signature, nothing else.

    Remove Obama’s signature and replace it with Orangutan’s and they’ll support it 100% as it is.

  3. GOP 1: wow how vain. I mean talk about an ego, who names things after themselves…’Obamacare, pff’.
    GOP 2: Errrr……Trump?

    1. Alex Faversham Yes. I seem to recall that Obama named it the Affordable Care Act; and that the GOP called it Obamacare at the time he was struggling to bring it in, and they were fighting to destroy it.

  4. When will SSI/SSDI reforms be voted on, We ate dying in poverty. This needs to get done now. Stop putting seniors & disabled last.

  5. It’s the pandemic. People have and have had time to sit back and watch the news. We see what’s really going on with the Republican Party.

    Edit: and have had*

    1. Yeah we’re getting screwed by a health care act that makes the working class suffer. Just wait till we stop working and start snapping

    2. @Emu Enforcer hey if you wanna stop working for unemployment go ahead but if you making 75k+ a year your goofy

    3. @Emu Enforcer honestly stop working then. Put your money where your mouth is. Your misinformed buddy.

  6. That’s nice and all but Nancy needs to retire! New blood is needed,she been at this for year’s and yet we’re fighting for basic things that should have been “put to bed ” a looong time ago.
    And yet here we are!

  7. Just make it free. Most hospitals are privately owned.
    You sided with them. Capitalist at it’s finest. Like making a liquor store owner pay 50k for a license.

  8. Nah bro I’m a conservative, how I would run healthcare just like Germany or Denmark, I would regulate The heck out of drug prices to suit the Middle class

  9. Great day for insurance companies. Why do self-proclaimed liberals rejoice at upholding the status quo and continuing corporate welfare? Those are conservative ideologies.

  10. Crazy to think there are people in our government that condone and support suffering and people vote to keep them there.

  11. In other words she’s saying Obama is still in power. You have to read between the lines with these corrupt Democrats.

  12. I am truley disappointed with Madam Speakers constituents. How can they continue to elect this person? More overdose deaths in her district than covid deaths. Obamacare? For her constituents? Cmon man? Whats the average rent in her district? government health care needed for them?

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