Pelosi 'Put Integrity Back Into The Process,' Says Assistant Of Committee 1

Pelosi ‘Put Integrity Back Into The Process,’ Says Assistant Of Committee


Assistant Speaker, Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., joins Morning Joe to discuss the latest in the formation of the Jan. 6 select committee after House Speaker Pelosi rejected two of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy's picks.

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Pelosi 'Put Integrity Back Into The Process,' Says Assistant Of Committee


    1. @ZigZag
      I’m glad I saw what you wrote, because I was about to write the same things as you did. Thank you.
      Have a good evening!

    2. @Angel Hart this Walmart trashbag has no class he doesn’t understand the real sheep baaa for ExxonMobil Saudi talking points with Russian backing I always wondered do they play fox news in covid wards?

    3. @Sacha Vasiliev
      The difference between you and me is: I got a job, and can’t be on YouTube all day long. You need to learn to be more patient.
      LOL you are funny and so wrong, but nice try.
      Let me give you some advice: next time when you decide to respond to anyone, don’t assume you know them, because you don’t, and please go look things up before you reply, that way you might look like someone who knows just a little bit…
      You can take it or leave it, I don’t care, just felt sorry for you, don’t worry it only lasted a minute.
      There is more than one falsehood in your statements (your words, not mine)…and I only looked at 3…couldn’t stop laughing at you, not with you.
      Why would Hunter Biden get any money from Ukraine (or as you said: hundreds of millions). He doesn’t work for Burisma Holdings anymore, and haven’t since April 2019.

    1. @Gregg I think there will be a lot of questions asked that she doesn’t want people to know the answers about. I also think she was going to limit the witnesses. She will not allow witnesses to be questioned who might be able to provide damaging information as to why the riot was allowed to get out of hand.

    2. @john smith Pelosi is the one responsible for policing the capital. It’s on her. So if Trump is responsible for the NG who brought them in 2 days later to fence off and guard the capital? Who made the NG sleep on parking garages in the freezing cold? When Trump saw that he gave them permission to stay at his gtrump Hotel in DC. Who poisoned them with rotten food? Pelosi………that’s who. And you wonder why the police and military hate the Democrats.

    3. @SMS Why is that? Too far out? WTF does that mean? Far out = asking questions we do not want to answer like why didn’t Pelosi have security in place since she new there was going to be a protest? Why didn’t the FBI take precautionary measures? Why were the capital police opening the doors for the protestors? I’m sure a partisan committee will get to the bottom of it lol.

    4. @Tara J. Fitzgerald Your political hate is showing. We have been working very closely with republicans and most recently we had a bipartisan bill passed outlawing Asian hate crimes. Right now we have Democrats working with Republicans in the hopes of hammering out and affective infrastructure bill.
      Democrats must stop the hate and begin working with Republicans as we have in the past. I remember years ago during the Reagan administration we had a Speaker of the House named Tip O’Neil. He stated on numerous occasions that anything that Reagan would send to the floor of the House would be dead on arrival. He said that any budget sent to the floor of the House by Reagan would be dead on arrival. They did manage to get things done however because both Reagan and O’Neill were friends and they work together to get legislation passed.
      We must take the lead in return do the system because otherwise nothing gets done, legislation becomes stalled and we do not move forward. We must stop all of the political hate. We must all become vaccinated, we must go back to work and take those high paying jobs that are out there so the Joe’s numbers look good because we must do everything we can to make Joe’s presidency the best one ever.

    1. @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet thats not true, the media is failing, their numbers have plummeted, they get money from foreign governments or they would be gone by now

    2. @Mr flimflam fremdippity danyet both Democrats and Republicans complain about corruption in the media every day, THEY KNOW

    3. @IcedシCoffee you are telling me im incorrect when I mention the fact the major media networks get money through political affiliations while telling me they are funded via foreign funds.

      The major media outlets in this country lost federal funding about a week prior to the Floyd riots while the DNC absolutely sent massive amounts of funds to them. They lost the fed funding because it was intended to keep the public informed but they have become political infomercials. You can even find further instances of political funding in things like the “covid relief bill”. I also respectfully disagree with you saying “everyone is aware the media lies” because if you read the comments on a CNN or MSNBC post, these people will call you a racist (or whatever term of endearment) because you simply point out something that is being put out that paints an untrue story. Fox is guilty just like all the others but the difference between an objective person versus an obsessed person is the objective person will pursue multiple platforms that they don’t agree to in order to get both sides of a story thats being presented instead of having a network tell you “what was said” followed by analyst telling you how you should feel about the statement.

      We have to many people who believe all the news they hear and can’t get enough of a story while simultaneously dismissing anything that’s presented that contradicts them. These same people call other people a “cult” but they can’t seem to stop talking about 1 administration while completely oblivious to the current ones misdeeds.

  1. Good job Pelosi. 👍
    She should add Kinzinger to the committee.
    Hope this lasts well into the 2020 elections.

    1. @SMS To have your worse critics write a book about you seems down right honest. You know they aren’t going to sugar coat it or put you in the best light.

    2. @J Jano Isn’t that the truth and to think it was done by people that they have accused of being fake, it just confirms anything they say it not worth the hot air.

  2. “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”🤣 What definition were you guys using?

    1. They probably start by accepting the blatant racist and flimflam artist Trump as the opposite, and work back from there.

    2. @J R I live in what you would consider a “radical leftist” country, Canada. According to even Far Right think tanks like The Cato Institute I have far more personal freedom than Americans. And I have universal healthcare while paying less taxes than Americans. And we have far less racism and hate. I live in paradise, long live “radical leftists!”

  3. The current state of our government is exactly what the founders feared. There’s a reason so many fail safes were put in place, (and have slowly been removed over the last 75 years).

    1. @Lakota92 I don’t see anything comparable on the left. Certainly nothing to compare to Trump and his following. Not even remotely close.

    2. @Jonathan White Disagree. I don’t see that on the left. There is no equivalent to Trump there.

    3. @Eric Wood I’ve seen several clips of democrats supporting violence, using racist language and support of racist laws (i.e. bidens support of the 94 crime bill, “if you don’t vote for me you’re not black”, “poor people are just as smart and talented as White kids”.), propaganda, downplaying and scapegoating issues, it’s all the same crap republicans do.

      You’re suffering from a disease known as blinded bias. Many Americans these days are suffering from it too, and on both sides.

    4. @Lakota92 you’re right, neither side acts very christian, but we also don’t have to follow the old book that was edited by kings and popes and passed down by word of mouth.

  4. Dems: We want the truth who was involved in the treasonous Insurrection. This is the modern treason since 1812. GQP: You wanna see a real clown 🤡😂😜😉 Show. Both Jimmy’s. Gaslighting AF.(Jordan & Banks).

    1. Dems call 1 protest an insurrection and treason. Also Dems cause 550 much more deadly and dasnaging events last year then bailed out the insurrectionists.

    2. Jordan has already tried to blame Speaker Pelosi for refusing to call in the Guard. That’s not her job. She has no authority over Capitol Police, D.C. police or the National Guard. It’s my understanding the Sargent at Arm’s is responsible. Isn’t that why there were resignations?. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    3. @Lynda Koers Jordan has very valid points. Pelosi does not. The Mayor of D.C. FBI and Capitol police denied the need for more protection.
      They needed their agent provocateurs to be able to start all of the problems. Jordan demanded the videro footage the government refuses to release.

  5. This is a bipartisan committee investigation, thanks to Liz Cheney. McCarthy had his chance for equal representation and subpoena powers and he turned it down. Republicans are still represented on the committee since Cheney is there

    1. That’s what they are doing and been doing 😂😂😂😂but UR right THAT PART RIGHT THERE !!!

    2. They lie, deny, counter accuse and then set imaginary fantastical fires in all sorts of places in order to divert. They attempt to diffuse the truth as if the truth itself is a ticking mechanism waiting to blow their cover open. The old Republican party is gone now. Now what’s left is the cult of Trump.

    1. @Eric Muniz So an audit is a way of detecting attempts to influence vote totals, the situation here is that Trump just tried to get people to change the outcome once votes were tallied. So the remedy there is an investigation, but you’re on the right track!

    2. @Eric Muniz I fully agree but only if all the “full forensic audits” are done by Biden supporters. We’ll model them after the Arizona fraudit, which is being funded and staffed by Don the Con’s frauditeers. Let us know when we can start hiring forensic examiners that can detect the faint taste of KFC and McD hamberders on ballots, build the ballot counting tilt-a-whirls and buy the UV cameras that can detect the presence of orange face paint and hair spray. This audit it will prove that Biden won by 400 million votes.

    3. Unarmed protesters stealing an election……………..hilarious. If they wanted to steal an election they would just use a page out of the socialist playbook.

    4. @Suomy Nona ha you believe the media. They videotaped the whole audit so this argument is trash

    5. He got away with stealing the 2016 election. He definitely wasn’t Presidentially Qualified…..

  6. Room ratios like this really more an indicator of how threatened fascists are who need to shut this down. Every troll from magatville plus their sock puppets are here, so you know they’re scared.

    1. @mike briganti Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.
      Truth and Humans Beings over Politics and Power.

    2. Dems did everything they could to work it out with them where 35 Rep were on board until McCarthy and his Senate tried to wall it at the last minute. It is brilliant of Nancy and her S. Comm that passed thru legisla. Now they will use all the tweets and videos (leading up to it, during it and after it) with witnesses, as a starting path to finding out ALL the details. Most want to know!!!

    3. Don was recorded back in March, describing the crowd as ‘loving’ – while all the videos, evidence and the results coming from that day, all suggests otherwise.

  7. I want to thank Ms. Clark for mentioning Officer Sicknick, the Officer who died protecting the Capitol as well as his mother’s pleas. Well done, as well as the graphic description of the horrors that happened that day.

  8. Actually, if Pelosi could put integrity back to the system, I’d say more power to her, and the best of luck with that!

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