Pelosi Rejects Republican Bid To Sabotage 1/6 Committee With Jim Jordan 1

Pelosi Rejects Republican Bid To Sabotage 1/6 Committee With Jim Jordan

Rachel Maddow points out Jim Jordan's devotion to Donald Trump's big lie and how that disqualifies him from serving honestly on the January 6th Committee, and how Kevin McCarthy included Jordan on his list of recommended members knowing the animosity existing committee member Liz Cheney had toward Jordan. (edited for length from the original broadcast)

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  1. I’m starting to think Republicans like Romney, Cheney and Kinzinger are the class teachers over a bunch of Kindergarten kids like Jordan and McCarthy.

    1. I gotta disagree with you on this one k…kindergartners have a much better grasp on the truth & reality for that matter.

    1. @IYamWhatIYam I was in the central valley of California. Nunez district recently saw a huge billboard ” Devin Nunez
      Fake Rancher Real Manure

    2. @IYamWhatIYam – of course! We punctuate whenever we write. That is if we want to make the meaning clear to the reader. Example: “Eats shoots and leaves.” A comma can change the meaning of that sentence.

  2. In other words, Jm Gym would be better off with the medal of honor for covering up sexual abuse when he was wrestling.

    1. @Kevin Offutt No. He was never subpoenaed to give testimony in any of the civil suits. You would think he would be if he had any knowledge of what happened, right? Yet no one has subpoenaed him. Most of the people who watch this channel are either foreigners or obvious Democrats. Smearing a member of the opposing political party is a tactic as old as time itself.

    2. @Kevin Offutt You can look at Jim Jordan’s bio and see he was a student the entire time he was a part time coach there. First at OSU to get his master’s in education. Then at Capitol University to get his law degree.

    3. @Kevin Offutt Even if he did know, he was also just as young as the boys being abused & would’ve known what to do about it just as much as they knew.

    4. @DJ Jones Thank you for answering my questions. I absolutely hate it when either side takes something very small on the scale of what actually happens & turns it into a big huge vile mess of grand proportions!! The Universe has a way of keeping track of these kinds of things though.

    5. @Kevin Offutt – DJ Jones is being a little loose with the facts.
      Jordan was Assistant wrestling coach at the University from 1986 to 1994. He was aged 22 when he started as Assistant Coach and 30 when he left. (Hardly a young student himself) The 2 boys alleging the assault were 14 & 15 years old at the time it happened and claim when they reported it to Jordan in 1994 he just shrugged it off.
      Come 2019 and Jordan denies that he was ever told anything of the sort and had no knowledge of the Doctor assaulting any boys even though it was common knowledge at the time. I would think the young boys who were assaulted would not think it was a small matter.

    1. @Private Name where did you get that information? where are the facts that support that? they also said Hillary had a 90% chance of winning and Trump will never be POTUS history repeats itself lets see what happens in 2024

    2. @Private Name Good Lord you need to stop watching the MSM your following their narrative to a tee to compare any POTUS if you like them or not to Hitler is very sad indeed presidents come and go some you like and some you don’t the biggest enemy to the USA is the misinformation from the MSM Trump is very much still in the game and the MSM and democrats including yourself know that as evident with the five never ending smear campaign no POTUS should ever be treated like that

  3. The GOP desperately want the truth about the attack on the capitol to be buried
    and along with it their complicity in it. But “truth is incontrovertible, ignorance can
    deride it, panic may resent it, malice may destroy it, but there it is.” (Churchill).

    1. BLM activists recorded the woman being shot inside the capitol building.
      That shows you exactly who was instigating trouble that day

  4. Have McCarthy Jordan Gaetz Greene and others testify under oath.. subpoena their phone records

    1. @Sir Mergatroyd trump lost sweetie. Now go hug your trump doll tightly and cry it all out cupcake

  5. For months Republicans have been telling Americans the January 6th domestic terrorist were Antifa. Now Republicans say they don’t want an investigation!!

    1. Exactly. Qpublicans always speak with forked tongues and they want it BOTH ways. I guess 1+1 doesn’t add up in trumpers world. RIH GQP.

    2. @Il Was are you 50 years old? nothing you said was clever. Trumpanzee is a better word than trumper, and saying RIH RQP makes you sound like an old man.

    3. I’m glad I was young when it meant something better than knowing the trendy ways to insult Trump.

    1. @Daniel so they had thei chance, didnt want it cause their argument was it would be like how it is now. On the otherhand the vote didnt pass but we still have “it”…

      These same people that want proof also impeached a former president and are literally saying they dont have proof…

    2. @Russell Jordan uh huh derrrrrr IM a trumpster.. I dont know anything about history or government… derrrrrrrr. lmao

    1. I think they need someone else who will prosecute. I’m not confident of Merrick Garland. I think he’s a traitor

    2. @Bruce Wagner I don’t know if it is Garland or the DOJ as it is infested with MAGATs. Remember a majority of both the DOJ and FBI are Republicans many of them openly supported Trump over Clinton. Then there is the the whole Comey interference in the 11/16 election. If there are no Trump indictments by next January I think we need to start holding people accountable.

    3. @mike briganti She is taking it seriously unlike republicklans want to continue the clown circus.

  6. Jim Jordan will turn that Important Committee into a

    1. NOT only that gym will have informations on Committee so he can report to his clown 45 in FL. SHAME. RIH GQP.

    2. I think Jim Jordan will bring the necessary balance like a music system where the Audio from the Left and Right speaker needs to be equal.
      At the moment its pretty much just the LEFT’s Speaker Pelosi that’s working.

    3. @Gary Hart There is nothing balanced about Jim Jordan. He is a screaming, deflecting waste of time. You do not understand the meaning of left in the political sense. Try reading a book. You could begin with a slim book, Timothy Snyder’s On Tyranny, and work your way up to The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. These might help you understand the leaning toward a dictatorship and fascism in the USA. The truth of the insurrection and the actions of the seditionists must be uncovered and many Republican Senators and Members of Congress are shaking in their boots as they should be. What a shameful, undemocratic GOP. The former guy, Donald Trump is nothing but a lying, cheating, con artist and anyone who still follows him has been duped…or wants to con their constituents to keep their jobs. They took an oath to the Constitution, and have not honoured it. If the American public does not see that acts of sedition and treason are punished as they should be within a decade you will be living under a GOP-driven dictatorship that makes the horrors of 1930s Naziism and the ensuing WW2 look like a trip to Disneyland.

  7. Cheney has bought herself a lot of credibility to call out the investigation if it does become partisan.

    1. @Peter Cullen At some point, that could happen. She is emerging as the ONLY Republican leader with common sense and a backbone.

    2. She did already anyway. Anyone who values truth, has to be prepared to uphold the truth.
      She said exactly opposite of what you said. That it doesn’t matter about partisanship, this is a necessary investigation that absolutely needs NOT be politicized, no matter how much the GQP want to make it that way.

    1. @m Kansfield what are trumps accomplishments other than enriching corporations and getting a record amount of his administration indicted? If you’re a republicans youre basically a criminal disguising as a patriot

    1. Oh he would not be watching in prison, he would be an participating, probably not willingly though… the other prisoners would make sure he knows how a twinkie feels when it gets it’s cream filling…

  8. She did try to have a more bipartisan commi where the Dems yielded on many points to what the Reps wanted. 35 Reps sided with the Dems to create an independent bipartisan commi, and the House passed it into legislation to establish one.

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