Pelosi: Republicans Are ‘Missing In Action’ On Coronavirus Relief | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. It’s obvious we need more people in Congress and the senate who can relate with the average American. No more rich detached politicians. The squad is the new government.

    1. Annie Warbux not a chance in H—-. I’m black and I left that plantation in 2006. No going back.

    1. This female version of frankensteins monster was dancing in chinatown when the pandemic hit USA and invited people to come to chinatown and now she talks smart

  2. People; families are more important than anything else. Where are the TRUE leaders, those really working for ALL Americans, and not just for the 1%? Raised in a republican home, this party isn’t even a shadow of its former self. Shame on them! Is there revolution in the air? Go dems!

  3. Many people are barely surviving on food share programs and now we won’t have a kitchen to cook the food.

    1. You should do your homework Richard…it is Pelosi wanting to fund all Aliens who are not naturalized to get the Money as well and Health care to be Free for All Aliens! The Republican’s can not honor illegals getting more help then the American People so this has been slowing down everything!

    2. @Mark bodman
      Wow! Ya’ll sound the same!… your cult leader is teaching ya’ll well!👍
      Person, woman, man, camera, tv… repeat!

    3. @angelfirelite
      Wow!! I never imagine that American were that ignorant!
      When I was growing up in the 80’s people used to think that American were so intelligent…
      What happened???🙀

  4. How are republicans allowed to take off time during this time? I hope ALL the newly homeless people will camp out in front of the homes of all of these useless republican members of government.

    1. @Laima Roscher democrats passed a bill 2 months ago. Where’s the senate and their bill? They were on vacation this whole time, came back and still aren’t doing anything. Useless!!

    2. so you are saying all of the democrats are in congress right now waiting for the republicans to start proceedings, lady go see a doctor asap you might be suffering from what Joe bidens has dementia.

  5. Republicans are rich and they do not care about the middle class and the poor. Get rid of them in November and replace with new ones.

    1. Yep, only #Sad Swamped Republicons upholds incompetent Trumped “Sinister” enablers acts but whom brags about however richly they withholds peasants budgets as Democrats only “Looks out for the betterments” of the peoples Vs Corporate greeds headquarters currency slaves holders whom selfishness only matters lmfao 😑🤐

      🎣😡💥Swamped Stupids lol🤒yep🤷‍♀️


    2. @Lars Gadell Right.. because Democrats making taxes higher really helps the poor. Getting rid of all oil jobs and spending another 2 trillion on the environment helps the poor. Putting up homeless encampments helps the poor. Letting your streets fill drugs helps the poor. Getting rid of police helps the poor. Letting illegal people enter the country to take benefits away from poor people helps the poor. Taking away school choice so kids can’t have a decent education from a school that isn’t in a bad area helps the poor. Letting rioters burn down poor black-owned businesses helps the poor. Painting graffiti and tearing down statues helps the poor. Selling out to China so manufacturing jobs are non-existent in the US helps the poor. Keeping endless wars going around the world helps the poor. Ignoring Martin Luther King Jr’s dream helps the poor. Attacking officers and demoralizing them to the point that they don’t want to go into poor communities to get drugs and guns off of the street helps the poor. Calling for RE-segregation in California proposition 16 certainly helps the poor. Throwing out 100,000 ballots in the California primary from poor communities helps the poor. Ignoring the poor while pandering to an angry mob that destroys the poor neighborhoods helps the poor. I could go on and on, probably all night. I hope you understand my sarcasm.

    1. Do unfortunate things happen to some people sometimes no matter the vicissitude? How many states give unemployment benefits that coincide with one’s previous pay? Does paying unemployed people more money than would be paid when they were working always the right answer? How many new jobs have been created recently?

    2. Nancy PIGlosi pork billions of dollars for abortions in foreign country which all that money would be stolen .

    1. Americans don’t have the 1st clue what socialism means they’re always stuck in the fifties and communism they’re called old white guys

    2. It works like this: Tell everyone the President won’t accept the election results. Then conduct the sweeping voter fraud. Then when the President questions the results say “See we told you he wouldn’t accept the results.”

      The Democrats are planning the biggest mail-in voter fraud in history. They are good at it. First they need a reason to force everyone to use mail-in ballots. COVID – 19. Then they will falsify millions of votes. Mail-in ballots is a common tactic they use in just about every election. Next the left news (propaganda machines) will start presenting the narrative that Trump wont accept the results of the election. They are already doing this. Even Chris Wallace (leftist in disguise) is promoting that narrative.

    3. You guys dont pay a tiny defense budget because America/ UN protects y’all…thats why your government has extra money for social programs…for a much smaller population at that.lame

  6. Republicans canceled their convention because of the pandemic, yet they want to send American children back to school because that might help Trump’s reelection campaign. Never mind how many kids get sick and die because of this!

    1. @SHEEP NUMBER SEVEN …misinformation…something a comrade would say working for the russian govt. My neighbor has it. His family has it. Half are in the hospital, and it’s fully packed. Pay attention, you can’t lie at your paygrade level.

    2. If you look at the data, children are rarely affected. Oh right, you’re only for ‘science’ when it fits your narrative.

    3. @Saynoto Socialists Because racists changed in name only, to Republicans some years back. Same kind of people, just aligned themselves as Republican, which fits same type of values, while Dems values changed.


    1. @Victoria Biggs i am a born American citizen, my father was US Air Force, i have been treated like an immigrate in my country, just because I was not born here. I do not belong in that country. Seems to me i belong nowhere. So do not tell me. I know a great deal more than you think I do.

    2. Dianne Fulton As I said it’s all in your attitude. If you feel that you know more, great. If you feel like you don’t belong , again it’s you. May be you should be aware of yourself more. People of America are patriots and learn to adapt and overcome. My motto is improvise, adapt and overcome. I am done talking. I dislike complaining.

    3. I suppose you don’t know that corporate CEO billionaires vote overwhelmingly democrat. Look how those billionaires contributed 1.5 Billion Dollars to Black Lives Matter! Ironic isn’t it? You better wake up quick, the Republican party is for the working class.

    4. @Rudolf Neither party is for the working class. I am awake and see the entire picture. Neith party has ever been on my side, I am to them either just a woman, or too poor for them to care about. I know what they think about me. They have never had my struggles, they come from money and they are all greedy. I am wealthy in a different way, I live in peace, care about those less fortunate than me, follow all the commandments, i have integrity and do not ask people to do anything that I am not willing to do myself. I am realistic and happy without all the luxurious things you have. I am satisfied. Never been in trouble, do not smoke, drink alcohol, or do any drugs. I sat and watched my father die from agent orange, because of the government. Then my mother as he had passed it to her. My father was only 53. My mother fell apart after that. I was not allowed to morn because my husband was playing the “poor me” act. I finally did 36 years later.
      I do not like either party they are all hypocrites. So do not tell me to wake up, I will tell that to you. I am the only one that takes care of me. No law protects me, just men, totally white women, and wealthy people. I am not in any of those categories. So do not preach at me. I have been through, and seen too much.

    5. @Victoria Biggs Have you ever delt with being questioned by immigration, or told that you cannot be president? How about denied a job because you were not born in the 50 states? It is not my attitude it is in many cases theirs. I go in feeling very positive and come out feeling the brunt of discrimination. That is on them not me. Ifyou cannot se that then you need to put yourself in my shoes. I have been question by imagination, and denied jobs,.Do I need to cary my birth certificate with me. Last time incest me $50. I cannot just get a copy they take me 4-12 month to get. Tell me how is someone to get a job when dealing with these kind of problems.
      I have been called an illegal immigrant, and a spy for another country. This is not on me this is their fears.

  8. Democratic senator: “Millions of people are out of work, they’re facing possible eviction from their homes, their kids are going hungry – ”

    Republican senator #1: “Yeah, I’m getting kind of hungry myself! What do you say we call it quits and take this up again on Monday?”

    Republican senator #2: “I could go for something to eat! Second!”

    Democratic senator: “No, that’s not what I – ”

    Republican senator #1: “Adjourned! See you next week! God, I’m starving!”

  9. Yep, all those Republican politicians ‘allowing’ Trump to crash the country are equally guilty

    1. I believe in science. Don’t believe in made up invisible supernatural bs. I also believe Joe Biden can’t complete a full sentence. I also believe in freedom of speech and expression. Trump 2020.

    2. I’m not going to vote for Joe Biden when he can’t even finish a sentence or put a sentence together. And you expect him to run a country? No thanks. Vote for whoever you want il be voting trump again.You all said we’d be blown up and in endless wars by now back in 15…we aren’t in any wars for the first time since I’ve been born. We’re all still here. I happen to be making more money now and I’m happy. It’s working for myself and everyone else I know. Tired of all the lies. Yeah I know trump is a conman so let him use his in for the good of this country. He said he’d shake up the status qou in Washington and he did just that which is why not a single one of the politicians like the guy.

    3. You all have the I’m not going to let him fool me! I’m too smart for that look at me! Attitudes and I think it’s absolutely hilarious.

    4. scentless apprentice They are trying to derail a train that’s on the great path- everyone is making money! During O-Biden, I had to fight 3 foreclosures. They failed to mitigate the foreclosure crises and more then 10 million families lost their livelihood, homes, and hopes. I was watching Neighbors one after another being foreclosed on. Trump 2020

  10. Regardless of the problem, the only answer republicans have is funnelling more public $ to the 1%.

    1. Can you share the funneling company name or website name where we donate? I would love to research that.

  11. “I cannot tell a lie.” – George Washington
    “I cannot tell the truth.” – Donald Trump
    “I cannot tell the difference.” – Republican leaders

    1. *China has ‘deliberately’ killed thousands of Americans – Gordon Chang*
      May 26, 2020

      China has committed “a crime against all of humanity” by deliberately spreading the virus around the world while at the same time, spreading disinformation about its human-to-human properties in the early days of the outbreak, said Gordon Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and The Great U.S.-China Tech War.

      The Communist Party of China has not only acted recklessly, but also maliciously, to bring other countries to a fair playing field after the outbreak occurred in Wuhan in late 2019, Chang told Kitco News.

      “Chinese leaders admitted that the coronavirus was human-to-human transmissible only on January 20, but doctors in Wuhan knew no later than the second week of December that it was H2H, human-to-human. If Beijing had said nothing during that five of so weeks, that would have been grossly irresponsible. What we know during that period is that they tried to convince the world that it was not human-to-human,” he said.

      Beijing also tried to convince other countries to not impose travel restrictions and lift quarantine measures on arrival, he added.

      “If after having seen the coronavirus cripple China, if [Xi Jingping] wanted to level the playing field by spreading the disease elsewhere, he would have done exactly what in fact he did,” Chang said.

      The World Health Organization (WHO) is also responsible for failing to contain the coronavirus sooner, Chang noted.

      “They’ve been complicit because in the WHO, the leaders there knew it was human-to-human transmissible. We know that because Maria Van Kerkhove, who is a senior WHO doctor…immediately she knew that it was H2H. She told her superiors. They shut her down,” he said.

      The WHO Tweeted on January 14, 2020, that “preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCov) identified in #Wuhan, #China.”

      At the same time, Van Kerkhove gave a press briefing in Geneva warning of the opposite of the WHO’s position at the time, according to a report published by The Guardian.

    2. @Nancy Stroh Far more than you lefty clowns. You are a bunch of baby killing, marxist, America hating trouble makers.

  12. Where are the woman Republicans? Why haven’t they said anything or are they afraid to?

    1. @Anthony Browne doubt very seriously if that is the case. The need for unity is understood by everyone in our party, and if anything your comment is divisive. very Bernie Sanders like, as well…

    1. Liberals should protect themselves with a few dozen doses of wuFlu vaccine. they are completely safe and the side effects will be near zero when they come out. You can never be to safe and I promise it will not be regretted if you dose up.

    2. 🤔 This is what happens when you have Republicans/Trump in charge. Not saying Democrats are perfect,but if l had to compare them both. I’ve never voted for any Republican. Republicans love America,but hate Americans. Especially the sick,the elderly,the GLBTQ community & poor.

    3. Tony Negron you just can’t say that enough. November can’t come soon enough. That might be something to watch on Fox News. “ This just in… president trump is calling for a recount… says he’s not leaving unless it turns in his favor!”

  13. Trump is Trump because he “overthrows public opinion” and the Republicans love it… but it’s not democracy.

  14. Whatshisname: “Homeless people are a problem.”
    Also Whatshisname: “Don’t give the people free money, let them become homeless.”

    1. Do unfortunate things happen to some people sometimes no matter the vicissitude? How many states give unemployment benefits that coincide with one’s previous pay? Does paying unemployed people more money than would be paid while working always the right answer? How many new jobs have been created recently?

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