Pelosi: Republicans Are 'Not Facing The Reality' Of Impact Of Coronavirus | MSNBC 1

Pelosi: Republicans Are ‘Not Facing The Reality’ Of Impact Of Coronavirus | MSNBC


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., claimed Republicans "don't believe in science" and are "not facing the reality" of coronavirus when proposing relief legislation. Aired on 7/23/2020.
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Pelosi: Republicans Are 'Not Facing The Reality' Of Impact Of Coronavirus | MSNBC


    1. @YouRuse is A leftist org well that sounds familar. But she doesn’t have the blood of 144K+ Americans on her hands. That would bentour Dear Leader.

    2. U are correct.because of donald trump united state economy collapse .american people no job .no money to by food.because of donald trump america now have civil war.this president is the stupid president in america history.all america can see what he doing for united state .america economy collapse

    1. Stimulus funds made them crazy to forget about anything else!
      My investigation report on how Trump spent $3 TRILLION ($3,000,000,000,000) stimulus funds that his administration received to combat coronavirus (including $100s of billions for testing, masks and other PPE). Yet 145K deaths, 4.1M infected and 40M jobless!
      Please read to see who got the most of $3 Trillion and for what.
      (Link to the PDF format of my reports is also available in comments section of the videos – there are more reports on my channel on propaganda & conspiracy theories, including WHO, HCQ, 5G, China, etc.)
      (please share & subscribe)

    2. @Ou812 Do you know what the new name of the USA will be under Russian control? Will it be an English word or will they stick to the Russian language?

    3. Bob Miller brainwashed. Dude y’all are stupid, I mean REALLY STUPID. Jesus. You literally repeated every word he said. Donny and hitlers rise are quite similar. Hitler improved the economy for a particular group. He did this so he can have a base who tasted the fruits of good economy temporarily even if it resulted in the misfortunes of others (Jews) they didn’t care. They wanted more. In order to uphold his promises, the genocides began. Sound familiar? Germany lost WW1, they were in poverty. They viewed him as a savior. Comparatively Donald trumps base views him as a savior. He doesn’t care for you or your jobs. He needs some support from anyone in order to reach what he wants. And he got it from you guys. I do think he is a racist, however, he does not share that odd ideology that his base is built on. STOP BELIEVING HE IS YOUR SAVIOR. He will undoubtedly stab you in the back even though y’all deserve it

    1. @Investigative Audit You are truly effed up in the head. The fact that you are here spewing dem lying gossip, tells it all.

    2. @jake barnes I really don’t mind baseless comments by the illiterate. In In fact they advertise my reports.

    3. @Investigative Audit President Trump is trying to save this country. You are an anti Trumper. Ergo, as a Trump supporter, and a supporter of the Epoch Times, I believe you are full of crap, and are a faux intellectual. Go pedal your BS to someone else.

  1. If a global pandemic and its effects on EVERY HUMAN BEING regardless of status doesn’t get through to these people I fear we are doomed as a society.

  2. Republicans completely hate America and are corrupt. The dems may be corrupt too but at least they give american people a Peice of the pie. Vote blue 2020 our lives literally depend on it

    1. The only piece of the pie the Dumocrats give is the cesspools they create. Economy is better than 8 years of Obama. Check your facts and stop falling for the BS Rhetoric before you help the Dumocrats turn our entire country into a cesspool like every Dumocrat run city. Get a grip on reality and stop being a sheep. Investigate the facts not follow fake news before it’s too late

    2. @Linda the greatest climate our country has seen is under Trump. You’re right. I don’t know why I didn’t want 4 more years of this. I must be crazy sorry.

    3. @Linda and it took 8 years for the economy to get that great after Bush. Certainly not 6 months after Obama. Duh for anyone to think someone waved a wand and created a great economy in under one term is idiotic. You can’t move into a renovated home and take credit for how good the renovation looks.

    1. @YouRuse is A leftist org So gow are you and your neighbors are doing right now? Good? I assume, not. Or why this hate?

    2. Republicans were trying to pass the bill so regular people could get the help they needed sooner. Now we have more delays thanks to Nancy and company. I’m sorry your echo chamber didn’t tell you that.

    1. @jake barnes actually I am well into my 70’s, seen a few wars, three children, eight grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. If personal abuse is all that you have then you have nothing at all. As a lifelong educator I’ve been abused and insulted by the stupid every day, for deliberate ignorance is the very definition of stupid. The stupid are always so cocksure of their stupidity, a fact borrn out by their banal facile empty rhetoric every time.

    2. Story Gordon he’s a democrat but you can trade him in as a Republican if it makes your puzzle look better. If we’re trading exes you can have Jeff Flake… or current members you can have Mitt

    3. @YouRuse is A leftist org Come on. He was a Republican operative who caused a Congressional election to be voided and redone. Not a Democrat.

      Your dodge doesn’t pass reason.

    4. @YouRuse is A leftist org – As an aside, how does one determine whether someone is a Democrat or Republican. Self-identity. I see myself as an Independent and have registered as such for the past thirty years except in states with closed primaries where I changed it to D or R depending on which primary I wanted to vote in.

      We don’t have political parties, only identities. There’s no source of verification, only opinions.

    1. @Bob Miller listen to me Russian troll out of a two-year YouTube page and not a single follower get lost

  3. Wypipo gonna still vote against their own best interests because of their own racial hatred

  4. We love you Madam Speaker as this is the beginning of the end as the American people now begin to free fall rapidly downward. They will never get their economy.

  5. I knew this was coming. Larry Kudlow was on a live radio broadcast last week bragging how the Republicans would not vote for the Heroes Act. His interview was shameful and unbecoming of a politician who is under oath to serve his Country. Shame on the Trump Administration and shame on the Republican leaders. Absolutely no morals or sense of Civic duty.

  6. In the streets because of Putin & Trump’s “Plan-Demic.” Since 2014, Putin & Trump have been working on the planned “Plan-Demic.”

    1. Yeah, I noticed the people suffering at Trump rallies. Each of you libs should send money to the RNC to help all those po folk.

  7. Trump said, America is “ Doing Good “ as it toppled 4 million Coronavirus Cases as of today. Is Trump even aware of what’s happening. He took a Memory Test that’s used for Alzheimers, but doesn’t understand it wasn’t a IQ Test. Wow ! America this is your Incompetent Leader.

  8. Its because there not starving, there not the ones losing their homes or being evicted, their children are not being forced to go back to public schools amid the worst pandemic in 100yrs . Where’s the voice for the people, for the protester’s, for Americans black, brown. ?????

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