1. @Kurtis Strong no. The people who were already WELL OFF spent that money for black friday. The real people of the country are STRUGGLING.

    2. @Kurtis Strong if 50 million people spent money that 3 days then thats only an average of 180 dollars each. yeah, we’re rich

    1. @Bloviator MagnusSo Pelosi decides to hold out for a reasonable deal. It’s like starving to death and someone gives you one green bean. Okay..yeah, it’s better than nothing, but even as hungry as I am, I’m willing to wait on someone who is willing to fight to provide an actual meal. The one green bean may pacify my desperation for a few mins and that one green bean may seem like the most wonderful thing that could happen in that moment. and Im sincerely grateful, but I’d rather pass on the green bean and fight for a full meal that will actually do me some good…and therefore my friends ,& family good. Though I
      I understand some ppl simply cannot wait. Our situations have various factors and should be addressed accordingly. I have friends on terminal disability soc sec and a couple more on retirement soc sec. I have friends who work at the grocery store, hospital etc. The pandemic has not changed their financial situation one bit, yet they receive 100’s or 1000’s from the government. It’s a bonanza for them. Yet, my friends who have small businesses or work at non essential places…they get the same amount…but it’s not on top of their regular income, It’s practically not even enough to bother with compared to what they actually need. So thank you Nancy!!!

    2. @R. C. I’m so sorry to hear that about your Son R.C., I’ll be praying for your family and i know that God has your Son.

  1. The “bipartisan” stimulus bill is too little too late for many and that failure is not something to be proud of.

    1. No stimulus checks though. Sure give money to airlines but not to the people. How about give us the money so we can fly?

    2. @mylxiong08 yes, demand gives rise to proposals – the basic principle of economics (grade 1, second quarter). In Russia, greedy Putin does not want to distribute their money to citizens, although he has accumulated trillions. He helps his friends, the heads of state corporations, instead of people. Giving people money in the amount of a living wage for food Putin comrades chucklingly call “helicopter money.”

    3. @Jeff That’s not true. The bill, that looks like it will pass, was a bi-partisan effort of moderate Democrats and Republicans. Pelosi is leading the left quite well, despite the trouble the far left lunatics give her.

  2. Meanwhile senators continue to maintain their 6 figure salaries lol while the rest of America suffers and goes hungry and also face eviction.

    1. @Kurtis Strong Be careful of your boasting and insensitive attitude, because in a blink of an eye it can be all gone. Pride goes before the fall…

    2. @One 4 Truth The only thing that’s eternal is the love of one’s own people.

      Racism is just knowing who your enemies are.
      You cant have diversity without having racial purity first.

      My rhetoric is far better.

  3. Why do they expect her to express remorse for her positions, but don’t ask the same questions to Trump or McConnell? Why is she the only one expected to try to negotiate?

    1. Nancy: $2.2 Tril
      Trump: $1.6 Tril
      Nancy: $2.2 Tril
      Trump: $1.8 Tril
      Nancy: No deal
      guru47pi: Why is she the only one expected to try to negotiate?

    2. well said! the self-named grim reaper has blocked every attempt to help us, wanting only to help his big donors.

    3. If you’ve been following the whole thing you’d know it’s all her fault
      She should have accepted the 1.9 trillion deal the republicans and even democrats begged her to take and we won’t be talking about this now. And right now what is on the table is less than half of that.
      It’s all her fault

    4. @The Bumble Bee you spelled Democrats wrong. Trump said bring a stimulus package just for the people and he would sign it right away

    5. Trump had an offer on the table, and SHE rejected it!!!! Why? She didn’t want to give Trump the electoral win. As a result, the rest of us lose.

  4. This whole thing is absurd. The house and senate needs to suffer like the rest of us.
    Then you’ll see things get done right away.

    1. @Helen Woodrum maybe this pandemic is a good thing, our world population is toooo highhhh and covid bought it down

    2. @Jordan or maybe your an idiot I know of 100’s job’s that have been open and available for a year. I have 3 openings available myself.

  5. They all need to go in both chambers… Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer and all the rest of the dems and GOP need to be voted out!!!

    1. Rigged election. Composed by CCP facebook twitter, amd George soros
      First happend in south korea 15.apr than 3.nov in US. May God bless US !
      Who support Biden = CCPspy

    2. In two years from now vote them all out no matter the party! I bet the next group will change how we are treated once they see we will get rid of them if we dont come first! america first is never the citizens!

    3. Y’all JUST re-elected these good-for-nothings!!! Now, we’re ALL stuck with them! What? You expected them to “suddenly” start caring about us? Puh-leeeze!



    This is the person we need heading up – The United States Justice Department

    1. She already said she doesn’t care about the people and is more concerned about getting a Democrat in the white house till they move forward. And thats the democrats game

    1. @JJ Smith And who really don’t want to pass another? REPUBLICANS. Hence my point entirely.

      Caller you say what?????

      I’ve been voting Democratic since this time 1991, age 20,,I see LONG before the 21st century dumb down politics. You do not posses enough intellect to reproach me , especially if you rationalize the likes of Trump.

    2. @JJ Smith And who really don’t want to pass another? REPUBLICANS. Hence my point entirely.

      Caller you say what?????

      I’ve been voting Democratic since this time 1991, age 20,,I see LONG before the 21st century dumb down politics. You do not posses enough intellect to reproach me , especially if you rationalize the likes of Trump.

  7. Soooooo more vacations for the politicians and more Americans are going to be homeless for a pandemic they didn’t cause. Am I missing something here?

    1. Yes. Humanity has obviously survived viruses since our creation. Govt reaction to them also, but Govt reaction is the bigger problem.

    2. @Daniel Su votes don’t matter these ppl do what they want to with our tax money. Do you believe that these ppl and the power they have can be changed by voting ? Voting is an illusion to make people think they have a say so. Fact is we don’t and this is not a “democracy” …never has been never will be

  8. Mitch McConnell is a monster for consistently blocking stimulus packages. Absolutely evil. Georgia needs to vote blue so he loses that power.

    1. Citizens United gives corporations, even foreign owned corporations, too loud a voice — the wealthier, the louder.

    2. No, every one of these legislators is fully aware of their constituents suffering, going hungry, and dying, while they enrich themselves and go on vacation every other week. They just don’t care, at all. If they did, they wouldn’t have been allowed to attain this position of power. They are monsters who only care about themselves and the donor class who they exclusively serve.

  9. Mitch McConnell brags about being the problem of the situation so how would someone with the collective intelligence of common sense and awareness see it any other way.

    1. @ricky tv Production I enjoyed the short clip, they made a good couple. Like the black couple arguing over the man’s Old Spice. The girl in the short clip had an unexpected health problem that made it heartbreaking.

    1. they arent there to take of us haven’t you notice? when was the last time they did anything to help you? ask your self what’s in this bill that you personally need?

    2. @Jeff Kaz Sir, you hit the nail right on the head. I read above about a guy not needing his stimulus check. Well, that’s what this country is all about. Take care of yourself and if you feel the need, help others. It’s not the government’s job.


    1. no american gets that many vacations so often! but they work for us ! another lie, we are the real servants not them!

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