Pelosi thanking Floyd for 'sacrificing' life sparks outrage 1

Pelosi thanking Floyd for ‘sacrificing’ life sparks outrage


Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing intense backlash after she thanked George Floyd for 'sacrificing' his life for justice.

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  1. Hipocritical criminals all. Career politicians who have gotten wealthy off the backs of the little guy. Working to enrich themselves at your expense. Not your friend’s.

  2. Everything in America sparks outrage,you can’t do anything or say anything without someone having a problem with it, the worlds toilet bowl

    1. Atleast they have the most guns in the hands of civilians. That’s what I love about america

    2. @nonconformingNPC hatespeech if only they would use the 2nd to get rid of all the politicans from both sides

  3. Thanks Georgie boy! We love ya Georgie! Thanks for passing out counterfeit money while carrying more drugs than a pharmacy! What would we do and where would we be without upstanding individuals like yourself Georgie?

  4. She took that idea from JIMMY FELON . Thank you , lucky charms for being so magically delicious.

  5. He didn’t call out to his mom. He yelled “momma” which was what he called hir girlfriend who was in the car with him and his drug dealer.

  6. Nelson Mandela, who? Nelson Mandela, I don’t know who that is. Now a true hero is that Floyd who makes Weather happen

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