Pelosi: Trump had ‘meltdown’ over my questions

Pelosi: Trump had 'meltdown' over my questions 1


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Donald Trump was "unhappy" with her questions about his decision to pull US troops out of Syria. #CNN #News

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  1. A meeting like this was filmed before the shutdown and he had a meltdown. What makes us think this meeting would be any different?

    • Trump. No drugs. No alcohol. Facts say this keeps a body and mind in clarity. Sober…the way the bible explains it. I wish people would see how important it is to keep your brain free from self induced stupidity. That being said….why do people trust stuttering, slurring leaders? Um…. Food for thought? Or…I guess my comment will be fuel for people calling me names, angry, etc….. Im waiting….ga head. Prove me wrong. Prove me right.

    • @syncdog integrity


      Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.


      The state of being unimpaired; soundness.


      The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.



      The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.


      Inherent nobility and worth.

      So…who fits the definition best? I look at the districts leaders are responsible for. At the fruit of their work. Hard to defend California, NY, Chicago, Baltimore. Just LOOK.

    • @RW&B Angel Dude! You shouldn’t have to Google the definition, then copy and paste the word ‘integrity’. Let’s try another angle. Name one good character trait that this POTUS exhibits that you would teach your children.

  2. THE MANBOY HAD A MELTDOWN! AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! Little boy needs to go play in traffic or get lost in the woods!

    • Mar imagine One woman in a room full of men! Madame Nancy Pelosi is the greatest woman ! She must get
      The woman of the century award!

  3. “The president said… I don’t know who “effed” this meeting”? I’d really love a verification of that quote from The Stable Penius.

    • D.L. Jacks I hope that’s what she said. I just can’t imagine her using the EFF word, as its much easier to imagine and bet on, that our stable Penius would definitely use the eff word. Hopefully it’s my bad.

    • Chris Sebastian | October 17, 2019 at 8:51 PM | Reply

      Jeff Zabelski Three years of saying he collided with Russia. All a failure. He was supposed to not be in office for 100 days and not supposed to be elected in the first place. You’re delusional.

    • Chris Sebastian oh!
      Precious Chris. Our Lord LittleHands is not a Pussygrabbing Liar?
      “Bless your heart.”
      EvenGenital KKKristian RepublicKKKlans. SHEESH!
      We are colliding with Putin, and with any luck, Putin will be assassinated? Wouldn’t you agree? Rhetorically?
      Remember that Fox Spews is an alternate reality much like the deplorable. (Deplorable is now a popular noun)

    • @Chris Sebastian Read the Mueller Report
      Pages 176-180 flat-out say that Congress should hold the President accountable and that the Judicial Dept should support that effort!

  4. The lemon head seems to be freaking out cause Pelosi is the one with the pants!!!!! She is a fighter. Lemon head is like a baby, making noise not know what to do

  5. God I wish that would’ve been recorded!
    We would’ve heard a cheer NATIONWIDE!!!!

  6. “I cannot tell a lie.” – George Washington
    “I cannot tell the truth.” – Donald Trump
    “I cannot tell the difference.” – Republicans

    • Richard Lubano | October 18, 2019 at 8:03 AM | Reply

      You have made my day.Republicans are humbly requested to figure out the difference between their house and daughters.That is part of American values.

    • Georgia dirt Road | October 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM | Reply

      Samol Duong President Trump in the first month of office put a stop to Obama’s rule that I had to pay $750 when I filed my taxes because I couldn’t afford health insurance , the list is long , Did he take away your FOOD STAMPS and put you to work or something ?

    • YouTube Moderator | October 18, 2019 at 10:56 AM | Reply

      There are 27 genders and borders are racist-Democrats.

  7. It’s true…he is a Russian agent!

  8. 22 Veterans A Day | October 17, 2019 at 4:07 PM | Reply

    Body language, look at the Generals in the picture from yesterday. They are ashamed

    • Oh no generals cant war anymore boo hoo, look why dont they engage North Korea WW3 would be funner

    • Just wait till President Pelosi gets inaugurated after Trump and Pence finally get their asses rightly kicked to the curb as they should have a long time ago!

    • 22 Veterans A Day He never said the Kurds were bad and supported ISIS, you dumbass. Listen to an actual public speech about the situation with the Kurds. He said the PKK, a radical group of Kurds were possibly more worse than ISIS.

    • @Ronney Rendon shes drunk or high on pills is my guess. Just watch her. Shes a mess

  9. Robert Lavelle | October 17, 2019 at 4:30 PM | Reply

    Oh !!! The mental image !!!
    When tRump ” melts ” down , does he resemble runny diarrhea ? 🤔😁

  10. Giant sack of hot garbage | October 17, 2019 at 5:05 PM | Reply

    Vladimir Putin is C-walking all over the world stage.

  11. Remember this act of stupidity come election time.
    I like the way you got Schumer trained.
    Is he housebroken?

  12. HOW did this being get to be a dictator, with Congress just/ONLY expressing our concerns

  13. “U.S. Troops for Rent” wtf!!

  14. Our fighting men and women can’t be loaned out to the people that brought down the towers .

    • Andrew Nix Just like when Obama illegally put troops in Syria and Libya, but not being paid for it. So Obama put our troops at risk in 2011, 8 years before Trump put troops in Saudi Arabia and at least they want them there. And the US government was getting paid for those troops in Saudi Arabia by the Saudi government. But neither Syria, or Libya wanted Obama putting troops in those two Arab nations, so he does it illegally. Even Russia LEGALLY had permission to place troops in Syria. While Obama committed a criminal act, also you can’t forget about those drone strikes, which actually benefited ISIS more than the US military. So Obama put our economy at risk with a war and put our troops at risk in Syria. Obama never saved the economy, he just ruined it with more wars and Obama care.

    • Tess THOMAS what about the aid we give to iraq

    • Doom2exe what about iraq

    • Sam Leaf Our troops were in Iraq before Obama was president, Trump was even a Democrat during Bush’s presidency, because of how bad the republicans ruined our economy at that time. But Trump switched back to the Republican Party after Obama took presidency as he was worse. But Obama just made the military affairs with Iraq even worse, as he took troops out of Iraq and also used drone strikes in Iraq. Which ISIS grew, due to the use of drone strikes more than military action and even causing higher casualties of innocent people that didn’t even help the situations with ISIS.

    • its a point that plays out through out history, the citizenship of the perpetrator links the event with that country. Or it can be just the location of the event such as the destruction of the “Maine” started the Spanish American War. WWI started because of citizenship , a Serbian national killed the Austro-Hungarian Arch Duke and so Serbia was blamed and the whole mess of Alliances began that war. The events of 911 have so many questions I never believe the whole story of what actually happened will ever be known.

  15. Trump’s plan is the same as always: just wing it.

    • @Mimsy Borogove Trump didn’t run the University. And what charity are you talking about? Trump made billions and could have sat back in luxury doing whatever he wanted but he became president after seeing the direction that the Washington Establishment elitist pigs were taking us. He has given up a billion bucks in order to do that. The Washington Establishment elitist pigs and the media hate him almost as much as they hate the everyday Americans who put him in office. Also, I don’t watch Fox. So how’s that Russia collusion going that your media built up for 3 years? How’s that quid pro quo lie going? Your media does nothing but lie at every syllable uttered but you love them because they feed your delirious hatred. When Trump is easily reelected you can ride the wave of another 4 years of lies, freakouts and conniption fits by your corrupt crew.

    • @Mimsy Borogove Google Obama’s drug selling that he wrote about in one of his books….you’re correct…I don’t care what he did in the past. Elitist pigs are all Republicans? Oh yeah! The Democrats run from donors,special interest groups, setting up foundations in order to set up pay for play…they NEVER do those things…and I’m just sure that you actually believe that…..YAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You DO realize that your pals will be slaughtered in 2020….correct? Why don’t you go have another CNN dose….all 35 of the people still watching in America will join you. Did you think Hillary would be better? Why don’t you research all the crimes that shes committed plus her disastrous time as First Lady and also at the State Dept. Why don’t you look up her pay for play and how she and hubby robbed Haiti blind of billions in aid?

    • Mimsy Borogove | October 18, 2019 at 5:33 AM | Reply

      @James Brice *****
      It’s obvious that you operate on emotion instead of logic. Trump has become your big Daddy and you don’t care how much of a criminal he’s been or is now, because he’s going to take care of you. He’d love to be King Donnie, but that’s not in the Constitution. Fascism and Democracy just don’t mix. Trump won’t complete this term. The majority of American people aren’t going to allow Democracy to die. Hillary would have been 1000% better. She’s a grown-up, she’s 10 times as smart as Trump, and all the “crimes” you keep bitching about have been investigated ad nauseam and come to nought. I have to give the Republicans credit for trying as hard as they could, though. They spent YEARS trying to prove she was culpable for Benghazi, and just couldn’t pull it off. If I ever wanted to become a grifter, I’d hope I could find a mark just like you.

    • YouTube Moderator | October 18, 2019 at 10:54 AM | Reply

      Gord’s plan is “just suck it”.

  16. Trying to negotiate with a toddler is tough work..

  17. “All roads lead to Russiarrrrrrr!”

  18. Who is a Liar King congressman?


  20. Donnie is an illegitimate president and a traitor to the United States.

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