Pelosi: Trump Used Taxpayer Money To Shake Down Leader For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pelosi: Trump Used Taxpayer Money To Shake Down Leader For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


In an exclusive interview, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the launch of an impeachment inquiry brings her no joy, that this is a 'very sad time for the country' and that impeachment is as serious as congressional responsibilities can be. Aired on 9/27/19.
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Pelosi: Trump Used Taxpayer Money To Shake Down Leader For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC

81 Comments on "Pelosi: Trump Used Taxpayer Money To Shake Down Leader For His Own Gain | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. I’m so impressed with Pelosi’s patience, fortitude and commitment to her oath to uphold our constitution. Our constitution is not a partisan issue.

    • @YouTube Moderator lol…what? please point out this section.

    • YouTube Moderator | September 28, 2019 at 7:42 AM | Reply

      @Gerald Omalley Article IV section 4. Look it up and obey it.

    • @GREGORY RUSSO surely you’re speaking of Pres. Trump & not Speaker Pelosi. Not only is she familiar with government & law, she’s intelligent, poised, and clear-headed, given the crisis under Trump Administration.
      It’s unfortunate with all his alleged wealth, Trump could not earn a reputable education. His vocabulary and temperament leaves much to be desired given his level of opportunities in the greatest nation.
      The Royals given their status in life, serve their country honourably; and Prince Wills & Harry have volunteered all over the world, as their mother the late Diana taught them. To be above no one. Appears only thing Trump family taught was how to hide finances.

    • @S Miller You are so silly…. President Trump will go down in history as the greatest President ever. What he is doing is unbelievable.. The “ROYALS” are a bunch of perverted murderers, they killed Princess Diana, everyone knows that, and Prince Charles is a cheating cold hearted man. Prince Andrew is a pedophile, the world knows that now…The Queen is so cold & distant, and when you see the big picture, this royal family are nothing more than leaches who are rich & powerful for no reason, England therefore is a screwed up country….America is now becoming the great country that it once was, thanks to the intelligence & business understanding that our President has. And he is tough as nails, b/c he is a NEW YORKER!!! Oh, and one more thing, Pelosi is a sad old lady that can barely speak, and she is now showing America how stupid she is. All she cares about is getting rid of the one President who is doing great, and America now HATES this woman. In the end, President Trump ALWAYS WINS!!!!

    • @YouTube Moderator Says nothing about migrants…it’s about armies.

  2. Whistler blowers are essential in times of chaos and violence

  3. Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress for personal conduct if that were the case with Trump he would have to been impeached many times over! But this is about national security

    • Are you saying this president has not lied. All politicians lie. We are talking about national security here and the defense of the constitution. This is still a republic. Let’s keep it. We found not have a dictatorship like they do in Russia, N.Korea, or Iran.

    • To quote Lindsay Graham there is no need to prove a crime was committed. It’s about cleansing the office and restoring trust and integrity to the institution of the presidency. Those were the words of Lindsay Graham arguing for the impeachment of Bill Clinton because Monica Lewinsky gave him head.

    • @Miss. King Emery the two are certainly not connected -fidelity to country or spouse. Are you serious!?!
      Moreover, it came out much later that both Karl Rove and Gingrich were both conducting sexual affairs at the time they charged Bill Clinton. Clinton was in second term and would be ineligible for reelection with no prospect to continue in politics. So what, Republicans tried to tarnish the Democrat Party? So why aren’t the Republicans now moving to impeach Trump, guilty of far worse than Clinton.
      Don’t have to like Clinton’s actions, though his policies and economy were much better. But there is always clear double standards with GOP.

    • Harley Trujillo , Trump has lied under oath of office every single day of his so-called presidency. He’s a thug and a pig.

  4. “I welcome it…I’m ready.” Love me some fabulous Speaker of the House Ms. Nancy Pelosi! GO GET ‘EM GIRL!!!

    • Another ignorant democrat

    • @Bunne Rabb so sorry for punctuation!. I’m actually lucky I’m evan alive to speak & or type
      Almost died just trying my best
      Just saying hopefully u understand the point im making
      Trump was born into this position from his birth on a blood moon & kabbalistic using his birthday in his numerology to make sure he’s the 45th president following along with the Bible and he has a running mate happens being a pants so it trump-pence look up Gematria effect and learn about how the government is actually run as far as numerology really goes also Trump’s a Scottish Rite Freemason a member of the Illuminati his hotels have clubs for the meetings for the Illuminati he’s in trapped dozens and dozens of politicians in his hotels is Resorts his casinos over the years since the 80s so the Mafia the Illuminati the Rothschild to build him out of bankruptcy from when his businesses failed kept him afloat because knowing the history of his Heritage and his bloodline his grandfather with the name drumpf they were able to turn his name into Trump and have his mother give birth on a blood moon through numerology and through ritual sacrifices that the Illuminati and if u think for one moment Trump is not part of the royal family he works for the queen as well as he’s cousins of HILLARY &BLOOD RELATIVE OF THE QUEEN ALL descendants of William of Orange it’s all in the family!
      Kabuki theater
      my point we who are in the know and Truth community known a lot of this information already now it comes out on Q is just new to most people and it looks like Trump’s divulging this information but it’s old news
      Trump is the New World Order trump card now with the where we go one we go all and with Q people in different nations are now working together in support of one man Trump and that would be the beginning of a One World Government see how that works pretty sneaky Trump is also known as the Joker the trump card can be played in either way and this is the Fall of the House of Cards in America

    • @Bunne Rabb your mom got me an x box last Christmas.. this year maybe me and you can 420 with your mom and talk about THE FAILURES OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION..

    • Fact are in Trump will hang himself… the Democrats aren’t doing it. they are just putting the facts on the table for what they are.. MAGA LOSERS EVER..

  5. Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! | September 27, 2019 at 1:10 PM | Reply

    The Justice Department needs to be removed from the Executive’s control.

    • @Brian Smith Did that take you all day or do the phrases for today get sent round in a memo then comrade?

    • @Brian Smith Also your grammar is NEVER correct. I’m shocked as I’ve spent some time in Russia and the standard of English teaching was very good.

    • @Josie Fox
       @Josie Fox  She was a very good cook though and very caring to all her off spring. God bless her and grandpa !

  6. Don’t pray. God is saying, “Get on with it!”

    • @Rebecca Carey
      so far its been nearly 3 years and Trump/Pence are still there. you all knew what Trump represented when you elected him and around half the country still support him. I see a country rank with corruption and hypocrisy, how’s that workin for ya?? not too well by the look of it:)

    • @Rebecca Carey
      “Cheers” disingenuous? not at all, I wish you well, I just happen to think the USA is rotten, corrupt and rank with hypocrisy.

    • Gillian Sernich | September 27, 2019 at 7:19 PM | Reply

      Wendy Pastore Yes. I am not at all religious, but I agree with you. Prayer focusses the mind for good, enlists the better angels (wherever they are) to guide clear and ethical action, and provides strength to people who are pushing against ignorance, hate and vitriol. My respect for Nancy Pelosi increased because of the wisdom of her response. And by god (whoever she is), Nancy is putting everything into this fight.

  7. I want to see Barr ousted from his position .. he has hurt our country more than any traitor appointed to office!!

  8. Robert Hennessey | September 27, 2019 at 1:16 PM | Reply

    Those hidden tapes , should be his downfall. Nixon hid tapes too.

    • no need for the hidden tapes (although i hope we get to see them). the released “summary” of the call already clearly shows Trump asking a foreign power for help in taking down a political rival. that is a crime. plain and simple. i think we should keep our focus on that. trump et al. has already admitted the crime!

    • Maybe if he had ask openly on national TV like he did during the 2016 campaign he would have gotten away with it. Russia if you are listening find and deliver Hilary’s tapes. You will be richly rewarded.

  9. Gilbert Martinez | September 27, 2019 at 1:22 PM | Reply

    Americans had enough stand up and fight for our Constitution? foreign or domestic! nobody’s above the law.

  10. Nice watch band Nancy (10:41) you are at heart a supporter of equality.

  11. May this be the death of the Republican party. 99 per cent of them in power have shown themselves to be cowards when the country has needed them the most. Their careers were more important to them than working for the American people, which they are paid to do!

  12. The whistle blower should be given a medal for serving his country . My thanks to you.

  13. Nancy is always so composed under stressful times.

  14. John Dewispelaere | September 27, 2019 at 2:42 PM | Reply

    Change her mind!! Bonespurs changes his mind within a sentence!

  15. As “sad” as this is, if you want a good laugh go watch hannity he is falling apart listing to him is hilarious.

  16. “Why would I have to comment to anything she says…..?” Nancy on Kellyanne’s comments.😂🤣😂🤣

    • Toob247 Toob247 | September 28, 2019 at 9:02 AM | Reply

      @rl 0207 nothing Pelosi does is brilliant. She has been corrupt since the 90’s the friggin 90s

    • isaatclockwright | September 28, 2019 at 11:10 AM | Reply

      @Black Philip Is that you, bud? I ask, admitting confusion, because your icon looks a lot like Oreo Phillip. Your identity crisis is showing.

    • Pelosi is the perfect foil to the walking Big Mac’s pathological ego that causes him him ALWAYS overestimate his own opinion and abilities and underestimate everyone else, ESPECIALLY women. How do you think she got him to just HANDOVER the transcript that Whitehouse lawyers had purposefully misused NSA systems to HIDE, and practically BEGGED Rump to not hand over?

      She spoke to him Tuesday morning and just flattered him a little and then told him if he handed it over they would be able to clear it all up! And he BELIEVED HER. He is as gullible as his sycophants.

      He CAN NOT HELP HIMSELF. Its a DEEP personality defect, he is SO NEEDY he’ll roll over for ANYONE who drops even just a few drips of praise into his bottomless black hole of need.

      This makes him an incredibly EASY TARGET for our enemies to get THE HIGHEST CLASSIFIED INFORMATION FROM.

      I mean, someone who can’t even act in his OWN vital interest when the opposition SIMPLY ASKS him to hand over damning information on himself! 😂

      Why would ANYONE still think he’s capable of controlling himself and putting the country first if he even wanted to or could understand what that meant??

      This is a pathological-level of the Dunning-Krueger effect- where ignorant people overestimate their abilities and underestimate experts’ abilities. This is a common problem for the right. Its usually funny but they are in dangerous water now.😞

      Its also malignant narcissism, compulsive lying, extreme emotional lability, a few years into the beginning of dementia, and frequent total breaks with reality.

      Lets just PRAY we can delay any situation that needs ACTUAL RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP UNTIL HE’S gone, otherwise we are all screwed. Ya, YOU TOO, boot-lickers and a$$-kissers. What miserable lives you lead.

      But hey, they say ignorance is bliss, and you people are definitely the most willfully ignorant hive-mind to ever grace this earth.

    • james T
      How gullible do you have to be to think ALEX JONES is a credible source on ANYTHING but his own bowel movements… though I’d bet even those are also probably the result of a conspiracy theory in his intellectually and morally bankrupt pea-brain.

      One day his little cherry of a head is going to just POP!, live on camera. I mean, we can already watch it turning bright red every time he starts talking, as his body desperately sends more blood to his head in hopes that it can one day grow a full brain…

  17. Treasonous Trump for PRISON!
    Lock him up!
    Lock him up!
    Lock him up!

    • I don;t support anyone but it will be fun to see you in prison or better yet if you have a mistake aka a son/daughter, it willl be fun to see them get expired so you can live a few years with agony then you follow them. Now go drink acid for you mean nothing to the world. Hopefully the mistake(s) you made will perish soon!

  18. Wow Nancy looks beautiful. “she’ll cut off his head and he won’t even know he’s bleeding” go Nancy go Nancy!

  19. The Facts changed the situation. Perfect response! Kellyanne was looking for the Alternative side for her view. Madame Speaker has maintained her position in Office and proper speak with class. We are ready because of Integrity.

  20. “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored” – Aldous Huxley

    • People all over this planet from several religions and cultures sing I am their Lion King Messiah the prophet besser videos on my likes playlist .

    • Toob247 Toob247 | September 28, 2019 at 9:04 AM | Reply

      @D.E.B. B yes russia. Is that in Delaware. good riddance to the two-family big Tater chip of bush Clinton and their puppet Obama. The same two families have been ruling you your entire life. Same with Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters Jerry Nadler and the rest of the corrupt crew 30 years of enriching themselves off the back of the poor and selling out Middle America to their globalist donors

    • Toob247 Toob247 | September 28, 2019 at 9:06 AM | Reply

      @Dwayne Shaw you talked about facts and he showed you some. The left is confused and corrupt. Nancy’s been corrupt since the 90s.

    • @john patterson – you left out the part about PRESSURING AND SOLICITING FOREIGN GOVT’S- ya propagandist parrot

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