Pelosi Wants To See ‘Fair’ Process Before House Sends Impeachment Articles | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. *Trump was a Criminal BEFORE he was a President…nothing has changed, EXCEPT NOW HE IS A CRIMINAL PRESIDENT WITH A CORRUPTED GOP TRYING TO NORMALISE IT! 🙄*
    *Whatever Republicans do next…it won’t be good! 😔*

    1. If he was a criminal before becoming President why did the Obama judicial branch charge him w/a crime? Why did Pelosi, Nadler & Schiff charge him w/a crime in the Articles of Impeachment?

  2. Trump supporters are lying that the House testimony hearings were closed to them. 47 Republicans were involved.

    1. Cue1st Amend  ……………   On top of that , 12 fact witnesses were subpoenaed and were OBSTRUCTED from appearing on White House orders . Those blocked testimonies and corroborating withheld documents the basis of Article II, “Obstruction of Congress” , in the Impeachment indictment .

    2. A B – If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, you know what they say, it must be a duck. As a veteran who had very high clearances, I know how dangerous a compromised President can be to the Security of America and it’s people, and our soldiers overseas. Your averaged citizen does even think about the things that can go wrong.

    3. A B – Trump May not be a billionaire, he’s been in hock up to his neck most years. And the possibility of Russian money laundering is very real when you look at his reality practices. The Republicans have decent honorable men who can do a better job than Trump. Trump is a sleazebag from the gutters of New York.

    4. A B – The economy was already heading upward when Obama left, Trump tried to take credit for 300K jobs that came from the previous administration. Trump came back from China saying he brought 100K jobs from that meeting, not true. He’s was signing paperwork like crazy in front of cameras, they weren’t actual Bills of more jobs, they were meeting minutes. He likes way too much for me, and he’s a poor businessman. He illegally raised tariffs to strong arm the Chinese. Guest who is paying for those tariffs, you and me, not China.

  3. Well now, this is some unexpected good news…
    This day just seems to be getting better and better 👏👏👏

    1. @Marvin Guigar Technically she does not have to. There are absolutely no rules set down about that subject. LOL

    2. @Dusty Rains Google it the Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses during the Adam schiff’s circus hearings. Google it Gilligan

    3. @Marvin Guigar I guess you are right. I guess that is Tboy’s fault, though. He should not have led his party to such massive mid-term losses. Without that, no Dem majority in the house and we would never have known about his traitorous behavior. And exactly who did the Repubs want to subpoena anyway that had anything to do with Tboy’s pressure campaign on Ukraine to subvert the 2020 election? Joe Biden and Hunter Biden?

  4. Does anybody expect the GOP to negotiate the rules in good faith? Every Senator who has expressed a pre opinion should be disqualified just like potential jurors in any courtroom. I was excused twice because I knew things that could have caused me to prejudge the case. It is the presiding judges responsibility to vet a fair jury.

    1. @Daniel Dahnke Whilst I vehemently disagree with every point of your argument I too appreciate your civility and willingness to have a discussion. I don’t think we will agree on anything so best to end our discussion here. Hope you have a good day 🙂

    2. @Peter Brazukas if only America could move on with their day after disagreeing like we do, and not hate each other. Have a Merry Christmas or whatever else you may celebrate good sir!

    3. Ray H  ……………    Yep . Potential jurors that are biased are dismissed out of hand . Not only because they cannot be fair, but because their presence could result in jury nullification . Even though this is a political and not criminal trial, the same principles should apply .

    4. lol…and every house rep that express a pre opinion whould be disqualified? Oh, I’m guessing you don’t agree with that. You probably got a kick out of the Majority leader saying They didn’t want impeachment as evidence by them looking away like 4 times (4 times of thinking of impeaching but no backing/evidence/justification) before but didn’t. that was priceless.

  5. Speaker Pelosi is an expert at politics and will make sure the People of the United States are fairly represented…

    1. lol. There are some funny people commenting here. Expert on Politics…that’s part of the problem. All crooks, including Trump. At least is calling out Them/and actually himself to some extent. Funny sht. trolling at it’s best, leading at it’s best and the President Keeps punching back. One man against half the government (partisan) since day one. People don’t like bullies!. Isn’t that what the hypocritical Democrats always say. now that’s entertaining

  6. Get rid of Trumplestiltskin America he is destroying the country after he has milked and exploited it for himself and his crime family. Wake up America.

    1. Hammerin’ Hank conflict of interest? 😂😂 Like Schiff who said that there are enough evidence that Trump colluded with Russians? 😂😂

    1. So amazing watching Nancy push his buttons and get under his (thin) skin.He knows he is outclassed and he’s spitting mad..

    2. @hhhh9579 Whether her teeth fall out,,,she’s still the most powerful woman in the U.S.Second in line to the Presidency ….get over it.

  7. Snookered! Beautiful. Leave the Articles hanging over Trump like a metaphorical Sword of Damocles! Brilliant………………….

    1. @Antony Stringfellow yup. He’s a male chauvinist and he was inhibited by his prejudice. He thought he could easily prevail over an elderly woman.

    2. @gem anscombe that’s the issue though. My fear is that most people have grown apathetic towards all of this already. The longer the stalemate the more it legitimizes the Republicans’ argument that “the democrats just can’t let it go”.


  8. Nany, hold the articals of Impeachment until you win the Senate then turn them over. do not waste America’s need to flush Trump out of office amen

    1. This intellectual nuclear move Amounts to Nothing…SHEER FUTILITY…TRUMP DEFEATED JOE BIDEN IN THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

  9. The United States Supreme court compels witnesses now. Insisting on pro defense witnesses in Senate will be a disaster circus we shall all be part of. You lied to the Chief Justice, you are in trou..ble on TV which is so much worse. Thanks Nancy 😭 The stealth Senate on trial

  10. Professor Tribe rocks! I love that Ms. Pelosi and the rest are doing this. Got ’em by the proverbial short hairs…. at least for tonight and it makes me happy. For tonight.

    1. So she wants a deck stacked with Democrat influence. Let’s see what happens when the Senate subpeonas Hunter and Joe Biden. They’ll refuse and Dems will be ok with that, but not Ok with refusals of Trumps inner circle to testify. This is one of America’s darkest days and the evil and corruption of the Democratic party is in full view of all to see. They’ve weaponized the IRS, the FBI, and now Congressional procedure for political warfare. Not only is there nothing impeachable hear, the voting down complete partisan lines is enough for the Senate to toss it. There was bipartisian support for Nixon and Clinton’s impeachment. This impeachment has no validity.

    2. @Dusty Rains That @Rod Allen troll is on many MSNBC threads today. Click on the comments on any video and there he’ll be trying to earn his rubles

    3. j j you’re full of bovine excrement. Subpoenas have to have some basis in fact. The Biden’s had nothing to do with trumps extortion attempt of a foreign leader. So there’s no reason to call them as witnesses. More likely is the Dems will once again ask for Pence, Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvaney, trump and the other witnesses that ignored their subpoenas to appear, and trump will attempt to obstruct again. This time he’ll be facing a Supreme Court judge when he refuses a congressional subpoena. Let’s see how that goes. You are right in that these are America’s darkest days. When the Republicans protect a demonstrably criminal president, that’s bad for the country.

  11. Mitch McConnell doing something Fair? When pigs fly. He’s already said he’s working with Trump as far as the trial is concerned. Corruption runs deep in this Government. McConnell didn’t want Trump to get punished for his actions period. Stop expecting civility from Republicans especially McConnell. They are Corrupt to the core.

    1. @Vincent Falsitta – they sell digital voting machines that can be compromised. And they are both personally compromised to Russia and China.

    2. I don’t know, given, that the GOP just publically compared Trump with Jesus Christ, flying pigs sounds reasonable…

    3. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will do what He wants. Just like Shifr Naddler and Nancy did in the House. Dont you think it is a little late to be crying FOUL after they first time in America an Impeachment vote was ONE PARTY ? Hold it back send it it doesn’t matter this is over and dead as the Weissmann Report (Or as it is falsely titled the Muiller Report ) Whats next Armed aggression by your Storm-troopers ANTIFA? Face it you lost in 2016 since then you have done nothing but made the Presidents approval go UP and you are in the Process of truly destroying the DNC. I do not agree with anything much the DNC ever did in my 64 years but I do feel that We need a 2 party system. What you have done to the Party of JFK is sad. The DNC is now seen as the Socialist/Communist Party by a majority of Independent Voters those of us that swing the election. This whole Impeachment nonsense has moved a great many of us into the Trump RNC camp well done

    4. A Republican representive compared Trump impeachment to Jesus Christ cusifiction which is the worst comparison ever made by a man! For Jesus Christ is without any sin ! In no certain terms can any human on earth say the same for Trump for we all are sinners here on earth… How sad and pitiful our world is today for a comparison like that to have ever been expressed?

  12. Get em Nancy. I knew sonething was up. I kept saying there was no way the Dems were just going to hand over the Articles knowing what they knew about Moscow Mitch and the other cronies. I love it!!!

    1. She HAS to hand them over soon.She rushed in in the house and has to rush it over to the Senate.Pelosi said it was urgent.The Senate is then going to just quickly squash it and acquit.President Trump’s poll numbers went up 6 points during this whole stunt she pulled

  13. Moscow Mitch sat on the Supreme Court appointment until Trump got in… Pelosi has every right to sit on the Articles until if favors the correct and constitutionally just outcome.

    1. She rushed it through the house and has to quickly get it to the Senate.She constantly spoke of urgency and now she is singing a different tone.The Senate CAN also acquit without it being presented to them if they have to anyways

    2. @mcken2020 Pelosi rushed this through the House as quick as she could and NOW she supposedly wants to just slow down instead of doing what she is required to do.she kept saying how urgent everything was and how everything needed to be done now.trump’s Gallup poll numbers went up 6 points during her stunt and he raised over $10 million during that time which was more than all Dem candidates combined.Her impulsive move has proven to be a dud and she’s upset it isn’t going to go the way she wanted it.Just poor decision making on her part

    3. Yes, but the Republicans did not conduct two committee Kangaroo show trials based on false accusations. Mitch should treat the Democrats exactly the same way the Democrats treated Republicans in the house.

  14. So while holding on to Impeachment Articles, so the longer it takes the more DAMAGING info that has not made its way forward? can actually arrive and with all info together. Democracy Wins!

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