1. McCarthy had his chance and turned it down. Let’s get on with it then. Republicans just want to play games.

    1. @Ellen Faulkner look Bonzo . Nancy in charge of police at capital . Trump offered the National guard and to the Mayor of DC also turned it down now why is that.????

    2. @The Morally Superior Democrat LOL… you clowns just love to make up your own facts. Nobody is coming to your side…. it’s exactly the opposite. Prior to the 2020 election, roughly 33% of all registered voters were registered as Republicans. Following the Jan. 6th insurrection and this ludicrous “audit,” That number has plummeted to only 24%. This past month, tens of thousands of Arizona Republicans fled the party and re-registered as Dems or Independents. You idiots are HEMORRHAGING voters. We’ll see you in 2020, cultist.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Were 100 million strong. We’re inevitable and you will find out the hard way.

    4. @Chuck Schenck This should be only about the coup attempt on Jan 6th, so why should there be ‘questions’ that Nancy doesn’t like? Remember that the Republicans had a chance to participate from the very start, and voted it down, hence why this committee was form. The Speaker of the House doesn’t need permission for this.
      As far as ‘what good can come out of this?’ well gee, I’m guessing the truth. Ask yourself why the Republicans are so against this.

  2. You mean like the traitor republicans did with traitor 45’s 2 impeachment trials?….Smart lady…

    1. @Chuck Schenck also I am a student of Lawrence Tribe….again take your time. Google who he is. Go on, do some research…

    2. @Chuck Schenck I love how you chuckleheads (schenkleheads?) just throw around Socialism/Communism/Marxism without a clue. To the point, I’m perfectly capable of judging Gerrymandered Gym’s character and the result is: None.

    3. @Chuck Schenck Since when?
      For had he followed the one in Ohio, the team Doctor who was molesting those wrestlers in the shower at Ohio State would have been put in jail a long time ago!

      I have yet to see where he has followed the Constitution given that he voted against certifying the election when he was trying to cancel out 81.7 million votes because they weren’t for his guy.
      I’m waiting for when he’s following the Constitution when it concerns the police officers who were injured and deserved medals for protecting his six that day on January 6th but because it was called an Insurrection in the bill in the house, he voted against it.

      I have a news flash for you it was an insurrection! It was an attempted sedition/coup against this country! And if you believe in Jordan like you say you do, never look a law enforcement officer (both state and federal)in the eyes ever again. For you don’t support law enforcement let alone the constitution!

  3. Everyone knows that these were Trump’s handpicked to be on the committee for the purpose of keeping him informed. Both McCarthy and McConnell already know exactly who among them were Trump’s co-conspirators and are knowingly protecting those involved. At this point, a Special Prosecutor should be brought in to enforce subpoenas and to ensure that those currently sitting in the House and the Senate are exposed, expelled and prosecuted.

    1. @Chase Austin Well aren’t you a daisy. Take your “prof” of our “stupid” and be gone!! Skeedadle baxk to Fox Faux News.

  4. Pelosi is doing the right thing and all they doing is stalling trying to run out the clock on the 18 months left before election so it’s all about sabotage but they were given the same opportunity and power and they decided not to take part in it.

    1. First it was delay the truth about tobacco. Then it was delay the truth about fossil fuels and global warming. Now it’s delay the truth about the fascist coup that was attempted on Jan 6 by the leader of the GQP just long enough for them to regroup and try again.

  5. McCarthy just showed he is an ineffective political operative. He rebuffed the committee structure that would have given him veto power. Pelosi player hard ball and Kevin decided to take the ball and go home. The big baby. Clearly the people Pelosi rejected were intended to blow things up

    1. And McCarthy forgot that it’s not his ball and he can’t take it home. Nancy holds all the power here and she knows how to use it.

    1. To be fair, McCarthy has a much more difficult job than Pelosi.
      McCarthy is trying to destroy America. . . Not an easy task !!
      Pelosi has reality on her side, and while alternative reality is on the Republican’s side, their job at least seems to be a bigger challenge.

    2. Maddow is a sociopath and Nancy “Good morning, Sunday Morning” Pelosi is pretty close to death’s door already.

    3. @Joseph Meholick the entire GQP needs to be sidelined for at least two election cycles. They can come back once the decide to work for the US, instead of foreign interests.

  6. McCarthy going to see Trump to get his orders assured s circus. Seriously, we all know his.visit was politics.

    1. He was doing what his master told him to do. That guy has orange paint all over him.

    2. They should have let him serve… at first- and then when he became a subject of the investigation have him removed. That would have applied serious pressure.

    1. Jamie Raskin made motion to dismiss the electoral college votes in his state in 2016 yet was allowed to lead and participate on various committees.

    1. @peremptory expression It’s the mafia. The Russian mafia to be precise. McCarthy is a footsoldier taking orders from Capo Trumpo and they all kiss the ring of the Boss: Vladimir Putin.

    2. Nancy Pelosi is the best; the Party will be at a big disadvantage after 2022 (if she steps down and the tRUMPholes have the majority in the House). The BEST is always hated by being the winner; Tom Brady,But then again for example; mostly hated, always a winner

      McCarty just doesn’t have the smarts; the Reps will be better served to have a different Spkr of House. But then again the wacko birds prefer losers, Dotards and deplorables: Gym Jordan, Spkr of the House (:0(

  7. having Gym Jordan and Jim Banks as members in that committee would be like having Hitler and Goebbels as judges at the Nuremberg trial.

    1. That’s correct my friend they need to be accountable what they have done the 6th of january 2021

  8. And that is exactly what McCarthy wanted when he appointed someone like Jordan to the committee. He knew that his picks would turn the investigation into a circus and use it to spread more disinformation and lies. They don’t want an investigation because too many of them were involved in what happened

    1. The fact that they believe this will somehow score political points with anyone not already entrenched within the barely 30% of Americans still ignorant enough to continue to desperately cling to the Trumpo cult in the dying days of the GQP as they devolve beyond hypocrisy into the realm of North Korean level insanity is beyond my comprehension.

  9. Is this were the Republican party officially breaks into two party’s? I think it is.

    1. Parliamentary systems have many parties. Some are labeled communist outright. GOP could split into a Feudalist Obsequious Xenophobic party or F.O.X. and a GOP without the Dixiecrats and John Birch Society. Currently it is a Pathetic Oleaginous Obsequious Party or P.O.O.P. and they stink.

    2. Happened. They’re now the RINOs AKA people with functioning brains who think conservatively and now register as “Independent” and will be forced to vote Democrat for the foreseeable future and the GQP, Trumpist, fascist, conspiracy driven, servants of Vladimir Putin who just want to see America burn because they’re bored with reality and hate the fact that they’re constantly outworked and outwitted by people they consider their inferiors.

    3. Reality as I see it… if we get out of this and purge the fascist scum from our political system (or at least drive them back underground where they belong) I think it will be the Dem party that will split into the center right Democrat party (sorta what it is now) and the more progressive elements which will name themselves how they see fit. But this is assuming we win the cold Civil War against the fascist forces pitted against democracy now.

  10. i mean, mccarthy obviously nominated gym jordan knowing he’d be vetoed and he could raise a big stink about it.

    1. Jamie Raskin made motion to dismiss the electoral college votes in his state in 2016 yet was allowed to lead and participate on various committees.

    2. It’s amazing how much alike Jim Jordan Matt Gaetz and Brett Kavanaugh it’s just incredible! They all need an intervention and to go to a 12-step program but they couldn’t even complete step one

    3. @Crimdor Did he incite the TREASON of insurrection?

      And you obviously don’t understand the process.

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