Pence Delivers Coronavirus Update: Vaccine Could Go To Trials Within 6 Weeks | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Vice President Pence delivers an update on coronavirus and a timeline for a possible vaccine, but states that the risk to the American people "remains low."
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Pence Delivers Coronavirus Update: Vaccine Could Go To Trials Within 6 Weeks | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. I’m so tired of talking. Do you have enough test available for hospitals across the states yet? Can we hear from someone with a medical background with knowledge of this disease. This is no place or time for politicians.

    1. if you want an untested vaccine, it can be a lot faster than that. But I prefer to know that they are generally safe and effective.

    1. @snoop alert Thats right, they would have nothing to gain by telling lies. So why do they? They down-play matters out of concern it might hurt them politically and rightly so. They have not responded to the threat with Trump still telling the media just a couple of days ago it is just a hoax, with 15 people infected and the numbers reducing. Two days later he claims “we have done a great job to bring it under control”. This kind of talk one would expect to hear in a mental institution!

  2. The only difference between he and Trump is he can speak english, I don’t know what the he!! Trump speaks. Neither one of the speaks truth!

    1. cindy rogers thats one big difference… the other is that love him or hate him, trump has a spine, whereas Pence stopped looking for his years ago.

  3. Sadly this not true, seeing as another death has been confirmed and not everyone is tested fully cause Trump doesn’t want to send the test kits out and he has placed a gag order on the whole Health network of doctors

    1. Not only that but the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) says it will take a year for a working vaccine to be available to the public.

    2. And the W . H. O. Has said the6 gave retired the phrase “pandemic”. The CDC said they will let WHO decide when it is a pandemic. Meanwhile. All healthcare has a gag order from the whitehouse. Communist much?

  4. Isn’t Pence the same guy who in 2015 refused to distribute clean needles to help stem an HIV outbreak? 🤔

    1. Yep.
      He helped the spread of a preventable infection.

      And now he has been thrown under the bus of ‘deal with this effectively undetectable and incurable virus’.

  5. Pence :” First I want to ask America to please send your thoughts and prayers to the one true victim in all of this, my King, and yours, Donald J Trump.

    1. @Logan McLean Or, I could keep to facts, and live in a CLEANER and HEALTHIER country than you ! …….. Please take care; Ralf ……….

    2. @Ralf Häggström Just look up any other countries health care websites & they have more accurate information. Available to the public than the stream of Bullshitski coming out of the White House.

    3. @It Was A Good Idea At The Time That is so true !. And I am born and living in Northern Europe, so I know how it is, NOT to be worried about “paying for health” ! ! or lying for jeeesus ……………..

    1. Hi all you liberal Democrats out there! 😁
      If you don’t like the way the Trump administration handles the coronavirus, then pull a plastic grocery bag over your head. Tie it tightly around your neck. This will keep the coronavirus away from you. It will also allow you a second use for those plastic grocery bags. This is environmentally friendly.

  6. Mike Pence has no business being the point man, here. This is proof the disdain and disrespect Donnie ‘Duuuhnald’ Trump has for the SAFETY, HEALTH, And WELLBEING of the U. S. Population!!!

  7. Pence: Every specialist says the risk is low.

    Ok, then let them speak freely. There’s no problem right??

    1. 🐦MrSoTiredOfTheNewYoutubes😅 right. The administration has a gag order on the CDC administrators.

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