1. Exactly! He wanna be the bullys friend whos not a friend to him. Just a weak man. Putin will make this man his puppet. Its a pass for me.

    2. Mike’s refusing to testify to jan 6th hes a coward who did his job on jan 6th but still won’t defy trump

    1. Sky news australia addicts should watch cnn sometimes and consider trump definitively is a fool .
      Im not a republican fan but I must admit pence was a pacemaker vs trumps insanity during his four years mandate.

    1. @TechMan042 Come On, TechMan, Joe Biden seems like Superman compared to Pence, who more resembles a stalk of asparagus. Mike Pence puts the D in Dull.

    1. @Xero Terragoth It was a cold and stormy night, when I drove up the hill to the White House… The door creaked when I opened it. And there, on the small dining table, he sat, the man who later would carry many documents to his castle in Florida… He looked at me with his watery-blue eyes and said: “Mike, my eyes are at least as blue as yours…”

    2. @Thakius Muckfeather I’m dying LMAO… it’s starting to sound like one of those cheesy romance novel soap opera bits that you’d see on SNL 😆🤣😂

    3. @Joseph Mejia I think that’s only because all the Republicans who were respectable have left the party or resigned in disgust over the last 7 years or so lol

      Come to think of it, quite a few have also been forced out for not towing the party line or having independent thoughts or opinions.

    1. Diamond hands
      To call your statement hyperbolic is kind, maybe even Pence-like.
      You are not his Judge.

      Politicians and public are subject to the same Judge, and ‘democracy’ is an illusion. (I don’t participate in the ritual.)

      Your life depends, no less than his or mine, on receiving the Lord Jesus.

      John 3:16 is well known. The obverse is also evident, that whoever does not believe in God’s only-begotten Son WILL perish, and will NOT have eternal life.

      This is far worse a fate than mere extinction of the soul along with the body.
      Indeed life would have no objective meaning or purpose, were extinction the end result————therefore political morality would no matter in the least.

      The best maxim in that case would be: ‘Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.’

    1. Roshab Shabor
      Your impression is subjective. I had a different impression, though I bear no allegiance to any party or clique.
      Remember that an outward show of passion, for a man of phlegmatic temperament and deliberate verbal self-discipline, would be quite out of character. It would be hypocrisy (literally, play-acting).

      Temperament is neither here nor there, but verbal self-discipline is a quality which Christians are expected to develop. Not only does the Bible teach this; non-Christians examine closely what we say and are not shy in their criticism.

      You cannot have it both ways, condemning Christians for being careless when we falter, also for excessive caution. Our duty is not to live up to worldly standards, which shift like sands in a windy desert.

    1. Mac B
      In that case, see to it that you are serving Christ wholeheartedly, for according to our own standard of measurement it will be measured to us.

    2. @The Shotgun Approach
      A snake need have no courage, for it follows its own natural instinct.
      Read Romans chapter 7 for instruction about the war between flesh and Spirit, which exists in the breast of every earthbound Christian.

      If you have not received Christ thus far, you have not yet had opportunity to experience that conflict, for you are still obeying your naturak instincts, as does the snake.

  1. Yup. Mike certainly has mastered the art of the ‘pregnant pause’; trouble is, *his* pregnant pauses seem to last way longer than 9 months!

    1. @T Bone I just checked on that Mr.Steak and did notice it in a couple other videos. Maybe Dean is planning on putting out a bumper sticker at some point.

  2. When Mike answers Jake’s questions, his replies sound more like an nice audio story than a direct honest answer. It’s so easy to see he’s trying to walk that line that doesn’t anger Trump loyalists.

    1. You know he and his ilk actually serve Mammon not Jesus at all, he just pays lip service to Jesus- but its plain to see they don’t worship or serve anything good or decent or loving, cause of the bad harvest off the vines they choose to cultivate.

    1. It is believed by some that the truth of why Pence would not get into a vehicle with the agents assigned to him is because he was not entirely sure they were invested in protecting him. I can’t tell if this is conspiracy or if there is something to it

    2. @An Acc pfft, that’s not him. Lol
      Search and watch his old videos as a desk jockey, he is absolutely inauthentic here.
      Remember that meet w Schumer and Pelosi vs. Trump, where Pence said not a single word?
      This man is definitely a politician.

  3. He was sad that the actions of Jan. 6th didn’t get the results he was hoping for. It was his last ditch effort to stay in office.

    1. So the United States can brainwash this country going into war but not January 6😂😂 just by storming a capital doesn’t stop who’s becoming president.
      The only way to overturn is by buying off politicians and giving something to them they cannot refuse. You people are dumb

    1. Joe Banks
      Would you allow for differences of personality, temperament, manner, and upbringing?
      I hope that you would. However there is only One God, and I am glad that Mike Pence believes In Him, regardless of stingy economic policies which favor the rich, or past relationship with Trump.

      Jesus said something which a majority in current North American culture would probably find absolutely scandalous:

      (John 14:6) ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.’

      However the majority is usually wrong. This accounts for one of the inherent weaknesses of ‘democracy’, that the opinions of ignorant or deceived people have the same weight as those properly informed. Which is not to suggest that ‘autocracy’ is any better, in fact it may prove far more dangerous by eliminating restraints on the personal power of a single individual.

    2. @marcus onesimus I’m glad Mike believes in Jesus too. Too bad his faith didn’t give him courage to stand up for righteous before Trump wronged him. Btw I believe that Jesus is the Way the Truth and The light. A lot of us in North America do.And his speech doesn’t sound like a sermon because he preaches Jesus. It’s the way he sounds rehearsed like a story.

  4. Interviewer: “He’s so bad right.”
    Pence: “Yeah he’s really bad.”
    Interviewer: “Tell me how bad he is.”
    Pence: “Wow, he’s so bad.”

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