Pence On Campaign Trail Despite COVID Positive Staff As Cases Surge Across Country | Andrea Mitchell

Pence On Campaign Trail Despite COVID Positive Staff As Cases Surge Across Country | Andrea Mitchell 1


Olivia Troye and Dr. Amesh Adalja join Andrea Mitchell to discuss Vice President Mike Pence's decision to continue with campaign events despite possible exposure to the virus, which Troye calls "disheartening" and a "blatant disregard for CDC guidelines." They also discuss the third surge in cases across the country, including in rural America, where Dr. Adalja says that many places don't have the necessary hospital capacity to absorb patients. Aired on 10/26/2020.
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Pence On Campaign Trail Despite COVID Positive Staff As Cases Surge Across Country | Andrea Mitchell

70 Comments on "Pence On Campaign Trail Despite COVID Positive Staff As Cases Surge Across Country | Andrea Mitchell"

  1. It will be interesting to see how the Trump campaign will handle it if Pence tests positive and has to leave the trail for the last week.

    • Anthony Pizarro | October 26, 2020 at 4:04 PM | Reply

      They’ll hide it

    • The evil Banana Republicans are never going to tell us If/when he tests positive. They will just pump him full of steroids and send him out to continue his lying for the destruction of America.

    • Everyone that’s going to vote, will, and already has their mind made up so calm down your PLANdemic propaganda to suppress an election campaign.

    • @David M Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

  2. Trump and his colleagues are carelessly infecting the American people

  3. Would Jesus be preaching if he was possibly contagious? Nope.

  4. Barbara Edelmann | October 26, 2020 at 3:05 PM | Reply

    So irresponsible to those around him.

  5. Make Racists Afraid Again | October 26, 2020 at 3:06 PM | Reply

    The Republican Party is the Super Spreader Party. All together now…
    deep breath’s….

  6. Remember the Davidians? The Trump administration is composed entirely by Covidians and they’re proud of it.

  7. Ponce can add selfish reckless irresponsibility to his list of “Christian values”

  8. Pence is starting to spread the virus to the places where Trump can’t go Pence rallies sounds more like a Hollywood scary movie course it is close to Halloween

  9. You can tell Pence has the virus because flies won’t land on him

  10. Stupid is as stupid does. Off topic: why is Moscow McConnell falling over all the time? Is he sick?

    • @tsw 1114 So you’d think he’d want everyone to get help with their medical conditions as he was saved all that time ago! Something turned this man a long time ago as he is pure evil and enjoys money over people! Once politicians stop being human – they need to go!

    • @Claudia Moore Karma is coming for Mitch McConnell – he may win thanks to all that Russia money he has but his health can’t be bought!

    • New Beginnings you are so right! I do believe he’s sick! And as you said stupid is as stupid does Moscow Mitch so I’ve never heard of before. It’s kind of a catchy phrase kudos to you please stay safe and well and pray for our country

    • I’m at the point now, if every person in the White House caught it, I could care less. Same goes for the minions of dumbasses showing up at Trump rallies, packed together like sardines, and no masks. If these fools want to get sick, let them! The rational people who practice CDC guidelines, will be fine. Because they know how to significantly slow down, or stop the spread to themselves and others.

      But, our problem is education. We have a lot of people walking around that refuse to use critical thought, or they don’t know how to. American education amongst industrialized countries, has been sh*t for some time now.These people themselves know, that they aren’t that bright, which is why they have a distrust of Intelligence, Science ,and Medical experts.
      They would rather listen to an Orange Conman about an infectious worldwide pandemic. It is what it is….

    • @Claudia Moore There’s a lot of people praying for America 🙂

  11. The dude is a Christian, above all else, he should be more empathetic base on HIS religious belief.

  12. The man’s a puppet. Daddy pulls the strings and he jumps. Pathetic.

  13. Vote for country BEFORE party. To save America VOTE ALL BLUE. Decent Republicans understand this. Blow Trump and Pence out of the water with your ALL BLUE vote.

    • 👍🏽💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    • Who would v0te for 0pen borders, 9+ month abortions, and eliminating the 0il and Gas industry?

    • @Victor Mason Me. You’re spewing lies and whataboutism. Here’s one for you 225,000 dead, and no plan to stop the spread of the virus. He’s for ‘heard mentality’. .

  14. We finally know the Trump administration’s pandemic strategy: Surrender.

  15. But Trump said November 3rd. We wont ever hear of it again. TRUMPS OWN WORDS.

  16. Campaigning for Trump is about as inessential as work can get.

  17. Pence, the undead member of the Adams family. The Fly almost exposed him.

  18. Jesus Christ wants to ask VP Pence: What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? What had he truly gained? 🤔

  19. One by Land, Two if by Sea Run if by Air | October 26, 2020 at 3:44 PM | Reply

    “[ If people want to stop at red lights they can. If they don’t want to they shouldn’t be shamed into doing it ]”
    –The Moron Governor of South Dakota

    • Thankful to live in a South Dakota town that is being more proactive. There is a mask mandate and 6 ft distance encouraged. Not everyone follows it, but hoping enough are to help slow any spread. Visit some other communities and rarely anyone is masked. I know of 3 people positive now, all have mild symptoms. One of those people only found out because she works at a nursing home, which has regular testing. As a state, there’s only 3 cities with advanced hospital care. Everything else is small hospital/ ER/ clinic or community health. I fear the next couple months will be very tough.

  20. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | October 26, 2020 at 3:48 PM | Reply

    Meadows announced that the tRump administration has surrendered to the pandemic. tRump is an EPIC FAILURE and REFUSES to PROTECT the American People.

    • @Wisconsin Man lol look at this guy’s name talk about the bible belt state, go back to teaching that we are 6000 years old in school.

    • Trump said he was like a “wartime” president in the fight against COVID-19. Well, it seems he is the worst “wartime” president we have ever had and we are continuing to lose. Just compare our death count so far to some other crisis:
      > Korean war lasted 3 years w/34,000 Americans dead
      > Vietnam war lasted 16 years w/58,000 American dead
      > World war 2 lasted 6 years w/420,000 American dead
      > COVID-19 has been here only 8 months with over 225,000 American dead so far and still counting
      At the rate we are going we will surpass World war 2 deaths in a year and a half and our Moron-in-Chief still does not even have a strategy, much less a plan to attack it.
      So, I guess we can all understand why Mark Meadows is raising the WHITE FLAG to COVID-19 !
      – – – The only problem, of course, is that even after the Trump administration raises the WHITE FLAG, COVID-19 is not going to stop its attack!

    • @Borvo Well, see in combat, if you get SHOT, step on a landmine or a rocket blows up your vehicle, that is a war time death. Now with Covid you have a Stroke COVID..A heart attack, COVID, Diabetes COVID Alcohol poison COVID Car wreck COVID FLu COVID. CDC said, presume COVID to be the cause of death regardless of what they died from IF they test positive.

    • @JD Gaming <<<< name is right up there with Einstein, huh? The earth is Millions of years old.

    • olivierlabusse | October 26, 2020 at 6:20 PM | Reply

      @Borvo cause he has bever veen to war, he chickened out

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