Pence Says He And Trump May Never See 'Eye To Eye' On Jan. 6 1

Pence Says He And Trump May Never See ‘Eye To Eye’ On Jan. 6


Former VP Mike Pence said this week he and former President Trump may never see 'eye to eye' on January 6, but Pence also referred to it as 'one tragic day' in the administration. The Morning Joe panel digs into Pence's remarks.

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  1. I’ve been waiting to hear from Pence. But why didn’t he address his brother voting to say the attack essentially didn’t matter.

    1. @anonymous beaver The only time I understand a word he’s saying is when he’s looking at young girls telling them they could pass for 19. Sickening.

    2. If you replace polticians with Trump is more accurate. Politicians tell the truth sometimes but Trump, he lies every time he opens his mouth.

    3. @Tom Webber more than likely the U.S.A.. You are obviously from Russia, as you have enjoyed watching Trump destroy this country.

  2. Hard to see eye to eye with someone when you spend all your time osculating their posterior assiduously.

  3. Vice prisoner pence wasn’t even in charge of his own conversion therapy booster sessions…

  4. “Pence says they may never see eye to eye about Jan 6.” the Shenanigans. Wonder how his speech would go had they took him to the Gallo just right outside

    1. Omg did y’all not listen” but I’m proud of the accomplishments from the last 4 years” ????

    2. @lilly pad what difference does it make?? Trump / Pence are Satan in the flesh, and naive & gullible people like you have fallen for all of their lies.

    1. The audacity of this guy, who threw Trump and the rest of the American Patriot out of the bus, to speak up. Why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror and decipher what you see. A follower and a traitor! Definitely not a leader.

    2. Pence has a lot in common with ‘Lord of the Flies’ obama and Hillary, crap eating flies follow them everywhere.

  5. Should have brought the tar and feathers! They were okay with the Kaos in our cities! Screamed and cried like a punch of babies when it was in their backyard !

    1. Alfredo Cardona you do realize that goes for the Democrats and you? The Lord is no respecter of politics.

  6. Well Pence is always looking down at everyone. Hard to look straight at someone when you do that.

    1. @Brandon Cool story, it’s still useless to make a comment about “lining corporate pockets” when you have no evidence to support that the user isn’t using adblock or isn’t a premium subscriber. But we all know how you brainlets love fabricating nonsense to make it appear like a gotcha. What’s also revealing is this tells me that some of you live in an echo chamber, only watch one side of “news” (which is pretty much all opinionated talking heads).

      Btw, why are you censored? There’s no “program”, it’s an algorithm that detects specific key words or repeat spamming. Show me the link to your useless statistics, you do realize people who use adblock usually have VPN’s which makes data collection useless? Those statistics are bunk when you’re a ghost on the internet.

    2. @AXXXing ForAnswers Just WOW..So Christians are now suppose to slander, put down and persecute others, be merciless and act like Satan followers? Get your head out of the Abyss!

  7. “mother” assures everyone that Mike is not Hangin’ . . .
    Pence should get a Show on FOX or open a Bar called “The Fly” a coming-out place . . .

    1. rob smith-The Fly was the Spirit of Satan that was hoping he could buy Mike Pence with a couple pieces of silver and turn him into a 21st Century Judas..
      Mike Pence passed with a *Get behind thee Satan”!

    2. @lilly pad Pence IS a Judas. Only difference is he deliberately deceived from the beginning. Pence is WORSE than Judas. Didn’t you see Pence LITERALLY get his piece of silver after accepting the electoral counts that he should have refused ? Pence secret life of evil debauchery has also been revealed….

    1. Nika Wallace you said: If somebody set me up to get hurt, I would never be cool with them again..Question: How did Jesus Christ handle those who set him up to be hurt?

    1. GGGlider
      well anyone BVSnbc can dig up that even remotely talks negative about Trump has their 5 minutes of fame LOL

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