1. You’re not going to allow Iran to have Nuclear weapons, but you’re giving North Korea passes on them getting their own. Yet you have Nuclear Weapons & you’re dictating to other Nations what they can and can’t have… If you want these Nations to abandon their Nuclear Weapons Programme… *GET RID OF ALL OF YOURS FIRST* Lead by example, instead of screaming from the back..

    1. @conference Justice Obama did many bad things but there is no point blaming him for everything you don’t agree with or dislike. What he did do was try to find diplomatic solutions to problems, and try to find commonalities between nations to bring others in as trading partners or allies. Trump is selling intolerance and mistrust. He lies! He cheats! He cries “fake news” at facts! He has told people to not believe the media (unless it’s Fox News). There is nothing wrong with cutting ties and putting America first, but telling people there is a war coming, whether it’s economic, political, or actual war is stupid… all for the mistrust of –
      • previous policy
      •people from other countries
      •people of different religions
      •people who have different skin colour

    2. HotestOnTheBlock This time it is not about oil, it is about weapons that can kill millions. Don’t get confused. That said I am behind you all the way with better energy options.

    3. @conference Justice US overthrew Irans democratically government in 1953 & US shot down an Iranian civilian airline & US reneged on a signed JCPOA that took years to put together….agree no country should have the upper hand with nuclear weapons, but denuclearization as Putin suggests is the best option, but US will not because it has barbaric mentality of global dominance by military might…US has warred for almost the entirety of their existence…🤔

    1. @Mr. T
      it’s a terrorist group they have many chanels of funding
      and what you need to know is ossama bin laden inherit Hundreds of millions from his fahter
      after the gulf war ends at 1991
      bin laden was furious Because of the presence of US troops on Saudi soil
      He launched his propaganda campaign under the slogan “Get out the infidels from the Arabian Peninsula”
      Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV channel covered the campaign and marketed it on behalf of Ben Ladin
      This compounded bin Laden’s problems with the Saudi government in 1992
      The Saudi government froze bin Laden’s assets and seized property in the same year
      In 1994 Saudi Arabia withdrew nationality from bin Laden
      Bin Laden then carried out terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia from 1995 until 2009
      We face terrorism from the beginning of the 1990s
      We are the victims here

    1. @Tessmage Tessera One question to you Americans: The expression on Pence’s face, usually behind Trump, is it a cultural American thing? It almost looks as if he is in love with every word Trump is saying. You take my breath away… If a man looked at me in that way I would be very uncomfortable. But cultures differ.

  2. we HAD a deal. trump, what with all his ‘stable genius’ deemed it insufficient. yet surprisingly the rest of western civilization disagrees.

    1. did you know Obamas deal allowed them to make nukes in ten years? You need to stop your hatred, its blinded you. (Trump 2020)

  3. pence no back bone two face and lies phoney. same as Trumps…the birds same flatters flocking together..the Republican lost they’re. ways…all for powers and moneyand all for themselves locally to WH….

  4. When all else fails, play innocent and blame the other country! And when Pence does speak up, its always to [TRY] and clean up Trump’s trash!

    1. Oh, Pence preduces his own trash allright! They are like to mentally ill trying to outdo themselves!

  5. Ameticans really think Saudi Arabia is innocent of terrorism. Maybe time America took a good look at its own economic terrorism in South and Central America

    1. MLK’s Conservative Ghost i bet you’re smarter than you looks babes.

      Educate yourself nitwit

    2. @Jake MacHine – why not- the idiot who sit in the w/ h would kill for a dictatorial regime!-grow up

    3. @Jake MacHine Hitler was a great man and a freedom fighter for the right for national sovereignty of the German people. Trump is a globalist Joo puppet.

    1. Frank Forbes then why didn’t he go to be interviewed by Fox News so he could be fawned over by a bunch of sycophants?

    2. @Thomas Perry – a combination of showing loyalty to the supreme leader F#ckface Trump and because Pence likely believes his own bullsh#t

  6. Donald J. Trump
    -A weak man’s idea of a strong man.
    -A stupid man’s idea of a smart man.
    -A coward’s idea of a brave man.
    -A graceless man’s idea of a graceful man.
    -A selfish man’s idea of an altruistic man.
    -A foolish man’s idea of a president.🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️🏌🏼‍♂️

    1. War machinery exporters; wht would be the end result some wars has to take place else war machinery out a buisness the same could be applied as agriculture no one would go hungry but who cares as Malina wore tht jacket who cares…small minds small people rule America…

    1. Mr. T

      I enjoy a quote attributed to Harry Truman’s maternal grandfather: “When you hear someone praying too loudly, go home and lock your smokehouse immediately.”

    2. Its called the hypocracy of religion. 95% of the wars wouldn’t have happened if there wasn’t religion.

  7. Trump Foreign Policy is a total MESS!!!

    Sanction, Tariff, another Sanction…..that’s All Trump’s Foreign Policy he has… in his brain capacity. Easy solution to him & it fulfills his ego, can control nations he doesn’t like!

    He never put Sanctions on nations truly needed, because he is in love with them, or in love with Oil $$$…..such as Saudi, Israel, NK etc. Despicable.

  8. Wow! Mike Pence? I forgot he also existed! Last time I heard about him was when John Oliver released his bunny book

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