Pence vows to fight subpoena in Trump probe, calling it ‘unconstitutional’

Former Vice President Mike Pence slammed the Justice Department's subpoena for his testimony in the investigation into former President Donald Trump, calling it unconstitutional, and vowed to take the fight to the Supreme Court. CNN's Jessica Schneider and senior legal analyst Elie Honig have more. #CNN #News


    1. @adam Yes maybe but avoiding telling the truth won’t help him at all if he wishes to be the leader of the nation. Plus I doubt he can even get close a win no matter what he does. it is foolish.

    2. @William Ray Benson 2016 proved a liar can indeed win the presidency. But, to your point, Pence has a near zero chance to win the Republican nomination for the mere fact he told Trump no (at the very last second).

    3. @adam plus he is willing to not come forward and tell the truth when the courts need him to and in so doing makes him ineligible for many. shows he is not a stand-up guy. He stood up and did what was right and now he wont so goes to show you he is not right.

  1. So he needs to explain Exactly how it’s unconstitutional. Every time they get caught doing something wrong they try to claim it’s Unconstitutional

    1. Anytime they want privilege they do the same.
      GQPs do NOT believe in the constitution, they hide behind it. If they believed in it they wouldn’t invent stupid crap like “real Americans” and voter suppression, etc., they would have FAITH in equal protection under the law when the “others” (non-white) combined outnumber “white” as if it’s Them vs Us or us v them, when we are all simply Americans. wtf is wrong with ewe peeple?

    2. Covid, Jan 6th, Afghanistan, in bed with China, media biased……. folks they are all crooks: they hate us. We the American people, stand between them and their agenda.

  2. It’s so transparent. When there’s nothing to say you can’t shut them up, and when what they say might put Trump in prison, they’re silent. And still stupid.

    1. @Rod Pretending to laugh is what stupid people do to project confidence when you hate the truth. Cry us a river racist.

    1. @watchinit6063  you are exaggerating the events to make yourself feel better about being a piece of crap human being

    2. @CN H 👈 CN H has stooped to ghost posting to me and name calling (as if that’s going to make his/her/it’s arguement any more valid). Don’t be a wuss CN H, post out in the open so everyone can read it.

    1. Your kidding right? He didn’t do what Trump asked of him…. despite being threatened. Of coarse he is telling the truth

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    1. @Craig Cowen What does that have to do with a judge ceding your fifth and forcing you to testify? His book has admission of a crime?

    2. @shade38211 because if he’s already written in a book he can’t use the 5th because he basically already admitted to it.

    3. @Jason M seriously making no sense. What did he admit to and why would you need him if admission of crime is in a book? Very easy to give a case that any judge ever revoked someone’s right to stay silent and not incriminate.

    4. That’s a good point. If he wanted this in the rear view mirror, he would just get it done quick and quiet. Except there is no quiet in any of this. And certainly no quick process.

  3. Mike Pence wrote about how Trump pressured him to break the law in his book, ” So Help Me God”. Is Pence expecting to be paid a second time for saying what said in his book?

  4. “To the extent that your conversations with Donald Trump were about crimes, you are not covered. Plus, Pence wrote about it extensively in his book, thereby waiving any privilege he might have had.” — Yes, and yes.

    1. ???? Are you confused? Literally all media and Gov tried finding Trump illegal. Literally, fact point it is Dem’s that went crazy illegal

  5. Basically he’s saying I don’t want to talk under oath as I already talked about it on my book or interviews 🤣🤣🤣 makes sense to me 😂

    1. But was he under oath and the powers of perjury in his book? What is his reason for not wanting to comply with the subpoena? His reason is what we all need to know; especially if he wants to run for President.

    2. @Buffalo Gal 913 Pence wanting to run for POTUS and actually doing so, are two different things entirely! He’s as much of a joke as his ‘master’, good friends Donnie and Mikey. Haha 😀🙃🤣

  6. In essence: “I refuse to tell the truth about what I know about possible criminal activity.” In addition to being completely un-American, its absolutely disgusting on its face. Any politician refusing to comply with a subpoena should immediately and permanently be banned from holding public office, and be remanded to a Federal prison for no less than 6 months.

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