Pence Won't Call Out Trump In First Capitol Riot Comments 1

Pence Won’t Call Out Trump In First Capitol Riot Comments


Speaking Thursday night, Mike Pence said he and Trump may not see eye to eye on the January 6 riot, but didn't call Trump out and said he's proud of their record in the White House. 
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    1. @Hull Style Productions Change the World an alternate and more prosaic idea is they all have been caught by foreign powers and they being controlled

    2. @Hull Style Productions Change the World Republicans have been buying into conspiracy theories since the 1970s, with end times, then1980s and satanic panic, the 1990s alien abduction and reptilians from arcturus,

    3. @Stefan Jakubowski are you only doing research on news sites or historical events? Do you comprehend how dictatorship happened?
      Do you ask questions?

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski do you think like a detective would to learn the truth from the false?

    5. @mtronix Not me. I wished they would have grabbed Pence & drug him around the capitol grounds like a rag doll until he was hamburger meat lol.

    1. Could it be possible that you could mean Joe Biden?. Anyone can type on Youtube “Joe Biden mixes up Donald Trump with George Bush”.

    1. I’m just guessing here, but it wouldn’t shock me to find out Mike’s been to a “Pray the *** away” camp a few times, and I don’t mean as staff.

  1. Me: Hmm, I wonder what’s new “from the desk of the Stable Genius?”
    **Goes to blog, gets 404 error**
    Me: “Hmm that sure didn’t last too long.

    1. Wow… google is getting too invasive. They were able to get the webpage to display trumps current thoughts.

    2. I didn’t last long because a blog has more than 140 characters. Most can’t read that long.

  2. Pence did nothing but lie every single day in the four years he served.
    A liar can never be trusted.

    1. During the four last years, Pence has been as useful for the previous administration as an emply flower pot forgotten on a shelf!!! How can he be proud of that ??? I don’t understand !!!

    2. @Debra Johnson
      Awww….all those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump has really got you in a tizzy, huh?

    3. @Debra Johnson I don’t think Biden will insult the queen ! Remember the Orange failure walking in front of the queen and then looking for her ! It was embarassing and funny at the same time ! What else could we expect from that bully ? And then he brought all his children (except Barron) to a diner like the greedy people they are without being invited! Embarassing, you say !!! No, Biden won’t bring his whole family with him because he is an educated person. And, make no mistake, Putin and Kim Jung un are laughing at Trumpolini since he’s a looser ready to sell his country to get some money from them to save his businesses.

    4. At least Trump knows what day it is, anyone can type on Youtube “Joe Biden mixes up Donald Trump with George Bush”.

  3. News at eleven ……… Orthopaedic surgeons are concerned that most Republicans are now completely spineless.

  4. Mike’s “Good Christian” act….
    His dishonesty and false narratives fly in the face of common decency.
    A Charlatan. Cheap phony.

    1. Most are. I went to a church that had a copywrite on there bible. Made me want turn over there concession stand.

  5. Pence said that he and Trump have spoken”many times since they left office”, This speech sounds like him reaching out to Trump for the first time.. I’m sorry, please take me back

    1. yeah except THAT coward of the county was redeemed in the end. I don’t see it happening fo r Mike Pence.

    2. @once upon a dimetrue..but I was relying mostly on the quote not the context of the song. You are right though. I do not want to see this man succeed or be redeemed.

  6. I’m surprised Pence was ever able to separate his lips from Trump’s rear so he could go back home with “ Mother”.

  7. And the Devil continues to give them his power… all hail to Trump because his master The Devil continues to lift him up High.

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