Pence Won’t Wear Or Even Say ‘Face Mask’ During Latest COVID-19 Briefing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Pence Won't Wear Or Even Say 'Face Mask' During Latest COVID-19 Briefing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. Operation Flatten the Curve: the greatest testing assault on COVID 19 the likes of which this nation, indeed, the world has ever seen..oops..wrong leadership.

    1. Any other person who ran in 2016 would have had sense enough to have started handling this back in January. If for no other the reason than it would cost them reelection if they messed it up too bad. I think Trump has lost interest in being President.

    2. @D E
      Today on the Fox town hall Trump said that Biden would be the next president because people don’t love him. He really did.

  2. Pence like Trump a Super Spreader,Care about Statues more than they do about Human Beings.People worthless to them.Trump takes no responsibilty about anything,and loves Stupid People.

    1. Don’t forget George Floyd’s superspreader funeral in Houston either. Hundreds of people crammed together with no distancing and little masks. Weeks later we see Houston being hot hard. Stupid move by the Floyd family and the state of Texas for allowing it.

  3. Trump thought he could just BS his way through the  presidency the same way he has BS’ed his way through life, and everything would be just fine.
    Trump has never solved a problem in his life, because Trump IS the problem. He has always been an agent of chaos and destruction.

    In the end, Trump doesn’t care what happens to the country. It’s all just a game to him, and the objective of the game, is for him to extract as much personal wealth as he can, and in the midst of all the chaos that he’s created, sneak out the back door before everyone finally catches on to his con, and realizes that he has no clue what he’s doing. He has done the exact same thing with his fake charity foundation , his fake university, and his casinos. And He’s doing the same thing now with America and the American people.

    1. I’m so pleased to see people from all backgrounds- religions/faiths, political affiliations, race, occupations, and socioeconomic status unite around removing that wannabe dictator. United we will stand!!! ✊

    2. @Holly Golightly pence cancelled 2 campaign trip because they want to be “cautious “their own words! Yeah that whole narrative fails when the number if infected scare your whole team enough to cancel an event .

    3. @Hanny Hawkins true but there are also lots of deaths that didnt got counted (nursing homes, homeless or people dieing at home) so 0,5% might also way too low for reality

    1. Cobbster9
      Bozo is another denier.
      Not so much now but he still hasnt seen the light.

    2. Christian Xander James It staggers me how incompetent our government is, especially concerning the virus. Labour wouldn’t get away with a fraction of their ineptitude. What I can’t understand is WHY so many are giving them a free pass…’s as if we’ve gone back to the bad old days where people thought privilege equals intelligence,smh.

    1. @Lisa Elissa every time, too You know he has said he will never be in a room alone….for lunch…a meeting..whatever … with a woman that is not his wife? dude’s got some issues.

  4. Trump is like a kid when they are younger. If they put their hands over there eyes and they can’t see it then it no longer exists.
    If he keeps saying it doesn’t exist then it doesn’t.
    Make America great again? The rest of the world thinks your a joke sorry

    1. Vi Olly If Trump wins in November the rest of the world would probably lose respect for the American people and not Trump I think which is really sad.

  5. Further moronism from the incompetent right. Tell you what … how bout they stop testing in the WH altogether. No support staff, no cabinet members, no advisors, just fly by the seat of your pants. If ‘GAD’ wants you to live, he will make it so. C’mon … roll the dice like the rest of us have to.

  6. The USA needs to be isolated by the international community a.s.a.p. in order to prevent world wide contagion.

    1. As an American, I agree, sadly. It breaks my heart because I was ready to get out of here for a minute and go somewhere else. But you’re right.

  7. There is a point where willful negligence by those in charge, causing death, becomes murder.
    Surely we are close.
    I’m sure the case could be made.

    1. Nothing happened to the REPUBLICANS who gave us FLINT MICHIGAN ,So don’t hold your breath ..! 🇺🇸😠

  8. This has to be the most incompetent administration I’ve ever seen. Masks should be mandatory in public. End of story.

    1. Don’t say it. I though Bush II would be as dumb as it possibility could be..Then America went out and proved me wrong and picked an even denser sack of bricks. So don’t say it, because the Republican party will hear you and take it as a challenge to find an even dumber, pants on fire president.

    2. Iam,neither Dem or Rep. BUT these People That voted fore this so called human coward.will never leave his side.

  9. Trump knew when he encouraged States to open before CDC guidlines he was going to cause death.
    He knew when he didn’t wear a mask, his supporters would follow
    And the list goes on.

  10. His expression is pitiable. It must be a torture too for him to have to swallow his boss’s daily lies. 😂😂😂

  11. *I can guarantee you one thing without any fear of contradiction – when Trump loses in November, he will blame literally EVERYONE but himself.*

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