Peniel Joseph: ‘We Are At A Watershed Moment In American History’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. It is the resiliency, and faith, and love, and willingness, and integrity and humanity, and dignity,,,,
    Of The African American People.
    This is a testament to who the African American people are.

    I love what Peniel said.
    Perfectly articulated.

    And what the Anchorman said
    We are not a free country if not all are free.

    1. Colleen Mcwhan looting, burning down buildings, murdering security people, no on dares to talk about this! stunning and brave, lol

  2. I grew up in South Africa. I thought apartheid only existed there. Until I emigrated to the USA and see it here too. Just slightly more veiled.

    1. It’s refreshing to hear someone from Africa admit that they SEE it in America. Most people from Africa (mostly Black Africans) deny it.

    2. @Lucy Renée she’s referring to apartheid South Africa but you probably don’t know much about that nor how it came to excist

    3. Watch a prison documentary, the supposed leader of the free world has displaced the black community in prisons for profit to lead the world in incarcerations..Hardly veiled at all!!

  3. SOLIDARITY! lets get some forward momentum on our “Ever more perfect union”! Shouldn’t have been held up this long. Hope it doesn’t get worse before it gets better. Everyone needs to vote!

    1. Brett S. Worse than trump not possible he has lowered your credibility bar to a low many would not thought possible.

  4. White supremacists and “Individual capitalists” wealth and power make or break… Go figure it out

  5. We as black people  need to send our smartest young people to
    Europe to study, Afterward they can return home to become leaders in the black
    communities.  Once you learn how other governments treat there citizens, then and only then can you begin to understand the action of your own government. now you have a comparison. The problem with “Black People”  is, we just don’t know, what we don’t know. Our education system in America is against black people . The best thing for any person is to travel internationally, learn a foreign language, and watch/study News Reports from other countries. This will give you a different perspective on life.

  6. David’s prayer of penitence, “Create in me a clean heart, oh God….” is asked with humility. Everyone is liable for his own indiscretions.

  7. Organically
    We need a massive BOYCOTT
    NO payments on rent-cars and mortgages
    Stay Home- Don’t Work

  8. BOYCOTT businesses CEOs and corporations
    they voted for trump and created all this chaos
    45 million Americans unemployed
    118,000 Americans dead of Covid 19
    American Farmers bankrupt
    A Lot of jobs will Never come back

  9. I hope it is. But I worry that the corruption of the system is already too deep, that we’re over that line into fascism which will be almost impossible to move. The institutions that we need to work for change to happen are NOT working.

  10. time marches on the people who worked for trump will act like the draft dodgers of the sixties and seventies…..they will lie about what they did during this time. In the future saying you once worked for trump….won’t be said if it can at all be helped.

  11. Trump is becoming the footnote…a staging phase of something else… what will this look like in 5 years. ?

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