Penn. Rep.: ‘I Wish Pat Toomey Had Shown This Same Level Of Spine’ During Trump’s First Impeachment 1

Penn. Rep.: ‘I Wish Pat Toomey Had Shown This Same Level Of Spine’ During Trump’s First Impeachment


Pennsylvania State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the backlash Sen. Toomey is facing from Pennsylvania Republicans who want to censure him for his vote to convict Trump “is of his own creation” because he helped feed Republican voters lies about the election: “If I have anything to say about it, we will have a senator in a couple of years here that’s going to do the right thing and not just when he’s on his way out the door.” Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Penn. Rep.: ‘I Wish Pat Toomey Had Shown This Same Level Of Spine’ During Trump’s First Impeachment


  1. “I would love to live in an oppressive regime, because then it would finally justify my dangerous and neurotic belief that I’m under siege, and I’m being oppressed. I would finally be the victim that I pretend to be today.”

    — Every TrumpCultist/White5uprem@cist in America.

    1. You trust a media who raise impeachment to a level of stupidity. 2 failed impeachment. Trump will be President again. Its going to happen and media can’t stop it. Trump may start a new party. This is what makes them scared. 100 million people will follow him. Tell me where the 80 million voters for Biden are? They sure dont come out to see him now do they

  2. Agree 100% with Kenyatta. Persons like Toomey and the other of the 7 Republicans in Senate plus the chosen few in Congress who much too late (for various mostly tactical or personal reasons I reckon) suddenly, in Trump’s dying days in power so to say, pupped up with some speck of conscience vis-a-vis impeachment number two, are all in no way worth applauding enthusiastically now among civilized people. Although most (centrist-conservative) media people and pundits have done so for months in reality, following their own and their stations’ political agendas – yes, I’m referring to about 80% of journalists and anchors on ABC, CNN and MSNBC here. Lawrence is definitely not among the worst and most corporate among these, I’ll give him that. In fact I rather like his oldfashioned line of journalism.
    I include persons (besides Toomey) like Cassidy, Susan Collins, Liz Cheney and even Mitt Romney in this group. Adam Kinzinger and Murkowsky are possibly two exceptions, with a bit more basis in their anti-Trumpism, dunno. Their assessment of what is wrong in the GOP is very superficial and untrustworthy, as I see it though. But anyway a thumbs up to both Kenyatta and Lawrence for this short interview, expressing a sound scepticism towards Toomey’s sudden’conscience’.

  3. I am more concerned about a Republican Party follower who castigates someone, anyone for doing the right thing. I use the word “follower” intentionally, because so few Republican political officials choose to lead.

  4. Rep. Kenyatta gives me hope for the future. His interviews are always a breath of fresh air and respite from the mundane.

  5. Friendly reminder: The Stable Genius got impeached twice for doing the exact same thing, as if the second one was totally predictable coming from the worst president in history.

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