Pennsylvania AG On GOP Targeting Voting Laws | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC 1

Pennsylvania AG On GOP Targeting Voting Laws | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


A new report from the bipartisan Brennan Center found that Pennsylvania is the launching pad for 14 legislative proposals to restrict or complicate access to voting — the most of any state. The New York Times points out that there seems to be strong Republican support for "eliminating drop boxes for absentee ballots, discarding mail-in ballots with technical errors and ending a grace period for receiving ballots mailed by Election Day. " Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro. joins Ayman to discuss. Aired on 02/16/2021.
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Pennsylvania AG On GOP Targeting Voting Laws | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC


    1. His supporters don’t know anything, they just parrot what they hear from the echo chambers they exist in, a place where reality and facts have no home.

    2. @Louis Tully In a country as modern as the U.S., it is unfathomable that any amount of ballots can’t be counted.

  1. Speaking of voting shenanigans: Trump screaming “Stop The Steal” as a way to steal the election is the Möbius strip of election fraud.

    1. Voter suppression happens at the state level politics. There are many tactics to suppress voter turn out. States also draw district lines, for house representatives. Some states like CA have an independent entity impartially draw district lines, while a state like TX let’s the party in power draw the lines (which is always the Republicans). Do you think they are impartial? Lol. Things like this, is why state government is important.

    2. @Bat Boy That’s a fact. There is a network of organizations funded by Koch’s and others to ensure a local foothold.. In my state it’s called the freedom foundation.

    3. That with Justice neutrality rather than racial injustice should be an immediate focus. 2022 will be here very quickly.

  2. It’s like the drunk guy at the dog track. He,Trump ,is gonna win eventually, we just need to hobble the other dogs! Why is this even legal? We the People, have the right to vote. Full stop. The GOP is just wrong.

    1. The voting rights act was disarmed by Republicans in 2013, which is why the dixiecrat Republicans are able to change voting laws willy nilly

  3. republicans: Outraged by nonexistent widespread voter fraud.
    Also republicans: Engaged in decades of voter suppression to this very day.

  4. Republicans know that political irrelevance is coming as they refuse to change with the times. Their response is to double down and desperately try to get better at rigging elections.

  5. Republicans- can’t win? Make it harder or impossible for people that would vote against you to vote at all.

    1. Yes
      Massive Blue wave moving through the entire USA. All Trump leftovers must be thrown out just like day old salad. Just toss it !! Goodbye Josh , Jim , and Cruz and the others .

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