Pennsylvania AG Reacts To GOP Lawmakers Calling For Audit In His State 1

Pennsylvania AG Reacts To GOP Lawmakers Calling For Audit In His State


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro says the partisan audits and pushing of legislation that puts limits on voting are the next chapter of the Big Lie, and says he will fight efforts by Republicans who try to bring them to his state.
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    1. @Amanda Shaheen exactly what the comment was about taxpayers. Why be mad for paying for audit that Americans want than not being mad about paying for illegal immigrants living here

    2. @Amanda Shaheen you make no sense lmao but whatever well if you dont like what’s going on then get off your butt and go to court, called America for a reason. If you are not going do anything about it then shut up otherwise your just another person that wants to dictate what you can or cannot do because your better than everyone else SMH

    3. @Timmy Parrett litigious bs… sounds like the option someone with your viewpoint would jump to


    1. Only those INVOLVED in the real insurrection ! Stealing election and plannedemic are terrified! They won’t repent and judge themselves so they use tell lie vision with stupid comments because they know we all know they are afraid of the light! Audits audits let’s Gooo

    2. Snowflakes are in for a melting again! unbelievable Audit the whole Country!it’s obvious they’re terrified they got found out!repent. Why perish for a Lie? Biden and the smartest most popular president ever yeah rightaudit the whole lot of them

    3. @Timmy Parrett Are you SERIOUS ?? Trump has lied thousands of times , bilked the US gov out of millions, etc. Another Example : the phone call to Raffensperger that Trump made . We all heard Trump pressuring Raffensperger to find him 11,780 votes.

    4. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! LOL . Crazy Trump said he will be back in the WH by August. More proof Trump is INSANE !! It was said he would remain POTUS on 1/20/21 : WRONG ! Then said Trump will become POTUS on 3/4/21 WRONG AGAIN !!! Trump will be in prison soon .

  2. buy one of those DONT BE A MITCH ..shirt mr attorney general….brian tyler cohen ….solid kid….he loves the country as much as we do …and stay safe sir

  3. When those Republicans finish count voters for the millionth time, there is a jail cell labeled insurrectionists for them.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis also I’ve yet to hear a substantive reason from your side why you presume that right wing rioting is bad yet left wing rioting is seen as some false sense of a “justifiable cause”? You are aware the first textbook definition of insurrection happened back in June 28th 2018 when the Women’s March literally stormed the Capitol during Kavanaugh’s confirmation correct? Although it certainly wasn’t called an “insurrection” when leftists did it.

    2. @Gratitude Always Do you want murderers, arsonists, rapists, or pedophiles stalking your children? If so, you can provide housing for them.

  4. “The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling. This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter. It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government. There is no Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. He//, there is nothing even approximating a Reinstatement Clause within the United States Constitution. The election has been certified, Joe Biden is the president, and, until 2024, that is all there is to it. It does not matter what one’s view of Trump is. It does not matter whether one voted for or against Trump. It does not matter whether one views Trump’s role within the Republican Party favorably or unfavorably. We are talking here about cold, hard, neutral facts that obtain irrespective of one’s preferences; it is not too much to ask that the former head of the executive branch should understand them.”
    — Charles Cooke, National Review

    1. Well I believe Trump wants to stay relevant and keep his followers focused on their plan, there is something bigger going on behind the scenes and whatever wicked plans being plotted against this Country Trump and his followers are on board with it. Everyone knows the biggest threat is from within and Trump sent his people people to every part of the Government to get all the information he needs to help Destroy America. This will be America’s biggest mistake if they don’t stop him.

    2. Audits in several states. I don’t hear the mainstream media talking point “baseless conspiracy theories” LMAO

    3. @John DiGiacomo Audits in several states. I don’t hear the mainstream media talking point “baseless conspiracy theories” LMAO

    4. @Fuzzy BoomBoom “BLM”
      why don’t they change it to I hate white people

  5. I’d be so embarrassed to live in one of those states.
    If they create some votes, it doesn’t matter. There’s still the phone call to Raffensperger. We all heard former pressuring him to find him 11,780 votes.

    1. I’d be f’in complaining to all the relevant officials/lawmakers there about that insanity if I lived there!

    1. @Spits Flamez I hope not, either. However, the writing is on the wall. Appeasement and compromise with a hostile plurality of citizens bent on violence if it’s demands aren’t met usually does not go very well…

  6. So when they run out of places to do these so called “audits” and the results are the same what is going to be their next method?

    1. @cowardlycourage the results will be the same. Biden is a President. Will they come up with new conspiracies? I’m sure they will or they will just finally go off the deep end. Then what they resort to their version of doing it the “patriotic” way?

    2. they already tried it on jan 6th
      but more than likely creating “laws” that curtail voting by the people! (like making illegal to “GIVE” water to people in line to vote)

  7. I voted for Josh, he is a really smart and honest guy and I will vote for him again without hesitation… These right wing trumpers need to be held accountable…

    1. I admire that he’s willing to stand up for voters and the process we’ve used for decades. I’m particularly glad that he’s willing to call these shams exactly what they are.

    2. He’s a really great guy, same person in private as you see in public. I support him too. Hoping he’s our governor. What do you think about a possible governor run for him?

    3. @Anita Kinnear governor Shapiro yes! (Unless his skill set is better served as AG considering a vote just passed that State Legislature could veto the governor’s orders….GOP lead)

  8. This new Republican party that’s going out of its way to erode your democracy state by state. Never thought of see the day


  10. Call the Audit in Arizona what it is, Punishment of the Citizens of Maricopa county Arizona for rejecting Trump’s Lies and Racism!

  11. “I’m all in favor of democracy, as long as my guy wins.” — Every Fascist Ever

    1. @Slimkidd730 Btw President Trump won more votes this last election than any sitting President in US history. Remarkable achievement considering the never-Trump media, leftists smear campaigns, and sham impeachments.

    2. @nuanil Follow my conversation with @Mary Durham, I told her that I felt you were being sarcastic. :o) I have always loved sarcasm and use it myself. I totally agree with you and will tell you that I can’t understand how those idiots want to believe Dems ‘cheated’ but at the same time repuk/baggers won seats at the state level and at the same time won seats in BOTH Houses..go figure. They’re dumb I’m telling ya.

    3. @fastguitar “And Trump filled airports. ”
      that’s an argument FOR Biden winning the election.
      i mean, aside from the fact that he filled airports in superspreader events that got thousands killed from covid, the ppl who attended superspreader events without masks are complete morons.
      the US cannot have 50% of it’s population be complete morons.
      So Biden must have gotten more votes.

  12. I wonder how many of these Republicans calling for these bogus “audits” are on their payroll, or are getting kickbacks?

  13. Now that’s a politician that has a backbone and an intelligent head on his neck!!! Good man!

  14. Are these the same Republicans that trolled Hilary Clinton, when she took a walk in the woods after she accepted her loss? …smh.

  15. Imagine how amazing the GOP could be if they put the same effort into doing something good instead of squandering all their energy on lies

  16. Its bizarre that the election was certified and elections over anything beyond that should be criminal activity.whos going to save America at this point?????

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