1. America needs more than 2 parties to break up this left vs right bs

    Otherwise the division in this country will get worse

    A third party would be a great start maybe a fourth a fifth etc

    The original 2 won’t like it but I feel it’s for the best

    That way there are more options

    Works pretty well in Europe for the most part at least they aren’t super divided

    1. We have that in Canada and the 2 main parties still win because the other parties are just extreme versions of the originals so what ends up happening is just vote splitting so nothing changes at all

    2. @Weaponized Autism sadly they’re two sides of the same coin and they won’t be relinquishing that grip on power any time soon,

    3. @Noctis bro im not but hurt lol idk why you think that, i wish there could be more than just 2 big parties too

      but the other parties people create never gain any mainstream traction or there just puppets for the other parties

      i sadly just don’t see how there can realistically be a possibility of other parties gaining as much power and mainstream attention to compete with the 2 main parties we have now

    4. I’m 41 and have been hearing this 3rd party crap my entire life. 99% of elections they don’t even break 5% of the vote. Truth is the third party candidate is a lie. They can run as a democrat or a Republican. Libertarians for example are basically just republicans who think weed should be legal. Bernie sanders calls himself an independent but he’s basically a democrat. Let libertarians run as a Republican like Rand Paul. People like Bernie who more often than not side with dems can run as a democrat. This crap about everyone in a party having to agree 100% with the party establishment needs to end

    1. @c si ‘they are still too cowardly to look at the evidence’. why would that be the case? any evidence for that?

    2. ​@Gilbert “It was definitely mentioned during and after the 2020 election”

      nope no meaningful evidence of any ballot harvesting problems was ever presented, try again.

    3. yes. strange. it’s like the same person was involved…what is his name? the guy who lost his election somehow endorses a candidate who also loses…strange, how did it happen? if only we could figure it out…

    1. @EliteGeeks I would vote republican if they if I could trust that they would do the right thing. There was a time when Susan Collins would have stood up to someone like Trump. Those days of moderates are over.

    2. @LifeGoesOn Okay good ! I don’t know why any one would my goodness, he is childish and immature and cares for himself only.

    3. @Perroden SPARTAN B-312 it is not one of my top news outlets but they have some content I can deal with, usually it is the AP, reuters, wsj

  2. This man seems very close to his people, simple and human as can be…reminds me of a Zelensky who don’t play any fashion game…he seems to be only in the real and the truth.
    Congratulations Pennsylvania..great choice for your rights, freedom and democracy.
    From Canada

    1. Don’t play any fashion game? I like Fetterman and Zelensky but they both have made more powerful fashion statements than any other men I can think of in my lifetime. I respect it

    2. Congratulations for selecting another crazy 😝 politician same Joe Biden most corrupt crazy politician in USA history crazy 😜 demoncratic liberals need crazy politician corrupt and good for nothing 😂😂😂

  3. amazingly close election .. polls showed people were concerned about the issues like economy, crime, homelessness, energy, border, and yet the Democrat cities voted the same as always … so crime will continue to thrive there. Remember when you get robbed you voted for it.
    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

  4. I love Chris Wallace, always did. He was always the only one respectful, great journalist on Fox News, and a good man, well, alongside Shepard Smith, so two. Both are now gone from Fox and good for them! I’m happy to have Chris on CNN. CNN tries to be more centered again and for me, it’s a good thing.

  5. If you make fun of someone who just recover from stroke this is what gonna happen to you. A doctor himself forgot the touch of humanity. Hope he learn his lesson.

  6. This is what happens when good people are all in on the fight. I gave more money in this election cycle than I have ever given before, and I know millions of others did the same. Now, it looks like we’ll have another fight in Georgia to get Senator Warnock over the line and save the Senate from the clutches of Mitch McConnell. There’s everything to play for now. Let’s go!

  7. he seems likea down to earth chill guy, similar to Zelinsky ! I’m watching this in illionis and I like this!!

  8. I am so happy for Pennsylvania!!! I love how down to earth Fetterman is. May he continue to get better and live a well healthy life 🙏 🙌!!!

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