1. @Any Body we see you are a troll. Gotta be a Biden supporter who is super mad that he is still living in mommy’s basement.

    1. Hello, I was going through the comment section when I came across yours. Thanks for your sincere comment.
      How are you doing..?

  1. Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  2. Nothing Biden or Administration can say to overcome the horrific genocide in Afghanistan.
    *Biden MUST step down!*

  3. They won’t tell what weapons they have to defend themselves, yet they had no problem giving the Taliban a list of Americans and SIV’s authorized for departure. When they quit preventing people from gaining access to the airport, they’ll take the list provided and the data files left at the Embassy and exterminate those that don’t prove ransom worthy.

    1. What a fantasy. The Taliban are not vetting. Why do you think there are 13 dead soldiers? They are the ones permitting access, checking lists, and making sure that those who have the proper documents get evacuated in the moment.
      If you didn’t have crap for brains you would notice that the Taliban has not attacked Americans, nor the base of operations, nor other afghanis, and are keeping their word to make sure the outer perimeter is secure. We don’t trust them but their behavior indicates a cooperation. You need to rethink your fantasy.

    2. @Any Body there are 13 dead soldiers because we have a weak feckless Commander in Chief that issues order out of spite. He ignored his advisers and made decisions to show the military who was in command. Fraudulent elections have consequences. Biden had 7 months to respond to the Taliban taking provinces one by one without intervention. Now they are using the helicopters to give rides hanging by the neck at the end of a rope. I guess there’s limited seating capacity.

  4. Your military should be the last to leave. How could you leave first, leaving your citizens behind? US wants to play with big politics , but lack the finesse to do anything in a neat and wise way. All u know is to print money, bomb and sanctions others. What else do u know? We all suffer because of your bad leadership in world affairs.

  5. This is a bunch of crap! “No one could have predicted the government collapse?” Army should have covered all their bases then.

    1. Right…it’s almost like the military should form a new department we could call it…..Intelligence? 🤔

  6. this is the pivotal point for USA falling. I feel very sad. how can you leave Americans behind the war zone and give the name list to Taliban. My proud of America is no longer standing high.

    1. And thanks to Trump cancelling SIVs, 2 months of intelligence briefings & the release of 5,000 murderous prisoners now running the show. Right. Get your facts straight.

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