Pentagon Assures They Are Still Working Towards Deadline For Evacuations


  1. Let’s be honest. If we got out everyone who wanted out, it would be millions of people. Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. No! I do not wish to keep our sons and daughters back in Afghanistan. They are on a humanitarian mission now. There are no Americans stranded in Afghanistan who wanted to leave. They’re staying there because they want to help the Afghan people.

    1. Not a humanitarian crisis.

      *Biden’s Afghanistan Hostage Crisis*

      *Americans First*

      Afghanis who cut them in line are *NOT WELCOMED*

  3. The US has 131 C-5 cargo aircraft, one of the largest planes in the world. They can move a village in one of those. They should use them.

  4. Looks like the majority of Afghans want to leave the country; meanwhile those American citizens and foreign nationals were stuck somewhere in Afghanistan and even if they made it to the airport proximity, they were only met by the sea of crowds. Just hope that those foreign citizens could get out and I pray for the safety of the American troops and the evacuees.

  5. “Trump made the worst agreement in history with the Taliban” Hugo Loren’s, Former US Special Charge d’ Affairs of the US Embassy in Kabul

    1. Everybody agreed we needed to get out of there the problem is the way Biden pulled us out you don’t start pulling the military out until you get to the civilians out and the Afghanistan people that helped us where have you been

  6. There’s a disproportionate number of spineless cowardly men throwing their women in to the wolves a designated terrorist organization taliban. why are these “ men not throwing the taliban out?

  7. The Afgans that we are flying out, who’s to say that they are NOT Taliban fighters in disguise coming to the States?

    1. The only ones coming straight to our states are the ones with visas,and others are going to camps to make sure who they are,I’m sure

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