1. @juul cat I’m not a Biden voter. But if we’re slinging insults, you neocons are the reason that thousands of American soldiers are dead.

    2. @juul cat John Bolton would love to stay in Afghanistan forever. I’ve heard of many neocons get livid over the withdrawal.

    1. @Eric Rivera Youre obsession with these semantics really makes it look like you were grasping at straws. The wording here is used as to imply an amendment to the original rumor, which was that their was 2 suicides instead of 1. Saying “Pentagon confirms one suicide” doesn’t convey this implication nearly as well. Now while i agree rhetoric can be used in different ways, its obvious after watching the content of the video that they arn’t trying to downplay the severity of anything. You are just a desperate child

    2. @Eric Rivera The same words can have different meanings depending on the context of the situation, i hope you know that

    3. @Robbie Sarris lol Robbie Activated. Most of the comments here are related to the title. Open your eyes and look for yourself. I get though. Protect your hollow castle. Everyone knows this entire situation was disastrously handled by our bird body president and the msnbc shows their bias by downplaying the situation. Sorry bud, your in the wrong on this one but this is the internet so feel free to go off on me in an attempt to prove your reaching point.

    4. @Robbie Sarris give me an example of how the same words can have different meanings? you’re so blind its funny. It’s so obvious, but okay…live in your safe space denying reality

    5. @Eric Rivera Yea, reason being is because the trump crowd has ‘msm’ rent free in their heads 24/7. When you provoke people they will do anything. When you tell people the election was stolen thousands will believe it. That doesnt give merit to the actual issue. But im glad you’ve totally pivoted from the original point, hope i at least knocked some sense into you.

  1. Someone please remind me. Who is the Commander in Chief of U.S. Military forces? And what does that actually mean?

    1. “I saved countless lives” Dead aim Pelosi hot shot’s yes “Shoot the women and children first, the rest shall lose the will to fight”

    2. @Imperial Bricks That most people know better than to trust the government but then they still go out and get the vaccine pushed by the same corrupt lying government like all of a sudden they care about us😅🤣

  2. Watch the Afghanistan debacle. Meanwhile, on the fenced in capital building they are ready to print 5 trillion dollars out of thin air. Glad I was a teenager in the 80’s.

    1. @c103110a I am old enough to remember the turmoil and division during the civil rights years and Vietnam. I was carrying a draft card having turned 18 in 1971, a lot of people just like now were very angry.

      Then came Watergate with Nixon and Agnew resigning with Gerald Ford taking over the presidency. After a while things settled down with the 70s being some of the happiest and most fun times of my life. Everybody no matter what color or how long their hair was seemingly got along.

      History repeats itself, I hope and pray that America and Americans will learn from all of this and all of the hatred and division will eventually cease.


    2. @George Lawson
      Word. In fact NOW is the IDEAL time to have some fun.
      I’m dancing on deck to some Pete Boogaloo Rodriguez and Pitbull as the Constitutional Republic sinks beneath the waves…

    3. @stan fischer
      As a Cuban American, couldn’t agree with you more. Astounding how many people are unwittingly supporting a global Authoritarian Regime takeover. The power brokers are using the Divide and Conquer imperative straight outta the Alinsky playbook.
      The peasants fight amongst themselves while the Cabal of Grotesques can barely suppress their Dupers Delight.

      Blessings to you and yours, dear sir.

    1. @Bradley Jon also I fully support protest’s against media companies they’re a plague to this country

    2. “I saved countless lives” Dead aim Pelosi hot shot’s yes “Shoot the women and children first, the rest shall lose the will to fight”

  3. In other words we needed 24 hours to figure out how to spin this so it doesn’t appear as ugly as it actually is.

    1. @JR Porter no one would have messed around with trump still in office. He was a real leader an enemies feared him

    2. @Michael Garrity–[Trump, by May] is reflected in internal intelligence. Did “internal intelligence” tell Biden that removing ALL troops would be a Disaster?
      Biden was included in Intelligence Briefings as of Nov. 24, 2020, and STILL screwed this up!

    1. @TheU2001 MIA Haha can’t argue with that. I don’t care about anyone but my wife and kids and some family. I don’t wish harm on others though. But OP prob doesn’t care either.

    2. Or maybe he was spreading “democracy” human rights” and cared so much the “rights of women and girls”

    3. @Jow Bloe the old terrorist screams alah snackbar

      The new terrorist screams “USA USA USA USA!!!”


    1. @John Dillermand A country ruled by terrorists who had harbored not just one man, but a huge organization of other terrorists, which is an act of war, something your lack of any dignity would have forgotten. An invasion which killed thousands of terrorists whose death has brought you peace and safety in your wretch hovel you didn’t deserve and are not grateful for 20 years on. Killing one man would not have done that.

    2. @Ron McMartin No but Orange man did release the leader of the Taliban from prison and he went on to lead the takeover of Afghanistan

  5. Biden probably tomorrow: “Comon man that happened 4 or 5 days ago and besides it’s all Trumps fault.”

    1. @wettau- Which “crises during the Trump Administration” came even close to this disgraceful Biden Debacle in Afghanistan?

    2. @David S. guy Biden said that he takes full responsibility and then literally his next sentence was blaming trump 😂😂

  6. Well I’m sure that’s comforting to the family members of the dead people that there was only one

  7. Ah, so it was only one “mostly peaceful” bombing instead of two….that’s a relief! Wouldn’t want too many “mostly peaceful” bombings spreading peace all over the place.

    1. “I saved countless lives” Dead aim Pelosi hot shot’s yes “Shoot the women and children first, the rest shall lose the will to fight”

  8. does this even really matter? This just means that the one bomber was twice as effective than they previously thought.

  9. This whole thing is just tragic and smells like a poorly executed attempt to find some reason for our military to redeploy back to that sandbox.

    1. Ding ding ding! That was the whole point of the war on terror, to create more terrorist to fight in endless wars.

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