Pentagon faces June deadline to issue unclassified report on UFO sightings 1

Pentagon faces June deadline to issue unclassified report on UFO sightings


CNN's Jake Tapper talks to Luis Elizondo, former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), about the forthcoming government report on mysterious UFO sightings.

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  1. I wonder if this report will come with a request for a huge increase in funding to fight the “alien threat”? If they were truly a danger, we would already be gone.

    1. Obviously their technologies are way ahead us, they killing us is like we kill ants. No amount of funding is going to do anything.

    2. @S B the world bank has already basically created a one world government. Venezuela tried to take back there oil from American and European countries and it devalued their currency. That along with the sanctions pretty much destroyed the country. China, russia, Iran and North Korea are pretty much the only countries it doesn’t have power over. Read the shock doctrine by Naomi Kline . those in power use catastrophes and confusion to consolidate their power and seize other countries resources by “aiding” them with money to help rebuild (or other ways) then anytime that country tries to elect a leftist or take back their resources the u.s. and the world bank either back a rigjt wing coup or economically destroy them. They absolutely would seize upon an alien invasion to rule the whole world which they already pretty much do. The countries they have no power over are the bad guys. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. Not

    3. @Chris Ashcroft I believe there’s a deeper threat at play. Like a resource.. a sacred resource within humans. If it was a threat on surface level, they could’ve been made a play against the human race. Think about it. This could all be a game on levels we could or couldn’t comprehend.

  2. The American taxpayers need a refund on the military spending, because apparently all that money can’t figure out what these are.

    1. @Chris M Did you hear Commander David Fravor and Alex Dietrich describing what they seen with their own eyes? Defying laws of gravity and how it mirrored their fighter jet because it was aware they were there? and then the radar operators who were on the princeton and were tracking the UFO’s for weeks and seen them descend from 80,000ft to around 50ft above sea level in seconds and hold position, and accelerate to 60 miles away from the 2 fighter jets in seconds?
      The evidence is mainly the dozens of credible witnesses more than the vids and government officials have said that they have much clearer vids and pics but their classified, these are the reasons why they officaly stated that ufo’s are real.

    2. I’d have to say that we have this technology and others like Russia have it. Those crashed saucers way back when were real, and Bob Lazar said he worked on back engineering them at Area 51.

    3. @Chris M You don’t think the military has looked into this more comprehensively than “YouTube guy who thinks they ‘obviously’ look like planes?”. These operators know what a freakin’ plane looks like on radar, it’s their job, and it’s how they stay alive. Some people just rate their own intelligence so highly…there have been multiple internal investigations into this. These are not the only videos. The military doesn’t know what they are. The guy you linked to says that they aren’t moving quickly. This is completely nonsense, you think the military can’t figure out the speed of another craft in the air. They just made some “big mistake” about speed, and it’s actually not going 13,000mph?

      Again, some people just rate their own intelligence so highly…I trust the people who do this for a living. The military doesn’t eff around. If they say this is beyond our tech capability, I believe them, and I believe they tried hard to rule out every other possibility first. A “plane”…what a dumbass. This is many times faster than an SR-71 blackbird, but can still change direction rapidly, at around 6-7 hundred g’s…

      The eff kind of fighter pilot can’t figure out how fast an enemy craft is moving with our modern equipment…common sense, people…

    4. @HemiHead664 Ben Rich from Lockheed Martin said back in 1993 at a press conference. “We have the technology to take E.T. home.”

  3. At this point the idea of aliens visiting us (regardless of their intentions) doesn’t bother me as much as dealing with the idiot humans we already have to contend with. Also a part of me likes to think they’re just further evolved humans from the future coming back in time to study us and make sure we stay on the right path. but literally wth do i know…. if they wanted to destroy us I imagine they would have done so by now.

    1. @john Cenna Sorry, but I’ve witnessed a close sighting with a group of people. There is no faking that and you are incorrect. I’m not saying they couldn’t use this as a false flag attack, but their existence is no longer a debate for me and I have been reading and watching videos about Blue Beam for what, 10 years now? I might have agreed before our experience. This thing went from being 100 feet in front of us and we watched it’s ultra violet light trail all the way South of us and up into space in a matter of 3 seconds without making a sound or breaking the sound barrier. I have bigger questions that I want answered now as opposed to whether they exist or not.

    2. I think you could be right but more like there taking valuable minerals etc before we nuke our own planet to pieces

    1. “They” would have to say that “they” consider majority of their pppulation absolute morons who will buy any imaginable bullshit “they” can come up with.

    2. @Dearly Diane that’s because the craft use gravitic field propulsion that distorts light… you literally couldn’t get a good picture if you tried

    1. If conspiracy theories are to be believed, President Eisenhower met with extraterrestrestrials on more than one ocasion. Also, Roswell was real.

    2. @john Cenna lol except we’ve been observing mysterious objects in the sky since prerecorded history. The CIA WANTS you to believe it’s a hoax, a distraction, false flag.

      Think about that.

    3. @Papi Chulo space force has been around for 80 years mate. Not officially as space force but they’ve been around. No one in public office has ANY say at all, in any of this… look up Bill Uhouse testimony… he knew the 2004 incident was gonna happen before it did.

    4. @Harv Begal he’s not far off to be honest, they can do this… but blue beam will depend on whether or not they NEED to… otherwise it’s all just operation: MOONSHOT…

    5. @Carlos Cardenas both correct. look up “Dr Steven Greer expose’ of the national security state” in the search bar. 4 hrs but very worth it.

  4. It’ll go something like this
    “we know something, but we can’t tell you…. that is all”

    1. @Andy I’m aware of them. Just because he said trump knew, that doesn’t mean he did. He might’ve just heard it from someone and took it as a fact. He might’ve said it to get trump to look into it himself. There’s nothing to back up any of it, including dude’s claim. So, you know… Grain of salt.

    2. @Andy I’ll say his story is possible… Except for the bit about trump not saying anything because the Aliens told him to. I do NOT see him being able to keep quiet about that.

    3. @SkepticalBeliever oh I agree. But knowing how trump abused his powers within the government and how he’s always determined to get his way, I wouldn’t put it past him that he’d find a way to learn more or get answers regarding UFOs. Even when tucker Carlson was interviewed about his interview with trump, he admitted trump appeared to know more than what he was saying and it was clear he seemed to restrain himself. Which is unlike him.

    4. @SkepticalBeliever yea I can’t imagine aliens even wanting to be near trump. Nor discuss anything with him.

  5. Highly unlikely these are a security threat. Theyve been here for years (probably centurues) and have never been reported to attack military.

    1. @Casey Moore hahaha you must have alot of Ancient Aliens episodes on record. Wish we could neuter crazy ppl still.

  6. I mean there are two possible explanations: A) an advanced society observing us from afar or B) Some country somewhere has some very scary military gear. I’m hoping A.

    1. Those were Chinese drones hacking our internet and flipping 3.8 million votes to Sleepy Joe…..

  7. I never thought I was going to be alive to see this type of news be reality and not just a movie.

    1. @sotarnue Any major global event will be interpreted as the end of times by religions…if things go back to normal after such events then they would just say it a was a sign of the end times…it is all about Armageddon for these folks…

    2. @Poli Gonzo Bro movies are designed to make you scared and control you… the real people to fear are the humans.

    1. @Madi D you think the pentagon is hurting for FUNDING gtfoh! I’m even if they need to grift some money they could do so without the public display

    2. @david d you really think the pentagon is hurting for cash?! they’ve spent trillions in tax payer money with impunity for the better part of a century but now they need to come up with some elaborate hoax that they’ve been denying since 1947? Get real.

  8. Alien: “Take me to your leader”
    American: “Well, first, let me tell you a story..”

    10 min later, UAP shoots off into the distance…

    1. @Chris Sugg You’re a pigeon craping on the board and declaring yourself the winner. Hope you use the next 8 years to get treatment for that TDS. You need it

    2. @Uncle Buck no that Chris is right you’re a lost idiot Chris leave him to it let him cancel some oppressing cereal packaging or crying into an empty carpark we need them in a way to laugh at

    3. @Callum nathan Another MAGAt! There’s not too many of you kids left. See if you can get Chris’s number. Maybe you two can meet up and comb Q drops together while you figure out which minority group to target.

    4. @Mike Barry No, it can never apply with President Biden…

      Trump and Biden, can never be compared.
      Never could or, will apply.
      Trump is a wreck, Biden, humble and thoughtful.

  9. It’s crazy how fast we went from “weather balloons” to the military and presidents being like “yeah we see them everyday and don’t know what they are.”

    1. How fast? You mean 70 + years worth of sightings going all the way back to WW2 with pilots seeing what they described as foo fighters or flying saucers?

    2. 2021-1947 = 74 years
      1 humans generation = 25 years
      74 years = 3 human generations!!! For you this is “crazy fast”? You have weird sense of time. How long you live? 600 years?

    1. Tbh, I did. After the first reports on UFO’S came out last year, I knew 2021 was gonna be much more devastating than 2020.

  10. Pentagon and Navy: “UFOs are real”
    Americans: “meh”
    Pentagon and Navy: “no seriously. They’re real. Here’s footage”
    Americans: “mehh”
    trump: “my people have seen things. the government must reveal info about UFOs”
    Americans: “mehh… show us an alien and whatever is in area 51″
    US Government: ” whoa whoa whoa… let’s slow it down a bit.”

    1. Yea, I think that’s probably how it’s all going end up. I’ll bet it will be at least another few decades before they will allow us to see information (if any) about life elsewhere in our universe. I’m willing to bet that we will see anti-gravity cars flying through the sky (like on the movie Fifth Element) before they will ever allow us to see extra terrestrial life. Maybe this is just them getting ready to release that sort of technology into the public sphere in the next few decades.

    2. @Mr Ouncer videos I agree, IMO these things probably have no life on board of them. They are probably alien drones/robots from long ago still preforming planetary scouting/gathering data. Probably from a time when the alien’s were interested in other planets, and resources. After thousands, or millions of years, the drones continue on, but the original creators probably quite caring about resources, or exploration thousands/millions of years ago. These drones are probably technological relics to them, and basically useless now that they have even better technology. The creators probably live in a simulation instead of reality. As technology advances, it becomes more logical to just enclose yourself/your community in a simulation that have zero boundaries or restrictions, essentially becoming gods. Living exactly how you want to forever, instead of fighting the reality that we are – even with great technologies – in a limited environment (our universe). These drone impress us, but are probably very old tech by the galaxy’s/universe’s standards. We humans are, literally, just starting out in our development cycle.

    3. @Benjamin Weber I mean I think they are extra dimensional. Places like skin Walker ranch in Utah and probably places under the ocean are portals or like worm holes.

    1. More like because of the clean and unlimited energy mechanisms these objects represent… They are a threat because they threaten the use of oil.

  11. They will never tel us anything. Even the “declassified” reports have redacted information.

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