Pentagon IG: Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, took Ambien while working at White House 1

Pentagon IG: Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, took Ambien while working at White House


The Department of Defense inspector general has issued a scathing review of Rep. Ronny Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, concluding that he made "sexual and denigrating" comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care.
The findings outlined in the report, which was obtained by CNN prior to its release on Wednesday, stem from a years-long IG investigation into Jackson — who currently represents Texas in the House of Representatives and sits on the House Armed Services subcommittee overseeing military personnel — that was launched in 2018 and examines allegations that date back to his time serving during the Obama and Trump administrations. Members of Congress were briefed on the IG report findings on Tuesday, according to two sources familiar with the matter.
Jackson claimed the report was politically motivated in a statement to CNN on Tuesday, saying the inspector general "resurrected" old allegations against him because he refused to "turn my back on President (Donald) Trump," who was a vocal supporter of his 2020 congressional bid. He also told CNN he rejects "any allegation that I consumed alcohol while on duty."

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    1. @ra5928 that really proves their hate…. that cult is so blinded by (R) and (D) that they would cut off their nose to spite their face…. and it’s also made them extremely anti American and dangerous.

    1. @John Patrick not true. Obama had a standard that Trump clearly didn’t. Dumb logic. People act how you permit. The fish rots from the head down.

    2. @kale n Yeah, it’s patently false that the IRS admitted to it, apologized and settled million dollar suits with hundreds of organizations, right?

    3. @John Patrick look up irs targeting controversy on google i cant post the link to the wiki. Or i would.

    1. The guy had hundreds un him. No one would put their name to the complaint. I think it’s false.

    2. @Brenda Thomas will it matter to you if it’s not false? If this is from the IG, pretty sure they don’t put out fake reports.

    3. @Elle MuirheadI want the truth without being told HOW to feel about it. A lot of the mainstream media broadcasts omit(a form of lying) or embellish, which this doctor did say he gave Ambian…a sleep drug used when long flights would mess up your internal clock. Do you remember Dan Rather or Walter Conkrite? They NEVER told you how you should feel. It happens all the time now…the “news”casters whip their audience into a hate filled frenzy. Why don’t people see this? This man worked for 3 consecutive Presidential administrations. 12 years. What I’ve seen is people get “cancelled” when they are a threat to the Democrats. AOC…”we need a list of names, of descenters, so we can deal with them later.” Jennifer Rubin of Washington Post “We need to get rid of every last one of them, we can’t leave any of them, or they will come back and do this again.” So, if I’m sceptical of the left, perhaps you can see why. Not that you care…and that is your right as an American, at least for the moment.

  1. Besides Drinking and doing Coke and prescription drugs, and sexual harassment he seem like a nice guy! Birds of a Feather!

  2. He’s part of the that conspiracy group! Texas what the hell is going on with your representatives!! Bunch of crooks!!

    1. @Brenda Thomas SMART people OBSERVE what IS, Brenda; you seem to have NOT observed that the country IS divided currently, largely because a Psycopath, surrounded by criminals and sycophants, and supported and lauded by fools, dissatisfieds and the easily led have CREATED the current division in the country. And by the way, I am a registered gun owner but, in my opinion, NOBODY in the public should have a semi-automatic weapon and NOBODY with a criminal record or on psychiatric drugs should be allowed to own ANY firearms. Why, you ask? Because over 7O% of murders and suicides in the USA are committed by people on psychiatric drugs. See? Observation. Facts. Reason ….

  3. 78 peoples statements, but of course they’re all lying. When this guy stood and said Trump is the fittest & healthiest of Presidents he blew his credibility.

    1. @Quit Ask’n No, they said they interviewed 78 and only 13 had anything positive to say. That leaves 65 – certainly more than 4 or 5.

    2. Just because one is overweight does not mean he has any health problems. I’d like to see most people keep up with Trump. I doubt you can do it.

    3. @Kevin Holdorff You do realize that Joe isn’t running the country and that he has broken a out every promise he made and is a pervert as is his son. Biden also is in bed with China.

  4. I would like someone to explain WHY these types of issues, at this time in history, and not being dealt with immediately.

    1. King Midas in reverse…. or maybe it’s just that power corrupts & al the stuff we’re supposed to know for years….

  5. As always, Jackson is lying about the numbers just like he did with Trump’s weight and health.

    1. Yes sir private bone spurs is a good 300 POUNDS and 5’9 even with the lifts in his shoes

    2. @Lynne Collins two things have absolutely nothing to do with anything and his troubled behavior didn’t start until after Trump won.

    3. You know this how. It seems strange that you and others have this first hand knowledge about his health records. You are making it up. No facts no evidence to back it up.

    4. @Debra Johnson I’m a medic, I know obesity when I see it, I know the signs of difficulty breathing and trouble going down ramps. There is absolutely no way he is as healthy as this quack said. We also know Trump was much sicker than we were told and was almost intubated so why wouldn’t he have been lying about Trump’s health before.

    1. Democrats never lie about sexual harassment do they. This is how they get rid of people that annoy them and support Trump.

    2. @Debra Johnsona Democrats that never lied about sexual harassment, they got rid of him and he never supported Chump so…..

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