Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump’s Wall ‘Ineffective’ And ‘Stupid’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump's Wall 'Ineffective' And 'Stupid' | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1


Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-Pa.) joins MTP Daily to discuss the Pentagon moving $3.6 billion in military funds toward building the border wall and what Congressional Democrats can do about it.
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Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump's Wall 'Ineffective' And 'Stupid' | MTP Daily | MSNBC

66 Comments on "Pentagon Moving Military Funds To Build Trump’s Wall ‘Ineffective’ And ‘Stupid’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC"

  1. Diaper Donnie’s our biggest national security threat. 🌼

    • Changing of the guard another laughable turd troll. I am shaking in my boots. What a tool

    • Mark Bodder oh really little marky? Laughable

    • @Kevin stevens little marky laughable. Make that popping sound Kevin. I happen to be a veteran there’s been too many shitholecountries and lost friends.
      You need to get out of your mom’s basement quit ironing at blue ribbon and get some education on what your party stands for they’re not getting better they’re getting worse.

    • Mark Bodder hey little Marky get out of mommys basement in such a loser comment. Have you got anything bettter? That’s all you clowns have to respond. Btw I have never lived in my mothers basement and could probably buy and sell your loser a$$. What a tool.

  2. Ranaldo Bobsled | September 4, 2019 at 7:00 PM | Reply

    The government itself is a cash grab. It’s literally extortion. The American tax system is voulantary but see what happens if you don’t pay.

  3. Just one more sector of Americans this president has spurned, scorned and offended: the military. Nothing is sacred to a demagogue., only the pursuit of power.

    • @John Hyland and no there’s no reason why taxpayers should pay sjws to go to socialist leftist sjw schools for stupid diplomas that will get them nowhere in life.
      Like everything else the Democrat manifesto has ruined the schools in America.

    • @Adan Noriega you’re assuming that they think. They’re all brainwashed by the Democrat Party fake news and it’s socialist manifesto that the schools put out nowadays.

    • @Mark Bodder Have another glass of kool aid Mark. Cherry red.

    • Mark Bodder So you do support the constitution? Try answering questions with logic. All the bluster and tribal talking points just illustrate that you don’t have a point.

  4. this is unbelievable!!! They should not be able to do that…

    • @Kong Donald Trump tried negotiating with the Democrat Party over this wall ever since Donald Trump took office they’re the one stalling yet before he took office they were giving lip service that they wanted a wall look it up simple facts Donald Trump takes office all of a sudden no they want no wall it’s immoral.
      Let me explain something to you Kong.

    • mateojaas estaaqui- Your very Ill-Informed on the topic-The Trump Administration is legally and lawfully “filling open judicial positions with jurists that agree to follow the US Constitution as written”- not to interpret it as an ever changing document based on present public opinion or the whims of a few- (writing law from the bench) as Liberal Democrats want. The Obama Administration filled vast numbers of judicial positions all throughout his tenure, & as Obama once said…”Elections have consequences”….You should really study up in the subject- Packing the Supreme Court refers to adding justices over and above the present number of 9 judges, in order dilute any perceived advantage the Republicans/ Conservatives may presently have and that’s the idea the Democrats are now publicly floating…Hope this information aids in your learning process, Thanks, for your participation in this discussion…

    • mateojaas estaaqui | September 5, 2019 at 10:33 AM | Reply

      @Mark Bodder We the People defending & protecting our Constitution and our Republic against a domestic threat… this is what we do! The worshipers in the cult of Trumpism & the Russians will have to pull a repeat with the Electoral College to burn us twice!! See you there!!!

  5. ‘Ineffective’? ‘Stupid’? I think they’re quoting Donald’s college professor. At least the wall doesn’t crumble to pieces when you criticize it.

  6. Alexandra De Leon | September 4, 2019 at 7:21 PM | Reply

    What a f*cking mess! Congress and Senate seem obsolete!


  8. JFK, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were all brutally assassinated and for what?. “The good die while the wicked live on.” Voltaire…Just sayin’

  9. Trump is the biggest national security problem impeach him we are exhausted

    • Ahlam Massoud : No, we are exhausted of the democrat / liberal agenda we are looking at !!

    • @Gary Campbell I am exhausted of losers yelling democrat/republican, or liberal/conservative, at each other instead of having civilized discussion. The real threat to America is you losers that seem to want to get your way on everything without caring about the point of view of other Americans.

    • Please impeach fools.

    • @Arturo Forces opposed to the border wall —
      The Dems just want more voters for political power (short sighted).
      Many business folks like the cheap labor (illegal).
      The drug cartels and human traffickers need a porous border to conduct their operations.
      Crime bosses in the US depend on the MS-13 gangs to do their ‘wet work’.
      The globalists envision a North American territory (Mexico, the US and Canada combined under a centralized world government – unelected)
      The Satanists just want to destroy America by any means possible.
      The choice is clear. Build the wall.

  10. Among other failures, the sad thing about Trump’s mad fixation on the glorious mythical wall is that it distracts from actually addressing very real immigration issues.
    Plus, Mexico Will Pay. What a stupid promise

  11. Listen to the answers Chuck and you won’t ask questions she has already answered.

  12. when you have a corrupted president and Senate that welcomes foreign interference , the American people call that a National Emergency

    • @Diane Owen Not well said Diane.

    • Foreign interference do you mean HRC paying Russians for a fake dossier for a coup d’etat on President Trump that foreign interference??

    • Or do you mean China getting your hands on Hillary Clinton’s 30000 emails that she stole from the government and the citizens of the United States?

    • Or Mark do you mean the fact that America government officials have interfered in 81 different countries elections. Obama and his administration interfered in the elections of Israel.
      Is that the interference you’re talkin about.

    • Or do you mean the interference that Chuck Schumer tried with Russians trying to get pictures of trump?

  13. salvacion grimes | September 4, 2019 at 9:30 PM | Reply

    Malfeasance to serve his reelection goal? More impeachable offense?

  14. When you have a Commander in Chief compromised by a foreign government leaking classified information to the world, I consider that a matter of national security.

    • I’m confused, @CJihoo. Is the foreign government leaking classified information ??

    • Compromised by a foreign government to funny CJ. Why is it you Progressive see Russians under every Rock Nazis behind every door and fascist in every mirror?

    • Prove it.

    • @Mr. Holbrook are you here from the Democrat Party blameless sheeple is calling half of the people in America either Russians or Nazis Russians or Nazis Russians or Nazis.
      the Democrat Party is openly supporting antifa there plenty examples of this just do a basic search. ANTIFA IS FACISTS

  15. But don’t the Democrats know that Trump owns most of the courts and like 1 in 4 judges and it’s only getting worse.

  16. Mexican military funds? trump has to go

  17. How many immigrant “bad guys” did they deport?? Not disclosed because all those immigrant families are such a threat to our national security…yeah right. This is ripping off taxpayers in order to aid his re-election efforts. Trump is scared he won’t be re-elected and his racist base demands something they can use to advertise their bigotry! Trump has the blood of innocent children on his tiny hands!

  18. Well, he is an “expert” when it comes to wasting other peoples’ money after all…

    • You do know that Obama for example left American 9 trillion dollars in debt learn some facts boy

    • @Mark Bodder still doesn’t change the fact that Trump is an expert of wasting other peoples’ money.

      Also the “B-b-but O-Obama…!” argument is geting really old at this point… And it doesn’t excuse Trump’s action or/and behavior in any shape or form.

    • @Marc Emson President Obama put his 9 trillion dollars in debt. when President Trump was sworn in this country was 20 trillion dollars in debt and we started paying 835 billion dollars a year in interest these are facts people wake up to the lies from the Democrat Party.

  19. Military has so much money to give up, Congress needs to cut the military budget.

  20. It’s INSANE WHAT they’re letting HIM DO !!!

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