Pentagon: No decision yet on keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan past Aug. 31

Pentagon officials give an update on the situation in Afghanistan.

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  1. Out Standing …Congrats Joe ..more guts than Obomba , More Guts than Trump …you have done the country proud…I am not a Dem , but could be keep this up …again Congrats you have made the history books with honour and distinction …we are going home

    1. @Jacob 3 What is important it gives time to Re tool , restructure …Get back to being # 1 in education … Infrastructure envy of the world …simply put Fortress north America

  2. Is this the only nation that says everything their military is gonna do so the enemy preapres tocounter ?

  3. Time for Afghanistan to take responsibility for their own nation & the well-being of its ppl? no more excuses & no more babysitting🤷🏻‍♀️I

    1. Back to the Russian Troll Farm with you, and take your 50 cents with you. You already said this on Twitter too. Remember you’re being paid to appear genuine, so no copying and pasting. You brought some lazy habits from your time with the Peta PR department.

  4. Reasons: Precipitate invasion and precipitate run away + promising to all Afghans slavery in western countries. What do you expect?

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