1. Like they can’t just hire some engineers to figure out the equipment…. And if they use it for bad things, we can always blow it up later. Let’s see how things go, being at peace. Peace. Peace. Let that sink in.

    1. @Sandy Gan How did you do the best thing. You did it half as backwards. Americans are still over there and now we have vets going over there to rescue those people Joe and his cronies from the Obama WH WH didn’t do. You remember all the military fiascos under Obama.

    2. He he, immobilized, well guess you get different news to that of Europe, we have seen them driving round in military vehicles, maybe it is banned from showing over there in USA, I know you have lot trouble getting real news.
      Not seen them flying helicopters yet though.

    1. @Nick Martin Can you criticize Biden at all? I mean seriously you’re pathetic. 13 marines were killed because he pulled troops out before civilians and SENT MORE IN AFTERWARDS. HE KEPT LOOKING AT HIS WATCH DURING THEIR MEMORIAL. When Trump was president I bet you criticized every little thing he did, every day. But you’re so politically blinded by partisanship you can’t even recognize that Biden is geriatric and every single thing in this country has gotten WORSE since he was sworn in. But keep blaming Trump, right? Gtfo you clown

    2. @Nick Martin You are seriously the most blind person I’ve ever met. Taliban are walking around in US gear and armed with US weapons and you don’t even bat an eye because your on your knees ready for Biden’s dusty load

    3. @jon pork 👈. Doesn’t change the fact Biden has blood on his hands. Biden is destroying our country so put that in your pork and chew on it

    4. @Just A Wave I am the conspiracy not? You people were believing the fake news all these years about President Trump and they found out it was all bullshit. But CNN news they’re viewers are mostly dumb and they can get away with it

  2. that was just the airport… there were vehicles and equipment all over afghanistan left for the taliban by the afghan army.

    1. @Chi Quita Feldberg yea they could learn how to operate most things with practice.. even choppers could start to be used by taliban now. They are worth millions even if they didnt fly them.. im sure china would like to buy one or two.

    2. Most of them can even read….. they can’t just figure out how to fly without instructions. Well maybe, but they’ll run out of helicopters before they figure it out.

    3. @Chi Quita Feldberg lol dude most jets and helicopters now have so much flight assist
      all they have to do is just enter a GPS location and a flight altitude and the craft will take off then fly to that destination based on topography
      i just did this the other day in a su-27, barely even consider that flying as it sets trim for u automatically even if ur not using autopilot
      theres also AI assisted take off and landing and hovering/circling at specific altitudes
      imagine telsa cars but far more advanced

  3. Made unusable. As they walk around with our guns and were seen in videos flying our helicopters and driving our Humvees.

    1. He made a statement about equipment left at the airport. People like you who take quotes out of context just to push a certain narrative to get people pissed, are why our country is so divided. Yes. They are driving around equipment that the ANA abandoned. No. That’s not what he’s referring to.

    2. The pentagon still thinks it’s the 90s. They forget that we have social media and the internet to fact check them in real time

    3. U know they already had stuff and the coward Afghanistan president and military that ran immediately gave them weapon not just that damage stuff

  4. Oh so the black hawk copter they were hanging that guy from was not working??? Don’t pee on our heads and tell us it’s raining!

    1. @andrea Perry i guess that makes it ok, right?? They are clearly flying our aircraft but they can’t operate them, right? Does it matter if a guy is on a harness or dies it matter that your administration is lying, again. Are you going to actually wake up?? Are you going to convince yourself that voting for Biden was the right thing?? Your administration has completely burned bridges with ALL of our allies, the UN. We are an absolute laughing stock and a weakening power. Stay woke, right??????

    2. @andrea Perry still it proves our govt did not disable what they left behind WICH was the point off the story.

  5. 20 years in…. government collapsed in a day. No progress that you can point too. Just dead soldiers. gg gg

  6. In WW2 they had a word for this FUBAR. The only difference was back then generals were relieved for failure.

    1. In WW2 if anyone had pulled something like this off they would have called it a miracle. You racists just pretend Biden did something wrong regardless of the facts.

    1. because you should know that any country on earth with military capability never leaves a full and functioning equipment behind. it has been this way for decades, in various countries; why should it be different now?
      to be a military general does not imply stupidity; usually, those guys have experience, intelligence and always think ahead of you.
      What makes you think they would leave a full and functioning equipment that might be used against them at one point? what makes you think that they are that stupid?
      gear made unusable is a basic thing to do. I am 1000% sure these generals are more clever than you think.

    2. @Loan TRAN-THANH what makes you think they didn’t leave the equipment intact . I mean was the Afghan army supposed to use equipment that didn’t work. I mean to continuously come up with excuses for a president just because of a title Democrat just shows how brainwashed you are. I never understood how people can vote for one party always 🤦

    3. @Tiffany C. there already videos of talibans driving our hummers. OUR HUMMERS!!!!!!

      So yeah you voted for Biden to hurt us all.

  7. You should have made it self-destructing, whenever someone tried to use it. Making it “unusable” means someone can fix it or use it for parts.

    1. That would be an act of war and the taliban would probably revoke the amnesty for afghans who helped the us and would execute them as a result

    2. I wonder how the highly trained service dogs were made “unusable.” Were they hoping they would just starve?

    3. @James Guy Photography are you trying to say Black Americans are all “Trumpers” since the black community has the lowest vaccination rates?

    4. @Longhorn We used to trick black people into being used in medical experiments. You want to criticize people for remembering history?

    5. @James Guy Photography you’re the one that said “your manufactured outrage won’t do much for the 1500 or so Trumpers who will die today,” not me.

  8. So… We didn’t have enough pilots to fly or drive that equipment to friendly bases? Billions of tax dollars wasted.

    1. In every conflict the USA leaves old stuff behind. Why would we want aging broken stuff to begin with and the cost to move it. THAT is a waste of money.

    2. @harktz not quite. That may have been the cost of the items new. The stuff left behind was mostly d and worn out. 5 cents on the dollar

    3. @Stu Bonner why would the Chinese want old or outdated technology? You think that the USA gives the most updated weaponry to foreign countries. Not likely

  9. I don’t believe they even bothered to leave the vehicles unusable. I wouldn’t be surprised if they left the keys in them with a full tank of gas

  10. “And the lie has, in fact, led us so far away from a normal society that you cannot even orient yourself any longer; in it’s dense, gray fog not even one pillar can be seen.”
    (Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago)

  11. So that Blackhawk flying around with a person lynched from it was unusable? I swear, no admin thought so little of the American people to lie this much about everything!

  12. It seemed like the Blackhawk they used to hang people from, like in a fucking movie was pretty usable.

    1. @general jg its good to embarass america because their ego’s are huge but i fear the fate of the afghan people….

    2. @Love JuanAnother Yeah Snopes is lieing trash. That rope was around the guys neck. Literally all stations around the world even in the middle east and India are all confirming it was an interpreter that was hanged.

    3. @J A K E I read their article and their evidence was laughable… Tweets about that being their (Taliban) patrol unit. They took a zoomed in photo of the guys arm above his head and were like, “see he is waving, everything is good.” Failed to pay attention to the fact that they guy isn’t wearing shoes.

  13. Havent they seen the copters already patrolling over Kabul, with a body swinging below?
    Flat tyres aint hard to fix.

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