Pentagon Takes Money From Military Schools, More For Border Wall | MSNBC 1

Pentagon Takes Money From Military Schools, More For Border Wall | MSNBC


The Donald Trump administration has stated plans to take more than $3.6 billion out of military projects including money that was supposed to pay for power plants, schools, and military bases, environmental clean-ups and more, for a total of 127 projects being put on hold, to divert those monies for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Joy Reid and her panel discuss.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Pentagon Takes Money From Military Schools, More For Border Wall | MSNBC


  1. republican snowflakes crying because of the truth being told. 30 grand and 30 million not much difference to republicaons

    1. @john smith — Whenever you get up off the floor, from laughing, you should do a little research…You might learn something.

    2. @john smith

      U: “Pardon me, but isn’t the truth like krytonite to you snowflake Demokkkrats lol?”

      Sort of. Trump fanatics have attempted to redefine truth and it apparently works inside their info bubbles. Kellyanne Conway gave these “truths” a name, Alternative Facts. The only problem is logic-wise, there are no alternative facts.

      Take your kkk in the word Democrats. Ironic given the Republicans from rural places are the ones flying Confederate flags on their trucks and the KKK officially endorsed Trump.

      You have alternative facts on the brain.

  2. 45 is a despicable disgusting disgraceful, shameful man..he really doesn’t care about anyone but himself ,he’s taken advantage of his position and screw this country,this draft Dodger 45. He’s the worst in America history.

  3. Trump said a thousand times Mexico would pay for the wall. Now he’s stealing the money from military families? What a shitbag.

    1. They have from all the cartel cash forfeitures over 17 billion already So The wall is been paid for may many times over. Don’t forget the “We Build The wall project” Citizens built hundreds of miles of wall the dumboKKKrats said was just a scam going to steal and they didn’t Dumbos say what they would do.. They wold steal they would lie they would steal from military families. 700billion they have 700 billion and 3 billion went to secure the country.

  4. Here we have a near monopoly of Republicans actively enabling Trump’s corruption and a single, dimwitted Republican senator that time after times goes reluctantly along with her party only to get duped by her own parties corruption and dishonesty. Susan, your ReTrumplitard party is NOT to be trusted.

    1. Democrats in the House need to vote to give Trump this amount of money so that Trump can return this money siphoned off. And Dems need to vote to not decriminalize illegal aliens coming into the U. S. as that would be as close to open borders as one can get and Dems need to vote saying they will not support taxpayer funded healthcare for illegals. Then Dems will show they are not anti black, anti white, anti Asian anti Hispanic American citizen. Baseless ad hom attacks against me in 3…

    1. ruth depew
      Trumpism has infected the entire republican party. It’s like they all now have some sort of shared psychotic disorder.

    2. She needs to be replaced by a real conservative. After TRUMP is Re-elected, RINOs like her will be pushed out.

    3. @Dave Schultz 1. There are no real conservatives left in Trump world, just cruel fascists who have left their conservatism long behind. 2. Collins has moments of regret about this, as do most of the retiring GOP lawmakers. 3. Maine is not the kind of state to elect someone more cruel and more fascist to replace Collins. The only question for 2020 is whether the cruel fascists can again lie, cheat, and commit enough crimes to rig the election in Trump’s favor.

  5. Trump: “I don’t even know why we need schools. I love the uneducated. Schools are just another hoax invented by the deep state and the lame stream media. In fact, I’m going to direct my Sec of Education Betsy DeVos, to get rid of schools all together. No more teachers no more books, no more teachers dirty looks!! MAGA!!!”

    1. Make America Great Again…like back when there were optional school houses where all ages were together in one room and no one cared what the president’s grades were, because most would drop out to work to support their families…

    2. Betsy DeVos really would abolish public education if she could. Meaning taxpayers would be subsidizing private schools for affluent kids, with vouchers for “choice,” while poor kids would get no school at all.

  6. A draft dodger cutting funds for military kids, These schools benefit the well being of the kids because they are surrounded by people who share the same military life of having parents who are risking their life for the safety of the United States of America. Trump in 2020 a change is coming .

    1. @LAST CALL
      Why didn’t Trump sacrifice anything when he could have during Vietnam.
      Besides fighting off std’s that was quite the sacrifice.

  7. Susan Collins has absolutely zero credibility. She gets zero resoect from me. If she decides to be a rat deserting a sinking ship when the water enters her mouth and she starts to drown…too late. We know she’s a self-serving, morally bankrupt rat already.

    1. She’s will replaced by a real conservative after TRUMP is Re-elected. Trump is purging the party of fake conservatives and RINOs. Ta ta!

    2. @xlioilx getting wall money by cheating the American people. Russians are use to this kind of corruption but we are not and will not be deceived. Trump stoled taxpayer money! Prosecute the contractor also.

  8. The fact that republican leaders from those states refuse to stand up and say anything about this is simply inexcusable. It just shows the abhorrent and contemptible state the Republican party is in. There will be no coming back from this.

    1. *The security of our nation is job number one, the Republican party fully understands that, while the Democratic party remains deaf, dumb and blind as it bows down to the NWO.*

    2. Trump supporters are a personality cult, so if a Republican complains about Trump’s corruptions and national security issues, they won’t get elected. Mustn’t criticize the cult leader.

    1. @xlioilx you’re referring to a time when it was Democrats who were waving the rebel flag.. who is waving that same treason/slavery flag now?

  9. The military are toy soldiers in a game to him. He knows nothing about the military. He considers Americans, except the 1%, as ‘my people’ or ‘the workers’. He seriously thinks he is an elite human being. I know the truth. And Martha McSally is a lying POS too.

    1. Didier Mukendi : I really HOPE Susan Collins gets STOMPED at the elections. Trump seems to always be targeting the Military or defenceless children? This must feel like a double whammy to him? . . . Smh

  10. Enough is enough. It’s been enough the moment that traitor tRump had Russia hack his win.
    Time for change is now! Wtf are people waiting for! Failure for action makes me question if we are all stuck in a huge psyop. You want to save democracy, America, equality! Then actions speak loudest. What’s the hold up.

    1. It’s just open corruption now with a MAGA label stuck on so the Trump supporters can deny any evidence of Trump’s corruption. I think they’re arguments are crapola because they just don’t care what Trump does.

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