Pentagon: U.S. Will Hold Taliban Accountable For Safe Passage Of Remaining Americans 1

Pentagon: U.S. Will Hold Taliban Accountable For Safe Passage Of Remaining Americans


Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby discusses the ending of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, holding the Taliban to their word of safe passage for those seeking to leave the country and the tools the U.S. has to hold the Taliban accountable.

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Pentagon: U.S. Will Hold Taliban Accountable For Safe Passage Of Remaining Americans


  1. The “tools” are called money and the US will probably happily pay for every person the Taliban will let out of the country. Btw, where did Ghani go?

  2. Taliban 2.0 remembered what happened the last time they thought they’d do fine flipping off the rest of the world. This time they’ll do the minimum required to not shoot themselves in the feet.

  3. Wow, the US government is going to continue applying diplomatic and economic pressure to continue evacuating allies and citizens? But I thought I just read a Washington Post editorial talking about the moral stain of the US giving up on getting people out? Could it be that opinion writers who have been asleep on this conflict for 20 years and suddenly became foreign policy experts are jumping to inaccurate conclusions? That would be hard to believe…


    2. All media is about sensational headlines. They demand you click on their stories and if you dare to actually go to their websites you are bombed by advertisements.
      There is economic leverage, and the Taliban are probably learning now just how annoying it is to govern that country, after they cool off their celebrations of driving out the foreigners they’ll want to talk to each about security and trade deals before they starve to death.
      If people want to make a comparison to Vietnam, how does Vietnam look today? It’s fine apparently with night street markets that may rival Taiwan’s, but in the short term after the war ended it was chaotic, as you would expect after a civil war with foreign influence, so much so that the last two soldiers killed there could not be brought back until a year later.
      Some of the debate right now is just dumb political posturing, the rest is clickbait, really aggressive clickbait. You’d think it would be simple enough to run headlines to stop idiots from taking horse dewormer.


  4. The Taliban took over Afghanistan without fighting in 24-48 hours! US didn’t know that there will be absolutely NO Afghan government to back the evacuation up. Why no one mention that the Pentagon couldn’t plan for that and thought the Americans have time to leave safely a month ago? There was no time for anything and the US Army acted quickly

    1. The US Army was offered to occupy Kabul but the Administration declined. The US GAVE Kabul to the enemy giftwrapped with our Americans inside.

    1. Probably because its pointless for one person to make a public statement they they will stay, or you didn’t even bother to actually find any statements.

    2. I didn’t see any family members here in the US of those people still in Afghanistan on the news pleading and crying for them to come home or that they were intentionally left behind.

    1. More of your tax $$$ is going to stuff the pockets of rich US & international corporatists than will ever end up with the Taliban. All those lovely tax cuts for American billionaires is what’s causing your poverty.

  5. I won’t want a Pentagon spokesperson hemming and hawing, but Fmr. Admiral. Kirby comes across as too glib and fast-talking. I’m not sure I would buy a used car from him.

  6. The word “war” implies causalities and death. I honor all the men and women who lost their lives over the past 20yrs. I pray we will safely bring home any who are still in Afghanistan that want to leave.

    1. I’d like to meet just ONE person who wants to stay. The Biden Administration has started this narrative that some people want to stay…show me just 1 of those people…I’ve yet to see one. LIES…ALL LIES!!!

    2. @PRAISE GOD sadly my godson has chosen to stay. He is a beautiful young man who wants to help. He’s not the only one

    3. @PRAISE GOD lots of us vets live in the country we service in i lots that live in nam. after all we were there 20 years. they have family there now.

    4. Will we even know if the Taliban reverts back to their traditional barbaric roles? They aren’t as horrific as the insane ISIS terrorists, using automatic weapons in a maternity hospital. Ugh Any ISIS should be shot on sight like rabid dogs.

  7. When diplomacy doesn’t work then the says..”do it or else”
    Back it, it or leave it! The choice will always b urs…
    as well as the consequences!

  8. They have been telling Americans to get out since the beginning of the year. Why are they still there? I’m guessing most are high paid mercenaries, they knew the risk going in that’s why they are getting paid so well.

    1. @Common Sense we have been the world’s laughing stock long before Biden became President. Lame answer to my question.

    2. @Common Sense what are all these people still doing in Afghanistan? Why have they not left. They were warned to get out months ago.

    3. @Scott Garner they were abandoned. The Taliban decided who was allowed to get to the airport and who wasn’t. People had to pay large bribes to be let through. The rest….well the rest are stuck. Good thing that the Taliban have their biometric info. It will be easy to hunt them down. What a mess.

    4. @Daniel Dos Santos they were told months ago to leave and didnt it’s not Bidens fault these people did not leave when told too.

  9. Well done with that mess .it’s time for M4A.. forget the military industrial complex.they have been paid enough.

  10. Stable Genius said last year that he trusted the Taliban. Are you saying that these terrorists actually can’t be trusted?

  11. I’m so happy we have the all voluntary military today. My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren don’t have to worry about defending our country. Better to be safe than dead.

  12. Sleepy Joe really messed up this withdraw and caused many unnecessary deaths. He is such a joke and should be removed from the White House

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