Pentagon: U.S. Will Leave Afghanistan By End Of August 1

Pentagon: U.S. Will Leave Afghanistan By End Of August


Adm. James Stavridis, MSNBC Chief Intl. Security & Diplomacy Analyst, comments on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. 
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    1. Stavridis just told you that there is a 50 / 50 chance the wheels will stay on the car once we pull out. That is even though we had stayed well beyond Obama. Had we done what you say. That would have been handing the Taliban the keys.

    2. Josef I remember. “Mexico will pay for the wall” so donate to Bannon’s Build the Wall scam, repeal and replace the ACA, Infrastucture Week I, II, II, Iv, etc., “I won’t have time to play golf” $147,000,000 later, etc..

    3. He did leave certain areas which created a vacuum that gave rise to isis. I and all republicans remember because republicans still blame obama eventhough all he did was what he said he was going to do and more importantly it was what the American people wanted

    1. Yet the looters came as soon as the US left today. Put them back in there and let them cleanup even if it takes years. Thanks.

  1. The troops will be needed here in America to deal with any Trump supporters who become violent
    when Trump is NOT re-instated in August.

    1. Don’t worry there just gonna keep moving that date back until 2024 and then they’ll try it again then loose who after that

    2. i hope not.. even though donald got the military for peaceful protestors i dont think we should infringe on their right to protest (not riot.) the police might as well be the military anyways, they get surplus military gear and are forced to use it or lose it in a year.

    3. @Paul Marino for what? another fake border crisis to scare republicans with brown people?

  2. For that price tag we could have fixed every ghetto here and had a first class education system and a state of the art energy grid and 22nd century infrastructure

    1. You forget that the money comes back to the military industrial complex. Our taxes line the pockets of war profiteers

    2. Not really because Al Qaeda would have killed additional thousands of Americans and done additional trillions in damage because you let them get away with it.

  3. Excellent news, just in time to prevent Trump from inviting himself back into the White House with assistance from his home-grown terrorist networks.

  4. We’ve been trying to leave ever since the suppose party of nonaggression in the affairs of others figured out their wet dream of the Invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq wasn’t going to lead to toppling the government of Iran.

  5. I can predict was FOX and the GOP will be saying about Biden when Afghanistan crumbles after we leave: Biden lost Afghanistan!

    It was Trump that started this withdrawal.

  6. Let the Chinese deal with them. The Chinese operate one of the largest mines in the world in Afghanistan.

  7. When I was a kid I was horrified that so many U.S soldiers died in both Iraq and Afghanistan and it’s about time for our troops to come back home from Afghanistan

  8. There are several Hollywood movies that have “never leave anyone behind” but of course they are pretend.
    In real life China has NEVER bombed a Muslim country while the murderous US has bombed 14 Muslim countries:
    Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen.

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