Pentagon unveiled new nuclear stealth bomber aircraft, B-21 Raider | USA TODAY


  1. Why would they show this to anyone our enemies don’t need to know about it even if were using it on theme

  2. Russia: Makes continuous threats about the deployment of nuclear weapons.
    United States: You were saying?

  3. If the Pentagon is comfortable showing this to the public just imagine what they have stashed for a rainy day lol

  4. This doesn’t run on electricity, men… Or maybe it does. The U.S. military is kinda “ooh, la la” these days, if ya get muh drift.

    1. My granddad worked on the B52 bomber for 10 years before it was announced to the public. So yeah, you’re correct

  5. How about we figure out how to better feed house and provide fulfilling plentiful career opportunities to the American people rather than go broke warmongering with record homelessness poverty and crime?…

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