People gather at site of Buffalo supermarket shooting

Shocked community members gather at Tops supermarket in Buffalo, NY, where 10 people were killed yesterday in a mass shooting.

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  1. He was groomed by you know who, he could had been arrested months before this happened, they knew…… They all knew this was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.

    1. About what? This what a mass shooting by a killer. Law enforcement stopped and arrested him. What more is there?

    2. The shooter is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist as stated in his manifesto. The shooter livestreamed his attack. On the first page he used the Symbol of the “Black Sun”. The “Black Sun” symbol, is a hate symbol. This same symbol is used by the Nazi group The Azov Battalion in Ukraine. The shooter, goes over in detail what weapons he used and his gear, along with why he did the attack, and how he was going to carry it out. The attack is currently being investigated by law enforcement agencies as a terror attack and hate crime.

    3. @Есьм Псевдонимов what’s sad is they won’t say the Christmas parade massacre was a hate crime, even though it was

    4. @Jollie Poussey For what? I’m just saying that the officers investigating the crime are not the ones we should be attacking. The shooter was at fault and unfortunately, this individual had racially discriminative motives along with the malicious intent to harm and take the lives of other human beings. I mourn for the families of the deceased loved ones and those affected by the shooting, but we cannot attack those who are there to help protect and defend us.

  2. This is ridiculous. Why are they speaking out about police shootings? What does a police shooting have to do with this?

  3. They should talk to his family parents,18 yr old with a whole military style weaponry. Unacceptable.

    1. @What whatever looks scary to them. Just wait until they find out soldiers also carry knives and shovels.

    2. If he just hid his weapons under his bed, what are his parent’s guilty of? Failure to periodically search under son’s bed?

  4. Heartbreaking 💔 I just don’t understand the hatred . We are all human beings – why do we cares about what color our skin is? That’s what makes us unique . Absolute pure evil. My heart goes out to the families and this community 😓

    1. @Charles Harper that’s your takeaway when a bunch of elderly people are slaughtered? Sad.

    2. People seem to believe there has to be a inferior and superior because of difference between the races

  5. Any where Al sharpton and Jessie Jackson are at is a bad place!! Those guys are absolutely using people for their own fame !!

    1. Why are they speaking for the ppl in the community? The ppl in the community can speak for themselves

  6. they have to find out who stood behind this. I dont think this killer just acted all alone, theres more behind it.

    1. Could be the FBI given their record. It’s hard for me to believe that they weren’t aware of this guy. He seemed to be very open about what he wanted to do and live streamed this shooting spree but somehow the FBI didn’t know?

  7. Trying to understand the upbringing of this kid? How can anyone be filled with such anger and hatred at 18? Prayers for all… how can anyone in social media see this and not call authorities?

    1. @Emu Riddle if he came from affluent family than all the more reason why he did this. My guess is he was neglected by self-absorbed narcissist (possibly racist) parents who likely exposed him to emotional outbursts and sense of superiority. Neglected to teach him compassion or tolerance for people different than him. Probably never worked a day in his life, while most teens get part-time jobs around age 16. No responsibilities on his hands, or anything important to worry about. Too much time on his hands to feed into the evils of the internet.

  8. The duration of ANY mass shooting is solely dependent on how fast an armed counter response can get bullets on the shooter. It doesn’t matter if that armed counter response comes from the police, a customer, the cashier, or the freaking janitor. Society can continue to call 911, and the police will respond, arriving long after the threat has ended, and they will take pictures of your dead body. This cycle will repeat itself because certain law makers think you should rely on someone else to keep you safe!

    1. @daniel benitez At some point we’re gonna have to get down to the root cause of these things. People are sick. We need to focus on fixing trauma issues within communities, stop the cycle. That would help with most people. But more people need to be armed as well. We need to do both right now.

    2. So this guy drove 200 miles while live streaming, and no one pulled his car over as a potential threat?

    3. @Tony Heard he might have turned on the stream minutes before he entered store and not the entire 200 mile drive

  9. What did the FBI know about this and when did they know it. Did the FBI possible arrange this whole thing?

  10. That’d make me sick too to see politicians come out to gain clout when they don’t care and don’t do anything

    1. @Ludwig the Holy Blade I can guarantee you in my state atleast two people at that grocery store would of been armed and that guy would be dead

    2. @Ludwig the Holy Blade sadly not equally armed tho. AR is a big advantage over a handgun and from the video I watched the guy was trained.. Sickening it’s still on the internet

  11. Praying for the families, friends and community members. It takes a lot of time to heal and even in healing it never leaves you it becomes part of you. Our community is still healing, Dayton Ohio 2019. Reach out to other communities that have had the same experience. We understand the impact of this type of trauma. Am God be with you all and lead everyone to healing. Focus on love. God bless you all.

  12. We’re living in a time that life and freedom is not promise to all. Before ones wake up, need to pray to God for another day to live and if it’s God’s will for us to die, pray to God to take our souls to paradise. We need to pray for and with our children and family. We need to come back to God. This is why the government don’t want prayers in all places , areas and even in most churches. They want actions like these to continue. We should continue looking to God for our deliverer. Our leaders failed God . They hate Yahweh God. YOU should Know they will hate us too.

  13. Where were the parents of this kid didn’t they see anything wrong with him before this. Some one could have report ed him to the cops

  14. People should be taught to compress the area where they, or others, are shot to stop the bleeding, and you/they might survive. Yes you can stop your own bleeding if you’re conscious! And yes it will be very painful, but you must try to stop the bleeding or you will die from blood loss! Teach yourself and others, even children, where the main arteries are, and how to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. And people don’t always die immediately from gunshot wounds, there’s the possibility they can be saved by stopping blood flow. Victims might be unconscious or awake. They’ll be in extreme pain but someone needs to try and stop the bleeding until the paramedics arrive and take over. Don’t run away at the sight of blood. If it’s safe (meaning a shooter isn’t within sight) continually stop the bleeding, and they might live. Very young children, even age 3,4,5, might be able to apply pressure to stop the bleeding if they’re instructed how, and if they haven’t freaked out seeing blood and run away, they might save a life. At a young age children should be desensitized to the sight of blood, maybe by using fake blood, in schools and by families. Anyone can teach these basics to others, just like teaching “stranger danger”, but also which strangers they shouldn’t fear (women, police, someone who is obviously trying to help them).
    This should be taught in schools (age 3+) and by families.

    1. I agree. Most people don’t have a clue. I’m not medically educated but I know how to do it. It really will save lives. Thank you so much for your comment.💞

  15. My grandma goes there a lot I’m so lucky she wasn’t there at thats time or probably she would not have been here

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