People In Texas Are Boiling Snow To Get Clean Drinking Water | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

People In Texas Are Boiling Snow To Get Clean Drinking Water | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The lights are back on across much of Texas, but food and water shortages still persist. We discuss with Judge Andy Brown of Travis County, Texas. Aired on 02/20/2021.
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People In Texas Are Boiling Snow To Get Clean Drinking Water | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. I hope they remember the state leadership they had in place during this disaster when they go to vote again. They’ve been warned to prepare for this 10 years ago. And none of those high Texas leaders are Democrats.

    1. @First Last absolutely…. get ready for Commodities grocery store Natural gas Petro cost….. will be going through the roof out of this world Purchasing power of the US dollar down 20% per year….. just be prepared.!!!! because we’re looking at a major Great Depression of the 21st Century……

    2. @First Last if they people behind the New World Order want you out of there… they’ll either steal the election? Or like John F Kennedy terminate you ….. they still haven’t been able to take the guns away from the American people…. that will be the last and final straw….

    3. @First Last speculations causes increases in oil prices we have a president that wants to get rid of the combustible engine and fossil fuels by 2030? Before the Texas storm and before the President Biden inauguration. “gas ” at the pump was $180…now $3.00+ with no end in sight

    4. @First Last talking about a police state,? Joe Biden was the architect of the 94 crime bill….. if you’re against industrial prisons no-knock warrants all in the name of the War on Drugs….. I would think that you wouldn’t hold the Republicans or Democrats and mr. Biden in high regard

    5. We should just let Texas handle this mess on their own since they so desperately want to separate from the rest of the US. This will give them a taste of what their future holds.

  2. Ted Cruz fled to Cancun while Beto, who wasn’t even elected, organized volunteers and donations and helped call over 800,000 seniors to check on them and get them what they need.

    Yeah, we brought in and boiled snow. Thank goodness we had power to do so. Not just Austin travis county but Austin Williamson county as well. I’m not sure why all everyone says is travis!

    1. @Richard Barry okay folks, one more time.
      This is your brain.
      And Richard Barry is your brain riddled by the he cancer of conservatism.
      Any questions?

    2. @Richard Barry rich! This problem is decades in the making by MAGAts. It’s the fault of deniers of anything scientific ! Left or right, religious or atheist you all die of thirst all the same.

    3. @Alan Donly science really? What happened to the science told to the American people.. regurgitated by people like Al Gore that the ozone has a huge hole and is making the Earth hotter? And that in 10 years Miami Florida will be underwater along with the East Coast? That was “science” 30 years ago?…..

    4. @Alan Donly words like” right-wing ” “White extremists? I heard that one before. Repeated by the media and then by the FBI.. April 19th 1993 76 men women and children burned to death. . By our one government… problem with all those lies 1/3 of these “white” right wing religious “extremist” were black people….. my guess is ? that CNN didn’t point that out to you….. or the rest of the American sheep….

    1. @Larry Buzbee so true, they only consider it a hand-out of non-whites get it. When it’s Whites they are entitled to it

    2. @Richard Barry what are you talking about? Biden ordered Federal assistance to Texas and Obama and AOC have been fundraising around the clock to get help for Texans (over $2million raised) and Beto has organized volunteer phone banks to call seniors one by one to see if they need help. What has the GOP done? Oh right… Cancun, Mexico

    1. What anti frackers were saying years ago , 1 gal of clean drinking water is more valuable then oil 1 gallon or gas / oil

    2. Yeah… notice how water is being sold on the Futures market since it’s “scarce” – has a ticker NQH2O. A planet over 70% water.. smdh

    1. you guys need to learn how to do the na yeah’s & yeah na’s. In Aussie we would say Yeah, na, it really IS that bad

  3. There are no words to describe the evil corruption of Republican style politics.

    Why the low-IQ Republican base haven’t learned that they do not matter to those that they elect is simply astonishing?

    1. The Obama Biden Administration shut energy companies in Texas and elsewhere.. Obama quote >>> “we need to necessarily get rid of Coal Energy”…. lying’s pretty bad even worse when you do it to yourself

    2. @Muhutda Fuga apparently liberals aren’t into learning either? Liberals and people like Al Gore were peddling the LIE to the American people that Miami Florida would be underwater along with the East Coast due to global warming? In the next 10 years? That was 30 + years ago….

    1. why doesn’t Biden make a point of sending more planes of water & sending in the military etc to rescue them in order to drive home the message that they should vote for that party in future?

    1. @Tee Sina ive heard dont eat yellow snow. Never heard his term “drink” yellow snow. (I live in the deep South, doesn’t snow here).

  4. how many news stories have there been in the past 5+ years showing scenes of the US that looks like it could be a 3rd world country? R.I.P America

  5. He didn’t answer the last question about the failures of the power grid. “There’s a lot we can do about that power grid” why was it not done before? Sounds like it’s the politicians and leaders who failed its constituents.

  6. And meanwhile they have a governor who’s only concern is that he doesn’t get the blame and have a senator who was about to skip town but had to retract cause he was caught in a lie, I feel so bad for them.

    1. @Kripto Kali yeah this is an eye opener, while they’re struggling their governor and senator feel like they have better things to do, they made a mistake electing them but they’re still Americans

    2. @Marcus ._.2x usually moments like this makes us wiser. I not happy this is happening to them. Im glad they see how their leaders react in tough moments. They love to criticize other but now, they have all sorts of poor excuses.

  7. And They’ll vote for Ted Cruz again next year I feel sorry for the children who has to live in a state where there is no political diversity

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