Perpetuating Violence Against Fellows Citizens Is '100 Percent Unacceptable': Congressman | MSNBC 1

Perpetuating Violence Against Fellows Citizens Is ‘100 Percent Unacceptable’: Congressman | MSNBC


Congressmen Jason Crow, D-Col., and Mike Gallagher, R-Wis., discuss Tuesday's hearing on the security and intelligence failings ahead of the January 6 Capitol attacks. Aired on 02/24/2021.
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Perpetuating Violence Against Fellows Citizens Is '100 Percent Unacceptable': Congressman | MSNBC


    1. @Pat Mahinie why would anyone on the left want to overthrow a democrat administration in favour of Trump? Stupid both-sidesism. The ONLY people to benefit from stopping the counting of electoral ballots would be Trump and Trump supporters. Believing otherwise flies in the face of common sense

    2. @Mary Lynne; Good answer, that really made me laugh you stating the blatant obvious. I guess that is why I get a bit stern with these trumpsters, its like trying to reach a precocious, child on an acute sugar high!

  1. Anyone that deems that whole Captiol attack acceptable deserves to be thrown into prison. Contrary to popular belief, the former POTUS and his GOP allies clearly abetted this mass domestic terrorism. The fact is that wrong is wrong. No one whether they’re left or right should be abetting this, but I’ve seen far-right nuts doing just that.

    1. A straight up liar! I didn’t see… . Simple! All the terrorist were and are Trump supporters. Are there any adult Republicans in congress or all they all adolescents in adult bodies?

    1. Yes Antifa weren’t there, they were too busy destroying the rest of the country. Democrats didn’t care though.

    2. @Mike Barry I’m British. Say what you like about our country but at least it’s not run by lefties. And Boris can speak without using a teleprompter.

  2. And why would Republicans accept the tenet that violence is wrong against your fellow citizens? Do that-accept that basic principle and the Republican Party would be devoid of members.

    1. @James Uberman is promoting conspiracy theories and the newest Q-annoying propaganda narrative
      Other comments are similar.

    2. @James Uberman antifa/blm did NOT cause an insurrection, they are NO comparison to what happened on Jan 6th

  3. This guy won’t give a direct answer no matter how many times you simplify and ask the same question….. Trumpster…

    1. @Nodens Bertilak It’s probably more like 70-30… but yeah, the modern Republicans are easily the most evil people this country has ever produced.

  4. This RepubliQan congressman didn’t even care enough to make himself aware of what his own Senator stated in Senate hearings. THAT tells me all I need to know about him & his party.

    1. Democrats cheered and told their police to stand down when Antifa and BLM went on a rampage of violence and destruction for most of last year.

    1. A straight up liar! I didn’t see… . Simple! All the terrorist were and are Trump supporters. Are there any adult Republicans in congress or all they all adolescents in adult bodies?

    1. and obstruct all incoming legislation and legitimate parliamentary activity. Nothings changed with them and nothing will with this lot.

    2. Ryan Malone. Republicans are disingenuous and malicious. They have no plan whatsoever to help us. Their tactics are to obstruct any forward movement by the Democrats and play “Lucy and the football.” “We’ll vote for it if you reduce the amount.” Or, “We’ll do this if you do that.” When Democrats compromise and do what Republicans ask, Republicans back out, saying, “We’ve changed our minds, we’re not going to vote for that. They’ve done this enough times that I would hope the Democrats will stop falling for their Schtick; especially now. Just give those lying, conniving, criminals two middle fingers and move on. The American people can move forward without them and their hateful, crazy people.

    1. It makes him look totally feckless. Playing ignorant is not working for him at all. He just comes off totally irresponsible.

    1. Agree, they intended to decapitate the United States Government, and replace it with a known malignant narcissistic, pathological liar! (I’m not even going to ask how that may have worked out).

    1. @James Edwards Sorry, but that’s mine. However, you are more than welcome to the “Lindsey Graham” version. Sadly for Donnie One-Term, there is no “Melania” version of that line.

  5. It’s amazing how the GOP “wants to get to the bottom of this,” but can’t bother to watch or learn about what was said during these hearings/investigations.

    1. He came with one sound-tight declaration, viz., “violence is bad”, and he stated it, wording slightly differently, over and over regardless of the question. Why bring these shameless immoral unethical creepy hollow individuals on TV?

  6. People, especially politicians in high positions need to start being charged for saying things in the media without any proof. I bet they’ll stop then

  7. The GOP will always answer with, “I didn’t see, I’m not aware, I don’t know” proving they ARE ignorant, lying or BOTH!

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