Pete Buttigieg On Helping Kamala Harris Prepare For The VP Debate | MSNBC

Pete Buttigieg On Helping Kamala Harris Prepare For The VP Debate | MSNBC 1


Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg talks to Rachel Maddow about what it's been like to stand in as Vice President Mike Pence for Sen. Harris' debate preparations. Aired on 10/07/2020
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Pete Buttigieg On Helping Kamala Harris Prepare For The VP Debate | MSNBC

55 Comments on "Pete Buttigieg On Helping Kamala Harris Prepare For The VP Debate | MSNBC"

  1. Elim Garak 007 | October 7, 2020 at 9:39 PM | Reply

    I don’t know why anyone would want to watch this and listen to GOP lies.

    It’s like watching Nazi propaganda.

  2. I started to watch the debate, but after less than a minute, I saw that Mike Pence lies unflinchingly and without remorse, as he painted a narrative about climate change and the Trump Administration’s response that seemed nearly psychotic. I understood another reason that Trump has Pence with him. And I saw everything that I needed to know about him as a candidate.

  3. Looking forward to Kamala asking Pence how as a “devout Christian” he can live with the fact that his failure has lead to 210,000 dead Americans and that his boss used the Bible as a prop for a photo op.

    • Planet Bolshevik | October 7, 2020 at 10:56 PM | Reply

      Yikes! Clearly you are one vile human being. Good luck with that

    • He answered it, go watch and learn.

    • 1) COVID is a virus. You can only slow it, not stop it. 2) Trump took action in January and Dems sat it out until March. Cold hard fact. 3) what does Trump have to do with Dems in NY, Michigan, and Cali putting COVID patients in nursing homes??

  4. I hope Pete is chosen by Joe Biden to be involved in the White House, he is an amazing intelligent young man. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊

  5. I watched the debate and turn the volume down every time pence opened his lying mouth. I have got to the stage where I can’t stand the sound of trump/pence.

  6. didnt know lying was an effective strategy in debates. if so how are we to know what is truth and what is a lie.

  7. Robin DenBeste | October 7, 2020 at 10:28 PM | Reply

    Kool-aid bleach

  8. Weak so weak , silly laughing at the gayness of the moment.

  9. Kamala was brilliant, sharp clear minded on the facts, that’s reassuring

  10. I agree he is able to lie with a straight face lol

  11. Edward Arsenault | October 7, 2020 at 10:43 PM | Reply

    She ate him for lunch!!!

    • Deborah Freedman | October 7, 2020 at 10:52 PM | Reply

      @Chris Quas No, the constant liar was Pence, he painted a picture of a completely different administration from the one he is in.

    • @Deborah Freedman He didn’t avoid questions like Harris. And he told what is happening. You’ve been brainwashed by the propaganda so you can’t think straight.

    • lol…..good one.

    • Wow, it’s amazing how people can watch the same thing and see such different things. Her refusal to answer pivotal questions about the SCOTUS buried her in toss up states, you do realize that right?

    • Then her rant about minorities shouldn’t be jailed for low level minor drug offenses and Pence bringing up her record for locking minorities up in jail for low level minor drug offenses, you think that was a great look for Harris do ya LOL LOL. Her record is not opinion, it’s factual and anyone can look up her record from her past, that was the exact reason her campaign failed. Her past record is literally the reason she was so disliked by the black community.

  12. that big fly knew a big turd when he smelled one.

  13. just saw the debate, minike the minion is not a poodle as i always thought, when his boss is not casting his shadow over him he turns into a rat. what a an incredible creepy cold faced liar. He didn’t get covid due to the bleach in his veins

  14. Wow! Kamala Harris owned the debate. Even the fly in Mike Pence’s hair knew he was talking bull. 😂

    • Claressa Lucas | October 7, 2020 at 11:02 PM | Reply

      That will definitely win meme of the night. Can’t wait to see what late night talk show graphics guys can do with it. I’m imagining a Brundlefly theme…

    • @SPZ Aruba Agree, the only people who could possibly think she won have mush for brains.

    • what version of the debate were you watching.
      i saw pence slaughter her – it was a complete blood bath

    • I was at the debate, Kamala had flys all over her and that one got over on Pence. His white hair just didn’t hide it.

    • I guess even the moderator having to fact check her live 3 times after her answers what….didn’t happen LOL LOL.

  15. KARMA!! VOTE 2020💜💛!!!

  16. Ew – he’s the worst. We will have to deal with this tool every four years.

  17. RuggedRockProduction | October 7, 2020 at 11:04 PM | Reply

    What did Joe do for China in return for those millions

  18. Thank you Pete for your contribution. We got out the mute button for pence because he said nothing we had not already heard and it was all lies anyway. Kamala was very listenable, watchable and she ruled the show. her last answer was beautiful. Very well done.

  19. Biden will not make it past his first year in office according to some medical experts.

  20. Pence is just like greedy paster who lies which we are all so familiar now these days.

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