1. When Jess Macintosh pretends to be a progressive lol. You and Zerlina Maxwell work with David Brock and for Hillary Clinton! Just stop!

    1. @ThE DuCk They don’t care as long as Chump keeps “sticking it to the man” Even though he’s sticking it to them / US

  2. These sort of figures illustrate how fundamentally broken US democracy is.
    Money buys elections, resulting in plutocracy.
    It’s a plutocracy run by the dark money of oligarchs and corporations.

    1. @Jeremiah Russia helped Hillary the best they could, and she still lost. Trump is so far ahead in this chess game, Democrats want to flip the table and stomp off to a safe space/crying closet.

    2. @David Smith quite an exaggeration of Sweet Bootypegs intelligence. His governing experience is on the local level, and military experience is irrelevant to the office. What is relevant, is the world just walked all over us for 8 years because our prezzy was gender confused. Being an unrepentant sodomite may be an asset at CNN but not on the world stage.

    3. @FloridaSun72 the vast majority of pete’s donations have been under 200 dollars you can look up the average donation size for each candidate it is public information, trump was also taking money he was only self funded up until he won the primary after that he opened it up

  3. That’s almost as much as the president raises every 24 hours. Very impressive to say the least.

    1. Alberto L Is that how they tell you to comment in bot school, Boris? Not very effective is it?

  4. This is exactly the problem in politics, they are meant to just raise money for their campaigns or the party. Where do “the people” fit into this?

  5. Hey CNN ,

    Give us more Bernie coverage and less smears , also how about you atleast mention once that we’re pushing to war with Iran with completely false pretenses and no evidence. Of course you won’t though ! Your pure ads will be removed or in reality your boss and senior editors who actually wrote your reports will fire you , for gods sake have you no shame .

  6. So when are we just going to admit that this has always and will always be purely based on money???

  7. Enough to make every person on this thread Philthy Rich, I just wish someone would pay my electric bill. We throw Money numbers around like rags

  8. In the American political system, the more money you have, the more the establishment media pay attention to you

    1. this is unfortunately true, and is an issue that a candidate like Pete, will be incentivised to correct if he is elected. We need to pull money out of campaigning, and we need to pull the ad money out of the news cycle.

  9. “breaking just moments ago,” gee, this is so important…fake news does a great job of keeping us updated on each of the 20+ candidates as they bid to beat Trump 16 months from now….you’d have to be a vegetable to not have anything more important in your life…

  10. This just illustrates the main complaint I have with my party. Democrats have, in the last dozen election cycles, prioritized gay issues over civil rights, women’s rights and organized labor. This when these groups continue to suffer economically due to their status. On the other hand, statistic after statistic shows gay people DOING BETTER THAN AVERAGE ECONOMICALLY. Wealthy gays are, I speculate, the source of much of Mayor Buttigieg’s contributions.

    Democrats are losing elections because we are prioritizing issues of a group THAT IS DOING QUITE WELL, THANK YOU. In the process we are forgetting our core constituencies who are still very much in need of our help. Is it an accident that blue-collar states went for Trump in 2016? Is it an accident that many blacks stayed home on Election Day?

    Look, we still need some red-leaning states in order to send Trump packing. Yes, we can say we support fairness in employment for everyone. If, however, we don’t prioritize our commitment to our traditional groups, we will continue to lose elections we should have won.

  11. Is this the same chick that worked for Jeff Sessions? Did she also criticize CNN for their coverage on Trump and sessions?

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