Pete Souza On Throwing ‘Shade’ At Trump | All In | MSNBC 1

Pete Souza On Throwing ‘Shade’ At Trump | All In | MSNBC


The former White House photographer discusses eight years in the White House with Obama – and his new life as a Trump antagonist.
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Pete Souza On Throwing ‘Shade’ At Trump | All In | MSNBC


    1. Maga 4eva2
      Everytime you leave a comment on my threat you get reported to YouTube for harrassment. You are delusional and sick.

    2. I so agree..The pic of the child touching President Obama’s head brought tears to my eyes.. How terribly far we have fallen..

    3. @Maga 4eva2 Or what? What are you gonna do about it? LOL You are an irrelivant clown.I dont even have to tell you to shut up because no one takes you seriously.

    4. @texas thunder Wow, it is hillarious that obama,a better man then trump in every concievable catagory,can still after 3 years out of office,rent space in your head for free.Also,you cant find anything else to say bad about OBAMA other then he bought a 15 million house? LMFAO. if you had the money you yourself would buy a 15 million house so how exactly is that an insult? People like you really have no ability at all to look one step ahead to figure out if what they are saying is stupid or not.

  1. It brings me joy to know that President Obama is still running around in Trump’s head kicking over trash cans, spray painting the walls, and pulling fire alarms. All of which has Trump running around in circles stepping on rakes.

  2. I remember Faux News calling Obama too elitist and outta touch because he puts gray puppaun spicey mustard on his hamburger and they never said a thing about t-Rumo living in a gold tower and being the biggest prima donna ever! just go to show Faux can spin anything

  3. I miss the days when we had a president with class that was intelligent, and had a moral compass, and was an honest person. I know everyone didn’t agree with Obama, but how can anyone agree with Donald Trump. The Republicans worked against Obama in everything he tried to get done no matter how beneficial it would be to our country. The objection they had was that he was black, and a Democrat. These same Republicans,8 now back Donald Trump in everything he does regardless of how unethical, or ridiculous it is. They support Trump, and follow him blindly no matter how corrupt, or didasterous it is for the country. Moscow Mitch, and Donald Trump have a pact with Putin, and the rest of the spineless cowards follow along afraid of big bad Trump. And these are the same Republicans that wouldn’t work with President Obama. I am really concerned about this country, and the future of our political system.

  4. Obama, however flawed his presidency was, was a true president. Respectable, amiable, humble, decent and personable. The current occupant of the White House is the complete opposite of that.

    1. It is still worth remembering that Obama as great as he is; is just a human. The challenge faced especially now is a mountain for most people to face.

  5. Barrack H. Obama not only one of the greatest presidents of the United States he is one the greatest human he inspires for greatness to reach for that can’t be reach but yet he makes u believe that turns into trying and maybe one day it could be achieve we need people to rise up and make us believe for greatness

  6. He had school loans to pay less then 10 years before he became president. He actually had to work for everything he achieved. Weird! Lol

  7. Obama showed us what we can achieve if we really want it.
    Trump showed us what we will become if we really lose it.

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