Pete Williams: Garland Emotional Testimony About Family Fleeing Anti-Semitism Not Surprising 1

Pete Williams: Garland Emotional Testimony About Family Fleeing Anti-Semitism Not Surprising


NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams discusses Biden's pick for attorney general Merrick Garland's confirmation hearing. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Pete Williams: Garland Emotional Testimony About Family Fleeing Anti-Semitism Not Surprising


    1. @Wally Censorship when did BLM attack the White House? Oh you mean when Donald was terrified and hid in the bunker when they were a ways away? Come on bigot, act like an adult for once in your miserable life…

    2. @Patton Moore they’re so tough until someone with actual confidence puts them in their place. My favorite is when they meet a confident woman, they don’t know what to do because the woman has more cajones than they do…

    3. @kelly Wang …if you care about your Democratic Republic, then you know that trump incited the white supremacist neoConfederate bigot insurrection on Jan 6…

    1. @Brian Holmes so maybe the right should follow Nancy’s words” and have unrest in the streets everywhere. Don’t understand why there’s not more unrest everyday everywhere “

    2. @Wally Censorship
      “unrest” is not the same thing as violence. And Pelosi speaks for a minority on that subject

    3. @Jock Young wow you just keep going with your stupidity. Unrest isn’t the same as violence ? Really ? Your going to play the stupid card ?
      I know your smarter then that.

    4. @Jock Young so you’re justifying Pelosis call for unrest ? So it’s ok when a democrat lawmaker does it but not for a republican lawmaker ?
      Wow this is the third time today and three different threads you showed your two faced ridiculous stupidity

    1. @Paul Drusbasky
      What does trolling like this gain you? Attention? Pay? Or just reinforcing your hatreds? Either way it’s not healthy.

    2. if you love dictator, please you have to immigrate to the other countries where they don’t have own constitution like Russia and North Korea and etc. You are not belong to this land. Bye Bye

    1. @Paul Drusbasky
      You are trolling for the sole purpose of inviting attack, so are you really so surprised if you get attacked? It’s what you want, isn’t it?

    1. Same with people threatening to burn the place down in the cities tit for tat new I think it’s all getting kind of sickening

    2. @Margaret It wasn’t white supremacists that burned down the Portland Chabad, and attacked members of the minority, that has faced oppression and violence the longest. It was the Antifa/BLM crowd. You can’t condemn one group’s racist attacks, while calling the other’s “peaceful protests”. Riots and racist attacks, from both sides, should be equally condemned and prosecuted. Justice is when everyone is treated equally, and violent illegal behavior is not excused.

  1. What do you mean? The Attorney General isn’t supposed to be the presidents “personal attorney” !-donald tRump

  2. Remember when Individual-1 said he would pay their legal bills. The My Pillow Guy is being sued for $1.3 billion. I wonder if Individual-1 is going to pay that bill?

  3. “And we’re going to march on the CAPITOL, and I’ll be right there with you.”
    **Chickens out and watches from his bunker**

  4. The 14th Amendment section 3 and 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 was written specifically for the traitors who supported Trump in his attempted coup.

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