Peter MacKay entering Conservative leadership race: He’s ‘A-level talent’, strategist says


  1. Totally judging this book by its cover. Looks like a gift for the rich business owners and real estate developers and stagnant wages for workers and less money in the Canadian economy as a whole. Who wants to bet that he thinks the national debt is way to high? I’m saying he does.

    1. @Lara Gaffney So you think there’s too many Canadian dollars in existence? You want the Canadian government to take money out of the economy?

    2. No, I don’t. BUT I do think we need to learn to live within our means otherwise we end up just like Greece. Bankrupt

    3. justicewalking ….if it wasn’t for the liberals, business would invest in Canada instead of the government using taxpayer dollars trying to buy an economy

    4. @Lara Gaffney I don’t mean this to be a trick question but it seems like you don’t know that the national debt is nothing more than the total amount of money the Canadian government has spent into existence and not collected back in taxes yet. It’s not like if I go in debt then I owe that money back at some point. The Canadian government doesn’t have money or not have money. It creates Canadian dollars when it spends and it destroys or deletes Canadian dollars when it taxes. At the end of the year it sees what the difference was and that number is the deficit or surplus for the year. Take that number and combined it with all the other years is the debt. If Canada had no debt then there would be no Canadian dollars in existence.

  2. They brought out the secret weapon. I thought Sheer was great. I will continue to mindlessly vote blue. Its fricken awesome! Go Conservative!

  3. Send Peter to the USA and bring up Bernie. The last Conservative politician I had any respect for was Brian

  4. No one is excited about his candidacy. We need new blood in Canadian politics. Term limits for Canada. 2 terms and then get a job.

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