Peter Nygard's lawyer Brian Greenspan on the consent to extradition 1

Peter Nygard’s lawyer Brian Greenspan on the consent to extradition


Peter Nygard's defence lawyers talked to the media after the former Canadian fashion mogul consented to be extradited to the U.S.

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  1. So why did this creep get extradited on only one charge? Real justice demands that he stand trial for all crimes.

    1. I think you’re missing the point. They become actual victims if he gets convicted and the charges are proven and so crimes have be taken place. There I’ve taken the time to outline something even an average twelve old would understand without me having to lay it out for you, big baby! Secondly, I don’t you realized because you’re slow and this subject matter is way above your age-level but he’s the Defence Counsel.

    2. @Christina Knox I think you missed the point go back to your soaps ganny…lol “big baby” lol are you 80

    3. @Scott McFarlane: ‘Alleged’ victims would have been a better choice of words, but then Mr Greenspan did say at the very beginning he didn’t want to sound too professional…”too lawyerly” I think he put it.

  2. Fair? I’m 45 now, i heard rumors of him attacking women here in Winnipeg when I was 13. Let that sink in. I knew one of the women before I became an adult, again, I’m 45 now. No one in Winnipeg was shocked to hear the charges.

  3. If he’s been assaulting women back when I was an early teen… If he attacked 10 women a year since then he could easily have 300 victims over 30+ years. %100 guilty.

  4. As I was growing up I remember Peter as a flamboyant egotistical Entrepreneur with two gorgeous Excaliber cars. The fact he is 80 and still scoring babes has only elevated my opinion. Unfortunately we live in an age where women have been so empowered they can come out today and make accusations against powerful men of indiscretions that may or may not have happened decades ago.

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