1. Max Bernier has already divide the PC party once. If O’Toole does it, they soon won’t have enough members to form a church social.

  1. I love how these reformers eat their own after every election. The tool will be gone and will be replaced by another harper clapping seal. They’ll lose the next election and look at each other and wonder “whaaa happened”?

  2. I’m glad the CPC is bringing this to their attention (albeit a little late), but I am more baffled that the NDP hasn’t called for Singh’s leadership review.

  3. welcome to canada. in the 80s it was known as the land of the most corrupt. glad they have kept the image alive and well.

  4. Evan Solomon is a terrible interviewer. Constantly interrupting and looking for an ‘ah-ha’ moment. Such a bad ‘journalist’.

  5. To point at the leader, when the same number of voters voted for the party as they did in 2019 and 2015(if you adjust for population growth that is) is to ignore the stagnant nature of the party as a whole.

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